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J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. Just received the shearling fatigue jacket in size 4 and unfortunately the shoulders are a wee bit too tight on me. I am usually a small in tees and small-medium in cardigans depending if I want the fit to be tighter or looser.
    FYI, I have it for sale on the exchange if anyone's interested.

    Also received the drapey stripe pullover hoodie in Jenna's "suitcase" in a small and the fit was a bit too tight and not enough drapey. Sizing up might help. And where the sleeves attach to the body was just off and strange looking, kind of like the stripes didn't match up. It is going back.

    Also received the bonfire cardigan on a previous order and it was very heavy and bulky. I had visions of belting it up like the model but it was just too thick. I don't think sizing down would help. It is very warm though and not too itchy. It is going back as well.

  2. @mamaliu - I ordered it in the shearling fatigue in a 6 because I couldn't find a 4. When it comes..... I'll see how it works and maybe we could trade? I am usually a small, extra small?

    Also, I posted a pic of the Lindy Platforms on my blog. Right now they are pretty picked over, size wise on final sale...... but I am thinking tomorrow morning there will be one final replenish before the 40% goes away. I love these shoes, and they are a great price right now with that discount!

  3. I received the new Cafe Capris last week. I returned on the weekend. The fit was just off, the waist gapped. I truly hated the front pockets. The outline showed through on the front of the leg and it was pretty awful. I'd have had to tailor both the waist and the pockets, and at full price I wasn't willing to do that. They're nice enough, I just didn't love them. I ordered both the desert and the black.

    Saw the new cropped twill pants at Talbots and I like them much better. I tried them on, the fit was far superior and no front pockets. I ordered in mink and black (those colors weren't in store).

  4. mamaliu: I agree that the drapey stripe hoodie is not worth FP. In the times I've tried it on, while it is adorable, the pocket in the front was "off" and the material a little too thin for $70. Even though it's currently sold out online, I bet we'll see some popbacks and a reduction in price soon.

  5. Vintage cotton mixed lawn shirt (35351) - TTS. I really liked this shirt, but I agree with the PP who said it was ridiculously see-through. RIDICULOUSLY. Even in the charcoal color. Not worth $45, IMO, but I would love to see it on sale.

    Lighthouse cardigan (34746) - TTS. I know some JCAs said their sleeves were tight, but I did not find this on the one I tried on. It fit perfectly. The silk/cotton blend is really pretty.
    *If you bought this on sale, would you mind emailing me?
    mommydearestjca at yahoo

    Tuxedo jacket (34121) - I reviewed this a couple weeks ago. I think it runs large - I ordered a size down. Well, when it went on sale I reordered and that (same marked size) was even bigger. It fit like a whole size larger. When I returned it, the SA said there seemed to be a lot of variation in that particular jacket. So beware of this one on final sale!

  6. Hello ladies,
    Just thought I'd offer some thoughts on some not-yet-sold-out/still-popping-back sale items, in case any of you are still tempted by the current promo:

    Trouper pants-
    These have been discussed a bunch on this blog, but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus b/c I love, love LOVE them- like, bought them in both colors love them. I have a classic hourglass and usually can't do the skinny look, but these pants are like magic-- hugging in all the right places, sleek with heels and cute with flats/sneakers. Plus, b/c of the stretch they are *comfy*! As other JCA's have noted they do run a bit large in the waist, but IMO can be easily cinched with a belt. I have them in my "non-vanity size" and they fit perfectly; can make them either slouchy or sleek, depending on how I belt them.

    Ruffled Strata Cardi
    I am a busty girl, so I was really surprised when this worked on me. I got my normal size and found that the ruffles (when the buttons are closed) hit just enough below the bust to be flattering. Can (again, I'm an hourglass) look a bit awkward when worn open; it's just a question of finding the right shirt. Plus, it has snaps-- who doesn't love snaps?

    Notte Tweed Pencil Skirt
    This skirt is gorgeous, but curvy girls beware-- this skirt is *very* fitted (even for a pencil), and if you're not comfortable with the "joan look" you may want to consider sizing up. I ordered my regular size, and, while it fits and is flattering, it definitely shows everything in the trunk. It is also shinier than it appears on the website, which I personally like, as it def gives it an "office-to-cocktails" vibe.

    Silk Bubble Skirt
    When I saw this on the web I figured it would be a hot mess. Tried it in my B&M and was *shocked* at how wearable and flattering it is. Can wear it with an untucked tee or a tucked in shirt and belt. It's really a versatile little piece; with the current price I highly recommend picking it up!

  7. A couple quick reviews of Factory items I got at 40% off:
    Neapolitan pencil skirt and Twyla silk tank in papaya (same as Watercolor Potpourri print from last year). In general, happy with both--the prints are clear and the colors are good. Twyla top ran large and long--so much length in the shoulders that the neck was low and gaping. I found it worth the cost to alter. If you are average height or below IMO alterations will be necessary. Size down on this one. Pencil skirt ran TTS to big--I probably could have sized down. The cotton is very thin--again, happy for the price, but it's not a nice thick pique like the other JC cotton pencil skirts I have.

  8. Got the cashmere zip hoodie in the olive from FS (I knew sizing beforehand, so I was relatively safe)...it's beautiful. I have a zip hoodie from '08 and I think this cashmere is actually better. Nice weave, substantial...I love the shiny, two-way zipper. A big thumbs up - particularly with extra 40% from sale.

    Also received the nut leather/cashmere-lined gloves. The leather is very sumptuous and well worth the $29.99 FS price. Years ago I went to Nordie's to get fitted for gloves (I have wonky hands) and knew my size, so again, little to know risk. The nut color is very rich and versatile - i can wear it with greens, taupe/beige, navy. Nicely fitted as well.

    I wish I could say the same about the cashmere gloves. I love the blossom color, but I guess I need to grow a set of nails, since I have a lot of room at the finger tips :)!

    ETA: I also received the black Madewell Aberdeen oxfords and they are so fun - already wore them a bunch of times. The flat black color works so much better for my casual lifestyle, compared to a shinier leathers or a patent. They are nicely proportioned for women too - not huge like some other "made for men" styles...

  9. Glad to know I am not alone on the Drapey stripe pullover not fitting so well and being 'off' I did a WWFIFY as a I am sucker for Navy and stripes but the top was SUPER thin and the pocket was not centered? I thought it was just mine but it must be a design flaw. SO how is is sold out? Mine was ridiculous looking! Avoid even on sale and for sure for $68!

    The navy stripe top I do love is the Stripe painter tee with the zipper up the back (35116) better price point and cute

  10. strongly recommend madewell high riser jeans and spring picnic shirt.IRL and fitting room pix:

    The shirt runs very large though, I bought the XS. ( I am 5'8 and a half, usually wear S or M in jcrew)

  11. I got the Chevron cami in smoky charcoal on FS during the 30% off promotion. (Of course, the next day it was 40% off.)

    Very disappointed. I had read on JCA that it ran large but I hadn't realized exactly how big it would be. I'm an XS and I have a good inch to inch and a half of extra fabric on each side of the cami. Sadly, I can't return it but it's up on the exchanges post if anyone's interested.

    I had really high hopes about it because it's so cute. It's just way too big for me. I wish I understood why JC decided to skew the sizing on this cami so much.

  12. I tried on and bought the silk Blythe blouse in alabaster last week. It's beautiful, seemingly well made, will lie down underneath a sweater or jacket, and is just the right creamy color. Shorter women will appreciate that it's not as long as the button down shirts have been the last few years. Love it. The olive moss color was very unflattering on me, but if the navy one goes on sale, I'm grabbing another.

  13. Also loved and bought the Blythe blouse in alabaster, will buy the olive if it goes on sale. The alabaster is a bit sheer, but I don't think a cami is necessary (you can only see a very faint outline of bra straps in the back, which doesn't bother me but may bother some).

    I received the factory ombre dot cardigan, which I really like. Lightweight cotton for late spring/summer, tts, I would say same sizing as the Jackie.

  14. Audball- I was very happy to see that you are pleased with your Madewll Aberdeen Oxfords. I just made my first purchase from Madewell and ordered them in Firewood. Do you find that they fit TTS? I'd love to hear more of what you think of them. I just wish mine would hurry up and ship! :)

  15. If this has already been reviewed I apologize. I ordered the Ruby Velvet Jacket in Size 00, Charcoal. The color is pretty and I like the fabric. I personally don't love the way the fabric (velvet and chiffon trim) is machine edged rather than hemmed. I think this looks a little bit cheap. The other thing is that it is enormous. Disclaimer, I am very small through the ribcage and <30" measured over the bust. However it is so large that even with the tie there is way too much excess fabric. Definitely as large as previous size 0 jackets. The combination of being way too large and somewhat cropped makes in unwearable without (expensive)tailoring. I would be interested to know if others that have ordered size 00 jackets found them to actually be fit and cut smaller than previous Size 0. This did not match the measurements I was given over the phone.

  16. Received the girls' Cadette coat from Crewcuts in Warm taupe.

    Description said it has gold buttons but mine (DD's) came with silver buttons! I liked the gold buttons, and this looks so diiferent with silver buttons. I called CS and was allowed to return it.

    The wool is just like the double serge skirt and jackets I have and beautiful. Well made with details like grosgrain ribbon trim inside.
    It has Thinsulate lining (quilted, so cute) which is a first time for my daughter. It's very heavy. She didn't like it.

    and my word verification is..."stinge"

  17. I love the Blythe blouse, too. I think it runs a little large based on measurements I got from cs and then trying on a 2 and 4 in-person. The 2 fit exactly and I preferred the 4 to ensure complete comfort. I think if you're on the fence between sizes, get your smaller size if you have a smaller chest. Get your larger size if you have a larger chest.

  18. I have few boxes delivered last night. Will report back once I open them later today.

    Could anyone provide sizing info on the leather Camden Brogues? I've read it looked longer so does it run narrow? I'm hoping I can get a size 7 in light ginger but can't find it any where.

  19. jcrewphd: I have the Camden Brogues in light ginger- I got these in size 7.5 which is my normal non Jcrew size.

    For example I usually wear a 7.5 at BR. 8 in JC flats and anywhere from 7.5-8.5 it seems in JC shoes!

    I really think I could have even worn a 7 in these though. Love them so much I absolutely recommend if they pop back for you!


  20. jcrewlove: thanks for the sizing info. I kind of have wide feet so do you think I can get away going up half size up? I've only found 7.5 on eBay. Thanks!

  21. jcrewphd- what size do you usually wear? I feel like my feet are pretty normal (not wide not skinny in between) and they feel fine overall. If you usually wear a 7 the 7.5 might be a little big for you? Maybe put a insert in though?

  22. I don't love the Blythe blouse. I can't be the only one who doesn't want giant pockets on her chest... it's just not a feminine or flattering look to me. I'd rather have a plain silk blouse in the same fabric (which is very nice) like the Annette blouse from a couple years ago for example. Too bad they only made that in two colors.

  23. jcrewlove: I normally wear a size 7 in non JC and older JC style flats. Now with the cinched back I have to go up half size. I go up half size for boots and also some platform styles. I'm going to stalk the size 7 in that color or hopefully find it on JCA weekly exchange.

  24. I have posted IRL pics of the controversial Bonfire cardigan on my blog.
    And yesterday I run a post with fitting room pics of many new arrivals, including the Blythe blouse and the retro shell.
    Em, if you don't like the Blythe blouse, Madewell has many good choices in silk blouses. I think they do silk blouses pretty well, actually (I have one from the Alexa Chung collection from the fall that I love).

  25. Does anyone know how the Premium Stretch Bistro Pant fits?? I ordered two pairs for my sister, and they seem really big. They're not my size so I don't really have anything to compare them to

  26. Thanks for the tip Ema! I love the Madewell pemberley blouse. Sooo pretty. Exactly the look I'm going for... and I've never given madewell a second look.

  27. Celeste, are those the cotton ones? I used to have a few pairs and I thought they ran SLIGHTLY large. But it was comfy because the fabric is so stiff and substantial... it was kind of better to be slightly roomier.

  28. Yep, the cotton ones. Thanks for the super quick response. I'll wait and see how she likes them then. I got the pewter on sale and since it returned to fp (so frustrating!) I didn't want to chance an unnecessary return.

  29. Celeste, I have two pairs of the Premium Stretch Bistro Pants. Mine fit tts or a tiny bit small compared to my other J.Crew pants.

  30. Em, it's funny, my blouse is exactly the same blouse but in a different color (it was marketed as Alexa Chung collection). It came in a caramel, a nude pink (my first choice but the XS was too short) and a flame red. I kept the caramel one and I wore it a lot in the fall before it got too cold here to even think about wearing a silk blouse. I have some old pictures that I never got around to posting if you are interested. HTH!

  31. Just received the Delmy Zip Front Vest, and posted a pic on my blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this top. It's not on the sale site now, but I am wondering if there won't be one more replenish in the morn, before the 40% disappears. It is soooo worth the $27 it would set you back!

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  33. Ema & Em, thanks for the tip on Madewell's Pemberley blouse! I tried on the Blythe & didn't care for the breast pocket flaps, buttons & shoulder gathers. I guess it's supposed to give it a more casual look but I want my silk blouses to be more versatile.

    I much prefer the Madewell Bromley blouse I bought last spring in the racoon color and now I wish I'd bought the ivory too.

    So now I'm waiting for a promo on the Pemberley -- like the no pockets, hidden button placket & 3/4 sleeves. EMA, can you post an IRL pic of yours on your blog, pretty please???

  34. Connor (and Em), OK coming up tomorrow. I have pics of both sizes (XS and S) so it should help.

  35. Beyond the Blue: I found they fit TTS. I had ordered the two tone Oxford in both a 7.5 and 8 b/c I had heard JC shoes may run small (I had a pair ages ago and couldn't remember fit). I'm a true 7.5 and the 7.5s fit well. The black are consistently sized. I think if the origin if manufacture (inthis case Italy) is the same, sizing is consistent for me.

    HTH and congrats on your purchase!

  36. Looking forward to the Pemberly photos myself as well. I just placed my first Madewell order last night for the Striped Cadet sweater and a sale sweater, and am excited to try them on. On another Madwell note, I am eyeing "the canvas sidewalk wedge" and am curious about the heel height. I am diverging from JCrew here, but I appreciate suggestions of *quality* items from this sister site, and will happily report back when my items arrive. Cheers!

  37. I received my second pair of Trouper pants today in the titanium color and now I understand why people are saying they fit big in the waist. My shadow color ones in size 4 fit TTS and the waist is bang on perfect. The titanium in size 4 are quite large in the waist and seem to be larger overall for that matter. Very inconsistent J.Crew. They weren't final sale but I think I can cinch them up with a belt and they can only be more comfortable if they are slightly bigger, right?

    I also got the Painter Cardigan in the sale vivid violet color with the last 40% off promo. The V is slightly lower than the perfect-fit cardigan and the cuffs are longer but otherwise the fit is similar. It is the slub cotton so thinner than the perfect-fit knit but softer, really soft and silky. The violet is a nice, pretty pastel purple for spring. No raw edges like the painter enamel button henley and the fabric seems sturdier if that makes any sense, so hopefully it won't develop holes. Will certainly look to pick up more of these in other colors. Love the "toss it in your bag and go" functionality of these t-knit cotton cardis.

  38. I am joining in as a fan of Madewell's Pemberley blouse. I've been waiting for months for it to go on sale but caved in when they sent a 20% off code to email subscribers a few weeks ago. I have the Baroque Red plaid colorway and love it so much. I would have paid full-price for a well-made (Made-well LOL) shirt with interesting pleats and details on the shoulder. The plaid pattern gives it a more casual/versatile vibe for a silk blouse.

    Also giving a thumbs-up to the Rainy Day Utility jacket which I bought for a good price during last December's 30% off coats + 30%off cardholders' promo. Less boxy and less stiff than the downtown utility jacket. I've been wearing this lots over the very cozy cable ribbed turtleneneck sweaters throughout this frigid East coast weather. I can see this being short for taller gals, however, but in line with the current short over long layering with skinny jeans and boots. I am bummed to see it back to full-price though.

  39. I just "found" a Pemberly blouse hidden in the sale section of the Madewell site in an olive color. It sells for $79.99 and with the 30% off it's a great deal if you like the blouse. Only two sizes available but I found out that Madewell inherited popback disease from its parent website. Click here.
    I have some time in my hands this evening so I will post pics soon. Mine was called "Iris" but it looks identical. HTH!

  40. Sorry, the link above doesn't work. Retrying... Click here.

  41. Can anyone comment on the Laramie satchel IRL? Is it pretty? Does the handle drop look long enough to carry in the crook of the arm - it definitely doesn't look long enough to wear on the shoulder...

  42. Received my Timber Tweed skirt, Lisette shell and Tweed Tatum jacket and LOVE them all.

    The Tweed tatum is a size 4. Normally I take 2 in jackets, but in this one and the Marled Thandie I took a 4. The sleeves are a tad on the short side. I will have to decide whether to alter it or sell it.

    Lisette is a 2 and fits TTS, and so does the skirt.

  43. Hi Audball- thank you for your sizing experience with the Aberdeen Oxfords. I also usually wear a 7.5, but as Madewell had these on clearance and there weren't many left I could only order an 8. I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks again. :)

  44. MacAlister Wedge Boot

    Received my boots in NUT last week. I've been trying a couple of sizes since they don't come in half sizes- it's an issue! I opted for the larger size (which ends up being roomier in the ankle than I like) but will allow a sock comfortably. My Spring is long and chilly and these will be a dream. The NUT color is lighter for spring yet still an strong hue. Nice!

  45. xoxo - glad to hear your confirmation on those troupers. I ordered them and found the same thing - large in the waist, slightly large in the hips, but well fitting everywhere else. I think people have said these don't stretch much? If that's true, I think I'll hang on to them, since I've been wanting a pair of skinny cargos and these are a great weight for spring.

    Also, I agree with crew cricket on the MacAlister wedges - I really wish they came in half sizes. I ordered in my regular size 10, and I can't wear them with anything thicker than tights or trouser socks, which is ok with me. Didn't want to size up as then they'd slip in the ankle. Luckily, the toe box seems to be breaking in nicely, so I think they'll be better with time. Great shoes though, very comfy and flattering on my big feet! :)

    Has anyone seen the orange ripple stripe skirt IRL yet? I saw the black/grey version on audreybella's blog and a similar orange skirt but without the contrasting waist band on Appgal's blog. Not sure if that was the ripple stripe or not? If so, it looks quite different from the website pic, and disappointingly so, IMO.

  46. I just received the super 120s banquette dress in light heather graphite and the wool crepe portfolio dress in dark plum, both in a size 2 (my usual size).

    I don't know if I've ever said this about an item of clothing, but the banquette dress fits like it was custom-made for me. It fits very close to the body, but it's not too tight, and, miraculously, doesn't show every lump and bump. It hits just above my knee (I'm somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10"). The color is a perfect neutral gray that can be paired with jewelry and accessories in many different colors to liven it up. I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear it to work!

    I didn't have as much luck with the portfolio dress. It has some side pleating on the skirt that was pulling oddly and wouldn't lay flat. That naturally made me think the skirt was too tight across my hips, but the dress actually felt too loose everywhere else. It's also a couple of inches shorter than the banquette dress, and it hit at an unflattering point. If I were to keep it, I'd have the hem let out. The color is nice, but I'll be returning this one. Thankfully, it wasn't on final sale, as was the banquette dress!

  47. I just posted pics of the Madewell blouse for those of you interested (but I only found pics of the S and not the XS that I returned, I apologize I thought I still had them).

  48. Also, I received tonight two items from the 40% off promo that I had never tried nor seen before.

    1) Vintage silk tapered shorts (the ones in the sleepwear section). LOVE! I ordered them in my regular XS after chatting with a PS online and they fit like a dream. Very flattering (I like that they are not too short to show my "culottes de cheval")! I ordered both the aquatic mist and the black ones and I prefer the aquatic mist because of the contrasting color lace instert, which is less apparent in the lighter color. Hard to return them for the price that I pad ($18)!

    The other item is the Dorian suede lace-up wedges that I have been wanting all the summer last year and NEVER went on sale (I never pay FP for JCrew shoes).
    I took a risk with these because only the 7H was available, while I am usually a 7. They fit perfectly, so I think that they run small? The tan color is TDF and they are very flattering on the leg (and foot, may I add), all being comfortable to walk in and not too high. Total win, highly reccomend if they popback.

    I received another item but I still have to try it on, will update tomorrow.

  49. Received the Elsbeth shoes in the chocolate leather today (not patent). Really beautifully made shoes and they fit true to size. The look is feminine but not "girly" - a great menswear inspired shoe that will last a long time.

    I still think the retail price is ridiculous, but I snagged mine new off eBay for less than $100, so totally worth it.

  50. In store reviews

    I tried on The lace scalloped shell today in store and had very high hopes! I found it to fit really large. I tried on my normal xs and it was huge! Under arm gaping and just really loose all over- not in the cute slouchy way on me:( we didn't have xxs in store but I left without it unfortunately.

    Purchased the striped button back t in normal xs. We didn't have xxs in store so I can't speak to that but now think it would have been nice to size down. Perhaps it will shrink a tad in the dryer? Ffm I have the pink striped bataeu from last year and I think this year pink stripe is very similar.

    I got the lace dobby skirt which felt tts in normal 0. Excited about wearing it as the weather warms up!! Seemed slightly longer than the minis lately which was refreshing!


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