Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

Preface: A big "thanks!" to Ibi who suggested weekly 'Looking to LOVE' and 'Looking to HATE' posts where we could all "deposit" our best & worst current experiences. I think it is a brilliant idea and will try it out for a few weeks. Hopefully this will help out our fellow JCAs! :)

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Hi there,

    I wore my black Stratta cardi for the first time and after TWO hours it looks horrible! Pills under the armpits and chest. I am so disappointed.

    Srsly J. Crew? I get better quality at F21.

  2. I know it's not the right topic, but if anyone can help me find a pair of:

    Merino Un-sweatpants
    Size XS(possibly a S)

    Please let me know

  3. OT, but it looks like the MUSTHAVE code has been changed to FS with purchases of $100 or more (after the discount is applied of course). I tried it and it does work.

  4. Just wanted to whine here even though the problem isn't j.crew's fault...I got a Timber Tweed pencil skirt using WWFIFY search on 12/30. It's now 1/12 and I still haven't gotten it. It came from CA and now is delayed at the bottom of the mountain thanks to the continuous snow we've been getting. WAH!

  5. Just wanted to say that my large return order that I sent back a week and a half ago was done correctly:)Yeah! No issues and all was credited back on my cards this week.

    I finally got my return shipping refunded from early Dec. when I returned a defective item. It took 2 different Persoanl Shoppers to make it happen. My regular one was worthless after 3 emails. I then tried emailing and complaining. No help. Finally tried a new personal shopper that helped me with a particular issue over a year ago. (I kept her contact info. as she was super helpful and kind.)She said I had waited long enough and put in the refund herself. It showed up 3 days later on my charge card. Getting a refund should not be so hard and it shouldn't have happened in the first place!

  6. Although I appreciate the effort by my PS, I am getting tired of asking for measurements on so many items, given the inconsistent sizing.

    Yesterday I compared the Sapphire tweed pencil in size 2 with the Timber tweed pencil in size 6 and the 6 is just a hair larger (and almost 3" shorter). It's really getting to be a crap shoot if I take a chance without measurements. I don't want to start buying multiple sizes and returning the ones that don't fit. Frustrating.

  7. I totally understand what you mean XOXO regarding sizing. I have tried two different sizes for the double serge stripe pencil skirt and they have both failed me. I will have to post the one I got on FS at the weekly exchange. :-(

    Why can't JC update their online features? I'm really sick of trying to zoom into the picture by opening a new window and clicking several times to see the detail of the fabric. Also, customer reviews would be so helpful (luckily we have JCA blog here). Wishlist features as others have mentioned here would also be helpful since a lot of people shop online.

    I'm on a JC diet now due to final sale so I guess all these things that are so irritating are good for my wallet. ;-)

  8. xoxo and jcrewphd,

    I am with you on needing the measurements before I buy. I always ask now.

    Also, I am not buying final sale. I love the idea of a JCrew final sale "diet". Perfect wording.

    Let the others have at it:) I need to stop b/c been burned too many times and have so many old JCrew items that I am thankful for:)

  9. i wanted to buy the bonfire cardigan in the store, but it was full price $118. it was marked down to $98 in the sale section online, with an extra 30% discount. i called my B&M to see if they would match the online price. they said they would do the $98 as a special one-time courtesy.

    i probably would have bought a few more things at the store.

  10. Erica: The last time I asked a B&M to match the online price for a FP item in-store, the manager said he will have to make it final sale for that item. I totally passed since it was absolutely ridiculous.

  11. Disappointed with what just came to me in the mail from J.Crew. I received the Quoddy® shearling-lined ring boots for Christmas this year. I put them on and never wanted to take them off again. Except the lining of the right boot was thinning and making the two boots feel like two different sizes. J.Crew happily said they'd exchange the boots for me.

    The Problem: The replacement pair that just arrived in the mail is in a J.Crew branded shoe box - initial gift was in a Quoddy box with a nice linen Quoddy drawstring bag. Replacement pair has no such bag. Then the most disappointing realization -- the boots don't even look the same. Besides feeling different, they don't have the Quoddy logo stamped into the inside of the the leather strap that buckles the boot. Did I get an imposture pair? I wish I'd held on to my original Quoddy's.... My life-long love for J.Crew has been broken.

  12. JC has changed the terms of the sale midway thru. It was 30% off + fs on $150 or more. Then changed to free shipping at $100. Now it's 40% off with the fs at $100. It's ridiculous and completely creates mistrust.


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