Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shopping over at Gigi's

I just want to quickly point out that there are two posts over at GigiOfCa's blog Gigi's Gone Shopping that discuss important topics. They are yesterday's "Let's Talk - overshopping" post and today's "Let's Talk - shopping bans" post. They are definitely worth checking out. :)


  1. I have spent so much time thinking about this! Shopping addiction. Why do I continue to shop? I have plenty of clothes, clothes I've never even worn. I think it's an intrinsic human trait to hoard, it served a purpose when we were cavepeople, it doesn't work so well in the 21st century. I try hard now to wait several days to purchase something. The result is that I've spent less, but I still have a long way to go. It's just too easy now, computers have made it too easy to indulge.

  2. Thanks for posting, Alexis. Lots of food for thought :)

    And you did see her post about your blog from last week, right? I'm sure other Gigi and/or other JCAs already alerted you, but wanted to be sure. Thank you for all you do for our virtual community!

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Do some of you ever watch old movies nd shows? Like 50's, 60's, 70's even...Look at the set. Look at the background. It's empty, it's clean, it's like a catalog spread would look. Look how happy people were. Their closets weren't jammed pack with STUFF. Money was earned the hard way, and money was saved. People wore things until they had holes in them.

    I'm starting to move my life back in that direction. Lately, I've started feeling like a true glutton. My closet looks unrecognizable and I have so many things I don't want to wear, or haven't worn in 2 years, etc. I take a hard look under my sink, in my cupboards, everywhere. I have become part of a consumptive society, where it's easy to buy because we have the means to it.

    But does it necessary make me happier? Not at all. Don't get me wrong, I haven't bought much since Summer 2010, when things started really going downhill with the brand. I remember how I used to be happy, excited with my one purchase. Now I get a huge box of stuff, duplicates mostly, because I can't seem to find. that. one. shirt. It's sick. I find myself charitably giving away perfectly good clothes, because in my mind, there's always something better.

    2011. The year to clean up and clean out and regain control of a fashion addiction that can spiral if not nipped in the bud.

    I love you jcrew, but I love me more.


  4. I love you jcrew, but I love me more.
    I love that, Christy.

    Thanks for the link love, Alexis. The responses have been out of this world. I know blogs will continue and mine will resume per usual. I just hope those of us that have been on autopilot release the cruise control a bit. BTW, The post mommydearest is referring to is this one. :-)

  5. Thanks GIGI-

    I would like to take on a personal challenge and see the bottoms of my couch, my closet floor, my laundry basket (after all the laundry is done).

    What I wouldn't like to see the bottom of is my bank account!

  6. I really enjoyed Gigis posts too thank you! Happy to say I started a budget tracking on a spreadsheet now and feel much better! I know it's a long road for a permanent change but in feel q lot more in control!!

  7. I really enjoyed Gigi's post on over-shopping too.

    Any of you watch the TV show "hoarders" on A&E? I could picture that intervention happening in my closet...

    A phrase I heard over and over again on that show was, "You can't throw that out. It's BRAND NEW!" I said this to myself everytime I attempt to clean out my closet...

  8. Christy,

    Wow. Very nicely said. (I am going to repeat that to myself several times and get that one in my brain!)

    "I love you JCrew but I love me more."

    You could insert any store there too.

    I can identify with looking under my bathroom sink. Full of Bath and Body Works bargains. For some reason I have gone overboard on that store recently. Must stop!

  9. JCAs: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate everyone's position on this. Over-shopping is a serious topic that definitely deserves some attention and discussion.

    Mommydearest: Thank you for alerting me to that post. I don't know how I overlooked it but I did. I am grateful for you sharing it. :)

    GigiOfCa: Thank you again for opening up the dialogue in a thoughtful manner. Your blog truly is a valuable resource on multiple levels. :)

  10. I agree, Alexis. I stumbled upon them yesterday and found them very interesting reading.

  11. What a great post by Gigi! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I know that my spending has dramatically increased over the past several years due to the ease of on-line shopping. It is such an easy pick-me-up after having a bad day.

    I too am attempting to take a step back in 2011 and "shop my closet". Also, I've set some savings goals for the year . .one for some home remodel projects, and one to increase my overall savings. As many of you have said . . I love "things", but I love me more. :)

  12. GiGi's column was perfectly written.... I too have thought about this lately. Do I need the latest items from Crew??? or Do I want them.....

    At Polyvore, we started a "Shop your closet" month. Many of us have done sets with beautiful pieces of Crew that were hidden in our closet....

    Come join us :)


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