Thursday, January 6, 2011

Madewell Email: Show your stripes (plus, free shipping)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Irina, who shared the following email from Madewell this morning.

The email announces "All Aboard" as they showcase their nautical theme selections for Spring. According to Madewell's Head of Design Kin Ying Lee, "nautical stripes are eternally cool- and wearing them in Winter feels unexpected."

I love nautical stripes. It is a classic design that never goes out of style. I wear them all year round too (not just during the warmer-weather months!)

Incidentally, while checking out this email, I could not help but think about Kate's "The Nautical Spring 2011 ads have arrived" post (from the lovely "Nautical by Nature " blog). So true! Spring fashion ads & lookbooks would not be complete without some nautical stripes popping up!

What are your thoughts on Madewell's nautical email? Do you like their selections? Are you wearing your Nautical Stripes year round?


  1. I love those silk shorts... might have to be my first Madewell purchase!

  2. The nautical look is my all-time favorite! I wish some of the models I shoot have such clothes.

    This is inspirational. I don't think I will wait for St. Patty's day to wear my JCrew navy peacoat, TH cotton-cashmere navy blue with white stripes v neck sweater, slim fit powder blue Lacoste shirt, slim fit white 7 for all Mankind cord pants and black Bass Weejuns penny loafers.

  3. Em: Those shorts do look nice! :)

    rtfit_jcrew: I love a nautical theme too. It's classic. :)

  4. Ditto Alexis and Em----those shorts are sexy and classy and love the color to boot!


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