Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calling All Chicago, IL Area JCAs!

"Yey!" for the Washington D.C. area Aficionadas, who have inspired many J.Crew Aficionadas with their {wonderful} get-togethers (refer to here).

After reading the "Calling All Washington D.C. & Boston, MA Area JCAs" post, Hillary (an associate at the J.Crew on North Avenue in Chicago, IL) offered to host a similar private in-store shopping event for Chicago-area JCA's!!! {how fantastic!}

In order to help with the planning, it would be great to find out how many JCA's there are in the Chicago area & how many would be interested in attending this private shopping event, at the North Avenue Collection store.

The North Avenue Collection store (located at 929 West North Ave) has Men's, Women's and Crewcuts. The time frame for this private shopping event would be sometime in March or April.

For those In the Chicago, IL area & interested in attending: please leave a comment in this post with your email address, so Hillary can contact you. She will let you know about the details as soon as possible, once they have been finalized. :)

P.S. I love, love, love hearing about these events! :)

P.S.S. If there are any other J.Crew stores interested in hosting similar events, please let us know! :)


  1. OT already, but please comment on the Mila stacked heel fit. Are they TTS? I am a 7.5. TIA

  2. excellent!

    thanks so much for posting, i'm looking forward to going to this here in chicago :)

  3. San Francisco and California Bay Area JCAs:

    Special thanks to SanFranciscoCA, Dina, and an Anon who started the Bay Area Bandwagon this weekend, so now a SHOUT OUT to our sisters in the San Francisco Bay Area -- Yes, let's have our own JCA outing, west-coast style! How delicious.

    Perhaps someone who has an eblog would briefly sponsor a sign-up, so we can send our email addresses? [It's hard to find a JCA topic to insert ourselves, but we could do Shout Outs for a few days to get local sisters together, thru Alexis' Magical JCA site. Yay, Alexis!!]

    Westfield in downtown SF would be a great place to start, surrounded with restaurants for a lite fuel-for-shopping feast, but we will also have Stanford Mall, Daly City, San Jose, Walnut Creek, & Emeryville for future JCrew frolicking. ** Since even east coast, Midwest, Canada JCrewers pop up in San Francisco during the summer [conferences, vacations, business], we could connect with them in person, in the future]. **

    Our East Coast sisters had too much fun for us not to host a West Coast version. Who's in?

  4. I am a Chicago-area JCA and I love this idea, thanks for posting!

  5. Man, I am sooo jealous. Wish something like this could happen in Cleveland. But I'd rather just relocate to Chicago!!

  6. Anyone in the NY/NJ area interested in doing something? Maybe a trip to the collection store on Madison Ave???? Let me know....navr77 at yahoo

  7. Great news that so many J.Crew stores around the country are willing to go out of their way for their loyalists! Nicole R., I would be interested in an NYC meetup. We should hit both Madison Ave stores. I will send you an email later today.

  8. silver-haired jcrewer, there was a cool person on here under the name "the professor" who I seem to recall was in the SF/bay area, I'm sure you can find an old post if you google her & invite her to this shindig. I think she left the blog after becoming yet another in the line of regulars attacked by some POS anon posters.

  9. I'm in Chicago, and I would love to attend!!

  10. Awesome! I'm so glad we Chicagoans are being included!!

  11. Silver-haired JCrewer and marie antoinette, I live in San Francisco and am writing up an SFO JCA meetup post on my blog right after I post this message!

    I have been planning to try to organize a meetup, but was going to wait until the first weekend in April, since many people are putting themselves on voluntary shopping bans. :)

    Here's my blog address (you can also click on my profile to reach it):

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  13. Outstanding! I look forward to attending...

    OT I've been reading & participating on the JCA blog since summer of last year... Sorry I don't know this yet. Is the only way to sign up is to have a gmail account? If not how do I go about it thru aol or yahoo? Thank you.

  14. That is my J.Crew!!!

    I would LOVE to attend! :)

  15. Anonymous @ 1:52 PM - You need a gmail. Create an account. Super easy.

  16. Thank you gigiofca...

    I'll go ahead sign up with Gmail today. I was trying to use my aol or yahoo email addresses and I just couldn't figure out how.

  17. Nicole R and Roxy,

    Excellent, I'd be interested in a JCA NY get together! Nicole, I've just sent you an email... let me know if you need help.


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