Wednesday, March 11, 2009

J.Crew's Live Call Feature {have you used it?}

A big "thanks!" to lexieloo who brought my attention to a feature on J.Crew that I completely missed. (She was also kind enough to send me the image above!) :)

After placing an order, beneath the order number information, there is a section that reads: "Live help. Need more help? Click here to call us over the web or give us your phone number... we'll call you right away!"

Lexieloo described her experience using this feature: "I used it and once I put my number in, my phone rang and I was connected to a customer service rep right away! ...It was convenient for me because I was purchasing a final sale item after today's restock and wanted to use my Student Discount, but I was afraid that if I called, someone would snatch it up. This way, I could request that my discount be applied right away instead of possibly later forgetting about it or putting it off and having to look for JC's number (which I probably should know by heart by now ;) ). Others might find it convenient if they want to cancel their order or cancel items in your order (I think you have a window of time to do that), or if they usually have problems calling the regular number (i.e. long wait times)."

What a convenient feature... way to go J.Crew! This feature will definitely help out a lot! :)

What are your thoughts on the Live Call feature offered by J.Crew? Have you used this service before? If so, please share with us your experiences (e.g. did J.Crew contact you quickly, would you use it again?)


  1. That feature has literally been there for years. I tried it a long time ago when the phone line was busy and I was tired of being on hold. I gave them my number, and my phone rang right away -- I excitedly answered...and got a message saying that all of the phone reps were busy and that I would have to hold.

    This feature *would* be nice if they would only call you once a rep is actually available!

  2. I tried this twice--one time it worked; the second time it did not work very well...took about 25 minutes for someone to call me. Yes, it has been there for years--

  3. FYI,

    Candy Tees just showed up online in all sizes and all colors. Search for item #10605.

  4. Yes indeed the candy tee's are back. I was tempted but since I have three, one with a gaping hole for no apparent reason, I am completely able to resist.

  5. No thanks. Too thin and heard too many reports of random holes as well from other blogs.

    Thanks for the post...just wish it was a % off code post:)


  6. Thanks for letting me know about your experiences with this service. I don't know why I never really paid attention to it before. :)

  7. anon@4:33 - maybe they took 25 minutes to avoid putting you on hold, as they did for anon@12:55?

    I'd rather have 25 minutes of freedom than get a call immediately and spend 25 minutes on hold, personally.

    Anyway, maybe this feature is a little outdated now that cell phones have made long distance a thing of the past - but it's a nice gesture nonetheless.

  8. I understand that many of you might not be interested in the candy tees. I also realize that several people are still looking for that "elusive" one. That is why I posted about them this morning. If you aren't interested, skip over the post.

    I have several candy tees and I love them. I have washed them on delicate in a bag and tumble-dried them on low with towels. All of them are still in perfect condition. Maybe I'm just lucky.

  9. I know one of the Canadian posters/blog owner: her candy tee came with a hole already in it.

  10. Anony @ 9:00 a.m.: I'm "Candy Anyone? no thanks".

    My comment was not in meanness, just conversing. :)

    I went and checked on JCrew and was honestly tempted. Just talking.

    Also, I'm glad everyone talks here. It is so helpful to get other's opinions about merchandise. :)

    Have to run now, have a beautiful day! :)

  11. Has anyone seen the Silk Fresco Dress IRL? I asked my local store if they had it, and one of the SA suggested that since the price went from $175 to $69.99 so quickly she thought it might have fit issues. In her opinion, that's usually the case when something is marked down so quickly. I love the fabric, but fear the fit -- darn final sale!

  12. Anony@9:00
    The poster at 8:18 did say thank you as well even though not interested so I don't think anyone meant any harm; sorry you got offended.

  13. Noooooo I can't believe I missed the candy tees!! I paid $20 each for all 3 from ebay :(
    (If they were 9.99 I would seriously buy one in every possible color.)


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