Sunday, March 15, 2009

Calling All Huntington, NY Area JCAs!

On the morning of March 28th, the J.Crew in Huntington, NY will be hosting a special event to celebrate Spring & their new collection. Customers will also be able to receive 15% off their purchases. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning for those living near the Huntington location!

Location: J.Crew Store at the Walt Whitman Mall
(160-5 Route 110, Huntington, NY)

Happy shopping! :)


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  2. Slightly off topic, but pertains to the image shown--

    Down with elastic waistband skirts, jcrew, especially silk ones! So unflattering, especially in the pics online. In bronzed twig it is fully realized as a glorified potato sack.

  3. If the new arrivals have "more saturated colors", as described by someone's post from D.C., I can't wait! CT is too far from Huntington, though. I would definitely go to a NYC or CT event like this, is there anyone already organizing something?

  4. tastymoog -- I echo your comment about elastic waistbands on silk skirts. Even the perfectly slim JC models cannot pull this off. The description online gave me a chuckle: "We gave it a shorter length than our other pencil skirts (it's incredibly flattering) and styled it with an elastic waistband at the back... As though elastic is a "style element." Lol!

    Anyway, have fun you Huntington area JCAs!


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