Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post. Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Hi all!

    Would like to find:

    -Lulu flats, grey, in 9 or 9.5 (do they run TTS/narrow?)

    -flower cluster ring in 7

    -Juliet heels, 9.5

    -city-fit chinos, size 2R

    Any jewlery as well!

    Thanks : )

    kocanez at gmail dot com

  2. I am looking for a black Maggie Jacket - please email me at

  3. Looking to find:

    - Cristobal flats size 5.5 in any color
    - Elizabeth halter XS
    - Sydney dress 0 or 2P
    - Daisy dress 0 or 2P
    - Fiona jacket 0 or 0P
    - Ringspun Silk-Applique Bow Tee XS
    - Bow necklace cardigan XS
    - Beaded flower rosette belt

    Please e-mail me any offers at; new or EUC is alright. Thanks!!

  4. Pink ringspun rosette tee in small or medium.

    mrandmrsdarling at gmail dot com.

  5. Hi, is there a lonely natural-colored Jewel-button cardigan in XS out there? I have a good home for it. I accept gently used or like-new condition. Please e-mail me at:

    Would really appreciate! Just fell madly in love with it recently, several months late....

  6. Hi, it's Spring so you won't need your coats much anymore and you probably won't wear your FRENCH SERGE DAY COAT next season, right?! Looking for one in 0.

    Also would like to find the CLASSIC PEACOAT in PXS in dark poppy or plum.

    Email me at sliu99 at hotmail. Thanks!

  7. looking for:

    pippa sandals in any color, size 8
    cheri cami in ivory or shell, oh or the polka dots, size 2
    v-neck cardigan - cashmere (from spring '09) in the heather silver (hoping to get it from someone who bought it cheaper than what it is online right now...used to be on special for $110, then jcrew raised their price on it. boo.) size s.

  8. I always look forward to the Great Exchange!

    Looking for:

    - FLORENTINE SWEATER TOP (short sleeved), size S


    - KATIE SWEATER CARDIGAN, geranium, size s

  9. Crystal Garden BRACELET (wide or narrow) in graphite.

    Any size 8 JC rings.

    Please EMAIL me as I won't be able to check the board often.

    sarahdagger AT hotmail DOT com


  10. Still looking for:

    Bubble necklace in Sweet Papaya (Summer 2008)

    Straw Zebra clutch (Summer 2008)

    Bumble bee cuff (Summer 2008)

    Grey beaded zebra tee- XL

    Havona tank size 14

    Fuschia starburst pendant (Spring 2009)

    Thanks JCA's! I have flound sooo much stuff I've been searching for thanks to you ladies!

    Please email me at:

  11. Still looking for size 12 or 14 Crawford in black or olive...

    Lulu heels size 7

    Watercolor Lydia- L

    Cords size 14S- darker colors

    Email at

  12. Happy Monday everyone!

    I'm looking for:

    Jackie shells, size M, any color

    Cotton Interlock Promenade Dress, size, M, any color

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  14. Hi!

    I'm still looking for:

    * khaki lattice print pencil skirt (retail only) in size 12 or 14. I would appreciate any leads as to where I can find one.

    * Lattice print Camilla dress (99511) , size 12, honey brown. Maybe someone bought this on final sale and it didn't work out for them??

    * Jackie cardis in size M.

    New or used on any of these items is great!

    Thank you!

    -smarty :)
    stephanie . marty @ gmail . com

  15. I would REALLY like to find:

    --Paisley Crawford Cami, Size 2 or 4
    --Black Henna Tissue Tee (says Scented Soaps), Size S or M

    Please email me:

  16. Looking for Nicky Spring dot Skirt, in 0.

    Email: jcsusa87 at gmail dot com

  17. Looking for:

    Ladybug necklace, yellow.

    If you have one please let me know.

    My email is


  18. Correction on email*

    Looking for Nicky Spring dot Skirt, in 0.

    Email: jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

    -Anon 2:51 AM

  19. Hi! Would love to find:
    Cherie camis in polka dots size 0 or 2.
    Jackie cardi in Shell, XS.
    Paige sweater coat black xs
    soft knit tee in shell xs (long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve crew neck)
    boy cut jeans in 27
    jamie bag in burnt sienna
    uptown tote in tan rose
    Whew! That was more than I thought. I would be so happy to find some of these gently used... email at:

  20. Hi Smarty/The Marty Party - The J Crew in South Coast Plaza had about a dozen of the khaki lattice print skirts on Thursday. I didn't check the sizes, but might be worth a phone call to see if they're still around.

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  22. Hi all! I'm looking for the following (all from previous seasons):

    Liza peep toes, sz 7 or 7.5, any color

    Isabella paisley halter dress, sz 2 or 4

    Isabella heels in plum/purple 7 or 7.5

    Golden roses cami OR skirt in 0, 2, or 4


  23. Does anyone have a pair of the Hot Pink (or black) Flaminco flats from a few years back in a size 8 or 7.5? They are satin with a pointy toe. Will accept new or EUC. Thank you!

  24. Good morning JCAs!

    I'm looking for a l/s scoopneck painter T in yellow, size S. Only NWT. Thanks!

    I'm also looking to exchange a S tissue ruffle cardigan in slate for an XS. Thanks!

    Email me at

  25. I am searching for :

    the Cotton Eyelet Dress, item 11295, in white, size S.

    I am willing to pay a reasonable price. Please email me at :)

  26. Looking for the tissue ruffle henley in size XS in purple, dark slate, green, white - anything except black since I already have that one! It was item number 96834. NWT or gently worn is fine. Here's a link to a picture on Polyvore:

    Please email me at mrsnonia @

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  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I'm looking for the floral liberty fabric Astrid in 12 or 10. eBay price is insane. EUC is fine. Thank you!

  30. golden roses clutch used OK!

    gwenphillips160 at yahoo dot com

    I keep missing it online..darn night shift makes me sleep during the day

  31. Looking for:

    - Penelope flats, size 8.5 or 9
    - Martine flats, size 8.5 or 9
    - Femme sweater, size M, navy or black
    - Alton henley, size S or M
    - Tunics, size M (past season works well too)
    - Headbands

    Please e-mail
    Many, many thanks!

  32. interested in:

    - hayworth cami size 8 giraffe print
    - black cardigan, size M (would consider various styles)

    would like new or EUC. please email me at


  33. I meant to say, looking for 8 1/2 Juliet shoes in any non-neutral color (peacock, pumpkin, etc). I realize they are currently in stock in many neutral colors.


  34. I know it's a long shot, but I am looking for the Abstract Rose Dress in a size 2.

  35. Hi!

    I'm looking for the square neck tissue top from winter 08, size XS. Any solid color, not striped. EUC is fine. Thanks!

  36. Hi all!

    I am looking for last seasons Jackie cardigans in bright azul (or bright blue?) and golden cypress. Size Small, preferably NWT, but gently worn is great too.

    They came up briefly under the final sale section last week, but I was so disapopinted to see the golden cypress not shipping until 7/21!

    Also-- I saw a version of the Michelle v-neck in store in cerise (bright orange/red color), but they didn't have my size- so I'm looking for that as well.

    Thanks much in advance!

    ashley dot smith26 at gmail dot com.

  37. I'm looking for the Golden Roses Clutch. EUC okay.

    elizabeth . hartwell @ gmail . com


  38. I have a size M rolling-ruffles tank in dark charcoal that I would like to trade for a size S! Or if anyone has or knows where there is a size S I would like to purchase it! TIA!


  39. Hi! Is anyone tired of their cascading flowers astrid in ivory yet? I'm interested in a 0, 2, (petite sizes are fine), new or excellent used condition please.
    trestippy at gmail dot com

  40. I would love to find:

    Abstract Rose strapless dress in a 4 or 6, New or EUC.

    Almond Juliets size 9 or 9.5, EUC is fine.

    Please email me at:

    I used to post as elena m but finally got a blogger account :)



  41. Hi!

    I'm STILL looking for the Target pearl cluster necklace! Please let me know!

    Also, looking for black Beckett flat riding boots in size 8 or 8.5.

    You can reach me at gracee (in a gmail account).


  42. also looking for the watercolor madison dress size 0

  43. Vintage Slim Jeans size 29, not distressed, EUC appreciated.


    denise (at) armstead (dot) com

  44. I would like to purchase an XS rolling ruffles tissue tank in Dark Charcoal.

  45. I am looking for the metallic ball cami in either size 10 or 12. Email me at uiadore.hernandez96 (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. Oops! If you have an XS rolling ruffles tissue tank in dark charcoal, please e-mail me at

    kellyhughesPR at

  47. Hellow! I am looking for...

    (1) Polka Dot San Telmo jacket Size 6
    (2) Double Serge Pencil Skirt blue size 10
    (3) Moroccan or Cabochon Earrings in Yellow


  48. I'm looking for a cashmere femme sweater xs heather wheat. I just received mine and it had 4 holes in it!! :( My email is: Thanks!

  49. Looking for the following items which I'm sure I will never get my hands on!:

    Double-serge pencil skirts in size 4, any color but black

    Any Jackie Shells in XL, any color

    Penelope Flats, any color, Size 10.

    Used is fine on any of those. I'm getting desperate!

    emilyeeg at

  50. Looking for J Crew City Seude Ballet Flats in Black or Navy
    Size 10

    Everyday Leather Flats in Black Size 10

    Lucie Any color Size 10

    MacKenize Any color Size 10

    Email the details to me at:
    thisisit123 at yahoo dot come



  51. Sorry email is wrong in the previous post. My correct email address is:

    thisisit123 at lycos dot com

    Thanks again,


  52. I am also looking for the Papaya Bubble necklace. I have it in Black that I could trade as an option.



    pluce at directv dot com

  53. Looking for Black or cream double serge pencil skirt sz 6 or 8. Can be used if in good condition.

  54. Hi! I'm looking for the double serge pencil skirt in blue, size 2 or 4P.

  55. I am looking for the Tissue painted-stripe tank in the gray color. I need a small or xtra small.


  56. I'm also looking for:

    Fan eyelet mini, Size 12, any color

  57. Wondering if anyone has a small primrose cardigan in the yellow from last spring/summer that they'd like to part with

  58. if you have a primrose cardi sz small email me at

  59. I'm hoping to find the Dazzling dots pencil skirt, mint colored, sz. 0 (the only size sold out totally online, damn!).

    I've been lusting after the skirt for a month, and of course when I'm finally ready to buy it...gone!

    Any help would be WONDERFUL!


  60. i'm looking for a chiffon rosette belt in the white ribbon/black rose combo. anyone willing to sell please email me

    starla729 at yahoo dot com

  61. Would like new or EUC:

    - Lana polka dot top in soft pewter (2)
    - Golden roses Cherie cami (2 or 4)
    - Clea turtle tank (2 or 4)
    - Ultra dark (not deep indigo) matchstick jeans (29R)

    Please email (as opposed to posting here) as I cannot often check this board.

    Thank you. :)

  62. Exchange:

    I would like to exchange size 9 Lulu heels (in tulip and in honey) to size 8.5. Mine were bought from JCrew website, so would preffer unmarked ones...

  63. I'm still searching for a pair of City Fit Ellie Chinos in sz 8 or 10 in white. Thanks!

  64. I do not know the name if them but they were brown knee high boots in a suede material. No heel- they were flat.
    I missed out on two different auctions for the boots due to sellers not communicating. :(

    I were a size 8 regularly, but I have never bought shoes from JCrew so I am not sure on sizing.


  65. Mel: There's a XL Zebra tee on ebay if you are in dire need of one. It's priced at $145


  66. If you are tired of your rose tee, I'll take it! :) Reasonable prices please... size XZ, S or maybe M

  67. Looking for the glass bead and fireball necklace in the blue color either new or in EUC. I think it's from last spring/summer?

    Lydia in ivory, xs, ivory. New or EUC.


  68. Looking for the Sharkskin skirt in Buttercup size 8.

    marymoo86 @

  69. Hiya! I'm looking for:

    -Elizabeth halters in XS (any colors but pink)

    -Double Serge pencil skirt in blue sz 2 or 4P

    -Marcella hammered silk blouse (any colors but pink and green) sz 0 or P0

    -Jackie cardigan in regal purple sz S

    Thank you! You can email me at

  70. I'd love a pair of Dark trouser jeans in clean rinse wash in size 14. I missed it in the final sale and am now desperate to find it.

    Email me at csantisteban [at] gmail [dot] com if you can help me out! Thanks!

  71. Still looking for the following:

    Lulu Heels in Metallic - Size 7.5 or 8

    Dusty Rose Patent Belt Skinny & Wide - Size M & L

    Sunbleached Crinkle Tee - Size M or L

    Bella Herringbone Jacket - Size 10

  72. looking to find:

    Metallic flats in size 8

    reasonable prices please :)

  73. oops forgot to add
    rings as well

    and my addy

  74. I want....

    Sunbleached Applique Crinkle Flower Tee size XL

    Used is A-OK!

  75. I am looking for the silk taffeta sangle strapless dress in spiced wine, size 0! Thanks!!

  76. hello i am looking for any graphic tees in a size XL or shoes in a size 12. please email me at jag42 at case [dot] edu

    also any ribbon necklaces would be cool.

  77. Hi all!

    Looking for stone bead necklace in burgandy.

    lovesblackmascara at yahoo


  78. Silk fresco mini in a size 12?

    5" chino shorts in size 12?

  79. Printed Flats in size 8
    accessories (necklace, rings, bracelets..etc)

  80. Hello all,

    I am looking for the following new or EUC (or if you know a store that may still have some available, please let me know)

    - crystal snowball necklace (11150)

    - jackie cardigan, size small in honey

    - victoria ruffle cami, size 4 in bright fuchsia

    - laminated crackle metallic Sonia clutch, in the pale gold or goldish color

    -Soiree laminated canvas bag in gray with white print

    - Spectator Mary Jane Peep toe heels in size 8.5 in dusty rose

    - Watercolor crawford cami and paisley crawford cami, both in sz 4

    email me at


  81. Still hoping for the golden roses

    My one year wedding celebration is coming up next month and I was really hoping to have this to wear with my golden roses dress :(
    It has eluded me online for weeks!!!AHHH

    gwenphillips160 at yahoo dot com

    *an email if you see it online would be appreciated too...thanks!

  82. Looking to find: Snow leopard cardigan (not the tartine one) in a small. If anyone sees one in their local store, please let me know. Would buy it from someone too. TIA. Please email me at

  83. Anyone who's looking for the golden roses clutch should check it out at Ebay. There's one up for sale for $49.99. It's called the SATIN FLEUR CLUTCH.

  84. Jean-
    Thanks for the post but that is not the golden roses clutch. It is gold and has a rose though :)
    I appreciate it :) :) :)

  85. Sorry about that, Gwen. I checked it out and did see it at like just a few days ago.

  86. Hi!
    I am looking for:
    -Frances blouse, any color in P0
    -Lulu pumps in 5.5
    Please email

  87. Hi,

    I am look for the laminated, crackle, metallic Sonia clutch in the champagne/pale gold color.


  88. Hi- Would love to find:
    - the silk contrast tunic its blue and white and on sale right now size 0-4 would be great. Please email


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