Thursday, November 20, 2008

Product Review: Matchstick Jeans {thoughts?}

Linda suggested a fabulous post topic on J.Crew's matchstick jeans. So many of us (including me) have entertained the thought of buying a pair, but unsure about the colors, fit or sizing (e.g. is sizing the same as with other J.Crew denim styles?)

Linda also raised some great questions (along with her experiences that I thought was super insightful to share):

For sizing, Linda found the following: I bought three pairs about a year and a half ago in Deep Indigo Wash (which looks like a very dark rinse) and I've kept them meticulously. This fall I decided to buy some new pairs, but I've been somewhat disappointed. I usually wear a 29 but the overall cut was too loose, almost like relaxed bootcut. I tried to size down to a 28 but they were too small. Did J. Crew change their sizing slightly? My older Matchsticks are literally perfect matchsticks, slim and straight in the hips, thighs, and legs.

When it comes to color, Linda raised some interesting points: The new "Deep Indigo Wash" is closer to an authentic rinse than a dark rinse. The "Ultra Dark" looks dark on the model but grayish blue in the pictures. Are there any other Aficionadas who have experienced the same issues this year with the denim collection? Do J. Crew jeans tend to vary by each pair? (Some are cut exactly right while others may be too snug or loose or long or short) In the past I've had issues where some of my 33" inseams were 35" or 32", but this is the first time I've complained about the overall fit. Is the "Ultra Dark" really dark in person?

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's matchstick jeans? How would you describe the fit and colors? Do you have a particular pair (e.g. item number) that you highly recommend? What are some of the reasons behind your choice? :)


  1. I haven't tried these particular jeans, but I would worry about color transfer with any of the very dark washes. I had a couple of pairs of "premium rinse" jeans this season, and even after several washings, they still transfer every time I wear them. I must touch my legs a lot too, because my fingertips end up blue at the end of the day!

    OT - I finally received my waitlisted plum berry Astrid jacket, and I'm totally in love with it. But it's quite expensive (for me, at least), and I feel like I shouldn't keep it because it's so late in the season and because I'm worried it will look dated in future seasons. What do you all think? Can I wear it for years to come, or is it timestamped?
    Demographically, I'm a 29-year-old professor just south of San Francisco.

  2. OT: Sorry for being off topic...JCRew yellows are so hard to tell anymore...What is the Maize like in the Tartine? Is it super bright like online? I am looking for a more "normal" yellow. (Nothing like the awful sour lemon from this summer.) Thanks for anyhelp.

  3. JCrew's jeans have never fit me correctly. I have always been between sizes such that my natural size is far too big in the waist and crotch while one size down creates the dreaded muffin top. I don't seem to have this issue with other JCrew pants.

  4. Anonymous @ 8:07

    I bought my Plum Berry Astrid the second week it came out and love it. I will be wearing it a lot b/c of the climate I live in stays in the 40's and 50's most of the time (U.K)...just depends on your personal situation...that only you can decide......

  5. I like JCrew jeans and they fit me well but I have never bought any matchstick jeans...too trendy for me.

    I like their trouser and bootcut jeans. I own several pair in each style.

  6. I think many items can vary in same size, same pair/item from JCrew...I ordered several perfect fit tanks and one was WAY smaller all around in body, width, and shoulder strap length! Really weird....6 tanks and 1 wonky one. I can only imagaine it is the same with jeans.

  7. I love the matchstick jeans and cords. I am apple shapped meaning I carry my weight in the middle and have small hips and legs. These fit me the best and make me look a lot thinner then I am. I don't thing they would work as well for pear shapped but if your an apple like me they are perfect!

    I also have the berry astrid (in grey) LOVE IT! I feel so good while wearing it. Not sure if it will last for years to come as far as style but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  8. I have one pair of matchstick jeans hanging in my closet, but have never been quite sure what to wear them with (ballet flats are out as I prefer a heel, however it has to be a heel that can be worn to my son's football and basketball games). I also find that the inseam differs on each pair of jeans I get from J Crew. I have several pairs of their Hipslung jeans (which I love) and they never seem to be the same length.

  9. Anon at 8:13 AM- I have the maize tartine and love it! It's a bright-ish yellow but I don't feel like it's super-bright...I can't think of how to best describe it, though. I always get compliments when I wear it!

  10. Junkie, did they discontinue their hipslungs? I cannot find a pair except at the outlet stores, which breaks my heart. JCrew Hipslung jeans were my go-to for jeans. I've got 2 pairs left, one of which just got ripped. What's a girl to do? The new high heel flare isn't bad, except that I had to have 6 inches cut off the bottom which is a huge hassle, and no to mention an extra expense.

    The matchstick jean just does not work for girl with hips. I can wear skinny jeans in other brands occasionally, but like some other commenters I find them too trendy. I just have one pair to tuck into my boots for the winter.

    As for the color, try washing them inside out and never drying them. This has gotten rid of all color transfer problems for me and my ultra dark rinse JCrew jeans.

  11. Anon 8:07am, I saw the berry plum Astrid IRL, I don't think its time-stamped, and w/ the right colours think you could def wear it many seasons (esp now in the Bay Area), w/ a turtleneck, etc. It seems pretty timeless to me. For me, it was just too much to pull off ~ for my lifestyle, but pretty.

  12. Amy,
    I just orderd it:)
    How can one pass up $30 for it!

  13. LG: Yes, they did discontinue their Hipslung jeans! They are also my fav style and I still have several pairs of them, thank goodness! :)

  14. I am HOPING to get lots of wear out of my berry Astrid. I hope it stays in style for a long time:)

    If not, I will probably still wear it anyway.

    It is such a statement piece:0

  15. OH MY!

    NO more hipslung. I didn't even notice b/c I bought so many pairs of jeans at a big sale once at JCrew for $19.99 I haven't needed any since then...

    When did they discontinue them?

  16. The high heel flares did not fit me at all. I tried all three styles and 2 different sizes in each. I have never had a pair of JCrew pants or jeans not fit me in 6 1/2 years!

    I think their sizing has changed and/or maybe it is the style!

  17. Because there are not standards in American sizing, individual pairs of jeans can differ up to one inch per pair. J. Crew is no exception. So if a 28 usually fits and the pair you try on is too small, then try another pair, because chances are they will fit.

  18. LOve matchsticks from J crew; owns both denim and cords. My denims are both light colors: crisp blue and pewter- so I cannot address the color transfer problem, my cords are in different colors- faded cement, sweet potato and rhubarb. Love how they fit well in hips and waist( I am hourglass with pear tendencies), leg tapers stright and not too skinny. I am 29 in all other brands, but perfect 28 in J Crew. I think they are more flattering on me then any other denim styles ( trouser, boy, etc..). I am wearing trouser denim pants today and feel somewhat "puffed up." ( My husband laughs at me: 'honey, camera does not make you short and plump, YOU are short and plump." :) The he adds: I love you anyway!:)))))

  19. I LOVE my Berry Astrid!!! I get lots of complements whenever I wear it. I think it's classic and love the unexpected color. I also am an "apple" shape just like musthavejcrew and I absolutely am crazy about the matchstick jeans and cords.... I have several of them. I also agree they make me look much thinner than I really am. Also agree that they probably would not work on a "pear" shaped body. far

  20. Sizing for J. Crew's jeans do vary across styles. I can wear a certain size in the same style number (listed in the catalog or on one of the tags inside) as it changes each season, but can't wear the same size in other "same type of fit" styles. It makes online shopping a bust, especially when you can't return final sale items.

  21. I have the matchsticks in dark indigo in 26R. I got them on final sale over the summer. Overall, they're ok. They are not the softeset material, and I always notice that because my favorite jeans are Sevens, and they are super soft. The rise on the matchstick jeans is higher than Sevens would be in the straight leg. I bought the same size in Sevens as I bought in matchsticks, and the matchsticks have stretched out quite a bit in the waist. I don't know if I should have sized down or not though. They're comfortable, not falling off. I like the really dark wash for going out at night. This is definetly a straight leg jean, not a skinny. The material is slightly thinner than Sevens. Oh, and I had to have about 2 inches or more hemmed off of these jeans before I could wear them.

    Interestingly, yesterday I wore for the first time my 26S matchstick cords. So fabulous! The short length seemed to have a shorter rise as well (correct me if I'm wrong on this) which was nice. It could be that they haven't stretched out yet, but they fit better than the matchstick jeans. So I reccommend getting a short instead of regular if you are short and may be on the low end of a size!

  22. I love J Crew pants, but I think I tried on every piece of denim in my B&M and could not find even one the fit enough to take home and think about (I'm sure the associates were thrilled!) Disapppointing, but I find the fit, fabric, and style to be better (for me at least) from Paige, Citizens, and even American Eagle... and my favorite matchsticks are Tag... Just my 2 cents!

  23. I have a pair of matchsticks from 2 years ago that I still wear religiously. I wear the same size - 27 - in just about all brands. There seemed to be a bit of color transfer when I bought them, but no more (they're a dark rinse). I really wish JCrew would make a 'ballet shoe inseam' jean. At 5'8" I have to wear 4" heels to not have them drag and I'm too uninterested in buying another pair to cut them down.

  24. anon @ 9:05 -- I know! I really liked the style and super-soft fabric of the hipslung (even though I could not get any size to fit me correctly)!
    Hmm... I guess they weren't selling well?! Who knows! Keep your fingers crossed for next season! Maybe because of the lighter-weight fabric it's considered a spring jean?!

  25. Lady Gooner--If you are a JCrew cardmember and live near a B&M, you can get alterations for free. I have even gotten pants from other stores done there too. I've never had to pay for alterations and ALL my pants must be hemmed. The store I go to has a good alterations person.

  26. i don't have any matchstick jeans, but i LOVE my matchstick cords! just thought i'd add my oponion on the matchstick cut! i wear a 28 in other brands (citizen, seven) and a 28 in the jcrew matchstick cords... i got the regular and they're perfect for ballet flats. (in fact i have the coal color cords and the lulu metallic flats in platinum, and the bow on them matches the cords) if i wanted to wear heels, i would have to get the tall.

  27. @ steph;

    i agree with her comments - i have a pair of the matchsticks in 27R in the dark indigo wash, the denim is definitely stiffer than my other jeans (ie: my fave seven roxys), almost like a 'raw' denim texture. the rise is slightly weird fitting on me, because it's stiffer and has a higher rise, its not as comfy as the softer denim i'm used to. it's a nice pair of straight-leg jeans, though.

    otherwise, i LOVE my matchstick vintage cords in dark cement - i got them in 26S and they fit like a dream - just narrow enough in the leg and perfect around my hips and waist. don't know if it's because of the difference in fabric between the cords vs. the denim, but i think jcrew's matchsticks aren't quite perfect yet in their sizing.

  28. I have two pairs of J. Crew matchstick jeans and one pair of the bootcut. Maybe I'm the only one who's had this problem, but I've found out that the amount of give that these jeans have is ridiculous. They fit perfectly in the store, but after I wore them for literally a few hours, they stretched out so much that they looked 2 sizes too big. My matchsticks now look like my bootcuts, and my bootcuts not look like super wide-leg jeans. Putting them in the dryer shrinks them up a little bit, but they strecth back out almost immediately after I out them on. Any tips for this? Maybe I did something wrong.

  29. First, anon 8:07am--KEEP that jacket!! I have it--it is gorgeous and if anything (just my own opinion here) I feel like it will stand the test of time. If not--I think you would be able to wear it some--take good care and even sell it on Ebay if you get sick of it down the road. It's an investment piece. If you don't love everything about it though--style, fit on you, color etc.--any doubts mean don't.Then return it. Otherwise..I think you have something very unique and special on your hands;)

    Matchsticks, oh matchsticks. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways;) These just fit me and I love how they dress up an outfit, yet, are so great casually too. I buy them regular for going out so I can wear heels and short for flats (esp the white denim in the summer). I have the super dark and have no color transfer issues (I do however have color transfer issues with my peacock boatneck painters tee-bummer--great color:(

    I also have slightly lighter dark wash version, white denim and tons of cords. What can I say...these are a favorite!
    I do try on and buy multiples (if it's a web purchase)of one size though because I can try 3 pairs in one size and one will be just right everywhere while the other 2 are perhaps big in the waist, shorter in length etc. Sometimes you must try many of even two sizes to get the best fit. I find this goes for all their jeans, cords, boot cut etc. That's been my experience. A pain but worth it!

  30. MD/DC/VA folks - OT but good news! I went to Tysons yesterday and they are featuring cashmere turtleneck sweaters and crewnecks for $99! The new colors, not the fall colors.

    And, all sweaters in the store (full priced and sale) are 20% off! They are getting the holiday stuff in next week but already have some cute new items.

  31. I tried these on in the darkest wash, and really like them, even though I normally wear trouser or GAP essential jeans. I hope to get a pair when they go on supersale, but now cannot remember which size actually fit me...guess I will need to try them on in the B&M again soon. :)

  32. Oh--I wanted to mention to the gals looking for Hip Slung! I bought 2 differnt versions on the sale site. They are still there now but I noticed they go quickly when they pop up, so they must be loved by many!
    I found I could NOT wear the ones that are in so many polyvore sets (and look darling) called "resin rinsed wash" in the sale section now for $78. The fit for me was terrible!

    This was after buying the Hipslung overtinted indigo wash (also in the sale section for $59.99) that I LOVE. (BTW-the short is very short keep that in mind shorter gals--and taller gals over 5'8" and up--these will be too short with flats.) I thought they were the same Hi Slung cut but two different denim washes. Well, they are not at all the same cut!

    The best ones for me are the overtinted $59.99 (they are super dark wash and I haven't had issues with transfer-I do wash inside out). HTH!


    << just found some hipslungs on the site :)

  34. The Orlando store still had Hipslungs when I was in 2 weeks ago...they were part of the 50% off sale. They just don't work for me, though.

  35. Being that I am shaped rather like a matchstick, very thin, no curves, I thought I would LOVE these jeans. But when I tried on the denim version I was not impressed. I do, however, own and love the overdyed matchstick jeans in honey glaze and the matchstick cords in chocolate. By far the best jeans I've ever found for my body are the Levi's 552s.

  36. At the exponential rate J.Crew seems to be vanity sizing their clothing, maybe Linda will be able to fit into 25R next year. :-/

    I've noticed that J.Crew pants (jeans and cords) in general tend to be more suited to those with straight hips as opposed to the saddlebaggey ones like me :-/:-/

  37. i am in the monority on this but of all the styles that JC offers matchstick are my least fav- can't stand them. i think they are so ugly on anyone that is petite and curvy b/c they basically make you look even more short and squatty. i know i will get a lot of grief for saying that

    i love the hipslung but find that the short sizes seem to be rather long in length- i have measured and a lot of times they are longer than 31 inches. they work for me if i wear heels w/ them but not flats

    ot: got an email from gap that they are doing an in sotre only promo where you can get $20 off a $75 purchase and $25 if you have a gap card. good until 11/23

  38. I have the crisp blue matchsticks and they fit my body type (hourglass) well. I don't have slim hips, but they are not overly curvy either. I found 29s to be the perfect fit, in Citizen I have to do 30, 28 in Joe's, and 29 or 30 in AG, so denim brands do vary.

    In terms of stretch Joe's the worst, but after washing and drying they are basically back to normal the next time I wear them.

    In terms of fit, softness and color my favorite is AG's sweetie from Anthropologie. That is paper thin, ultra soft and cropped so I don't even have to get it shortened at the tailor.

  39. I just realized I need to clarify something...the Hip-slung jean in overtinted indigo wash does not come in SHORT, it comes in Regular, Long Torso (I wonder how many of these sell--what does that even mean? I actually have a long torso but not sure why I need jeans made that way??) and Tall.

    I ordered the Regular and I am 5'7"--they are ALMOST too short after washing and drying them and I have short legs, long torso.) The length is like a matchstick in SHORT and actually really slightly shorter. So my comment about short being too short for someone over 5'7" is really meant for the Regular length. Shew! HTH!

    I just recv'd a frightening email with regard to retail store closings so I looked it up on SNOPES. Seems a lot of the email is true and I have included a link at the end for what Snopes says.

    Sorry this is long but think about giftcards you have in your possession and about buying them this CHristmas.

    Here's a copy of the email:
    Watch those store money cards and gift cards.. and credit slips! Below are lists of stores that informed the Security Exchange of closing plans between October 2008 and January 2009.

    Circuit City stores... most recent (? how many)
    Ann Taylor- 117 stores nationwide are to be shuttered
    Lane Bryant,, Fashion Bug ,and Catherine's to close 150 store nationwide
    Eddie Bauer to close stores 27 stores and more after January
    Cache will close all stores
    Talbots closing down all stores
    J. Jill closing all stores
    GAP closing 85 stores
    Footlocker closing 140 stores more to close after January
    Wickes Furniture closing down
    Levitz Furniture closing down remaining stores
    Bombay closing remaining stores
    Zales closing down 82 stores and 105 after January.
    Whitehall closing all stores
    Piercing Pagoda closing all stores
    Disney closing 98 stores and will close more after January.
    Home Depot closing 15 stores
    Macys to close 9 stores after January
    Linens and Things closing all stores
    Movie Galley closing all stores
    Pacific Sunware closing stores
    Pep Boys closing 33 stores
    Sprint/ Nextel closing 133 stores
    JC Penney closing a number of stores after January
    Ethan Allen closing down 12 stores
    Wilson Leather closing down all stores
    Sharper Image closing down all stores
    K B Toys closing 356 stores
    Lowes to close down some stores
    Dillard's to close some stores.

    And here's the link to learn more with better accuracy:

  41. This is anon@8:07 - you ladies have convinced me. I totally love the Astrid, and I've certainly spent that much (cumulatively) on little things that didn't thrill me. I'm going to cut back on little things and keep the big one that really makes me happy. :)

  42. Anyone recently receive the vintage slims in cowboy wash? They were backordered and I just got my pair -- they've since been taken off the website. They feel like they fit a good two sizes bigger than the previous vintage slims. I don't really mind, even though I will have to wear a belt at ALL TIMES because I was really looking for that casual menswear effect . . . but I'm wondering whether I just got a mislabeled pair?

    Also, as to the vanity-sizing comment, I only partly agree . . . while some items (i.e., cords/khakis/other pants) seem to get bigger and bigger with every season, other items (high-waisted skirts) seem to me to have become more true to size. I wonder if it's just the high-waist styling that makes me think that, though . . .

    Any thoughts?

  43. Anon8:07, you go girl! That Astrid jacket is so special, you will wear it for years to come. I see it as a classic Chanel-inspired style but with an interesting twist! I bought mine in charcoal, and it's finally cooled down enough in Atlanta to wear it, and I have gotten compliments each time I did! You can wear it dressed up with a pencil skirt (try it with the Emerson blouse) but I like it best paired with a casual crewneck tee and jeans. Great purchase!

  44. Maybe it's just me, but I am not a fan of the matchstick jeans at all. I think JCrew jeans in general just aren't very stylish especially compared to all of their other clothes. The pockets are huge and that's just not flattering! Also, the sizing is weird. 29 is too loose, 28 is too tight... and they are a bit high rise for me. I am sort of boyish shaped, that is, I don't have much in the way of hips, and the JCrew matchsticks I got last year just accentuated that in a very bad way. I ended up selling mine and buying a pair of Joe's which are much better!

  45. Covert5: Thanks for the information and link!

  46. All - Please look at the Snopes link Covert5 included and not the list. There are several obvious mistakes in the first 6 lines. Also, most of these closing announcements were from much earlier this year. The Talbots, J. Jill and Cache info is incorrect. The Ann Taylor closings reflect both Loft and Ann Taylor. Talbots closed their children's and Men's units. They have put J. Jill for sale. Cache both closed and opened stores this year.

  47. I haven't had any luck with the matchsticks yet. Maybe because I am very hourglass. I tried on the denim twice in my usual size and I cannot even get them over my hips. Which is funny because almost everything at jcrew is too big for me. I guess I need to size up for the denim but I'm sure that would make them too big in the waist.
    The cords fit well in my usual size in the hip and thigh but gape a lot at the waist.

  48. Anon-1:20 thanks for that clarification:)

  49. I am 5'5" and pear shaped, and the matchstick jeans fit me perfectly. I love them! I normally wear more expensive designer jeans like Paige or Seven, but I was so impressed with the way the matchsticks fit me that I bought a few pairs. I have one of the deep indigo and 2 in the premium indigo wash (one in short length and one in regular). The short length is perfect for me to wear with flats, and the regular length I can wear with heels. I really like how they are slim and straight cut, but not totally tapered in at the ankle like other brands of skinny jeans. Also, I feel like the sillouhette makes me look a bit taller and leaner as compared with bootcut jeans, especially when wearing ballet flats.

  50. Covert5: I got the same email today! It looked very familiar to me...I seem to remember this very same email from at least a year ago, so don't put too much stock in it!

  51. JCrew matchstick jeans squish my butt! Evertime I go into a B&M, I try them on again (in different sizes)in hopes that they'll fit, but to no avail. They just don't flatter my cheeks! :(

  52. As Donald Trump once said on "The Apprentice" a few years back, "When it comes to jeans, it's all about the ass!" I don't really care what HE says, but I do want my rear to look good, and JCrew matchsticks just don't work for me...

  53. Regardless, in this retail climate (horrid!), I'd be careful about giving store-specific gift cards as presents unless you're sure they'll be around for the long haul after Christmas. For my part, I might start giving Visa gift cards.

    Poor retail. :(

  54. totally OT, but I am desperately searching for last year's ALEX DRESS in a M or L. this is a sweater type of dress/tunic with sliver and black stripes. If anyone has one they no longer want, please let me know!! Many Many thanks!

  55. I think gift cards will be fine for stores...most people (at least I know) spend them shortly after Christmas and usually before Jan. 1....

  56. For the money, I would rather get more flattering "real" jeans (Joe's 7 for All Mankind, or Citizens). I just returned a pair of jean matchsticks because the fit was frumpy. (I know! I wasn't expecting a frumpy fit either!!) My matchstick cords are great, but the jeans (dark) fit weird...too loose in the thigh (and I have thighs) and butt flattening pockets... I was disappointed. Less quality denim as well (for the money). I was hoping for the same fit as my cords...:(


  57. I am 5'9", size 29 (usually) in J.Crew, and I definitely have booty/hips! I LOVE the matchsticks..I feel like they make me look slimmer. They're very versatile, and I've had them for almost 2 years, and they are holding up great.

    Re:Jeans, sizing seems so different from style to style, year to year. I feel like I am between a 4 and 6, and between a 28 and 29 in most styles. They need to standardize themselves!

  58. I don't like matchsticks, mostly because I don't like how tight they feel around my calves. :) I think the tapered leg look is not for me.

  59. I too love the hipslung jeans and bought a big supply at one of the last sales. I did see a couple pairs tonight at stonestown (20th Ave) san francisco. i think it was 29R and 33R and 34R. they said $69.99 but there may have been an interim markdown not reflected on the tag. they would also be another 20% off.

  60. ok so I'm not sure if anyone has answered this question or not- but what the heck!

    I'm an employee, and I can tell you that the matchstick cut is definitely looser this year than in previous years. Also, the reason that most pants ( in ANY store) vary in size/cut is the way that the fabric is cut. when they cut the individual pieces, they are cut in stacks. As the blade goes through the stack, it gets pushed slightly outward...making the pieces at the bottom slightly larger than those on top! SO try on a couple of pairs ladies!

    The matchsticks are the best. I have 3 pairs and that's all I wear!

  61. oh matchsticks--for me it really depends on fabric--i've found that the thinner fabrics tend to work better (the cords are the exception here). I love the ultra dark wash, even though I agree they stretch out--I wear them more than my citizens. I really like the white matchsticks too--and you don't have to be super skinny to wear them (i am a 28S). I have a boyish figure however and I see how this cut might not be as good for pear-shaped figures.

  62. i've been wearing only j.crew jeans for the past five years, i find they are the only ones i can trust to flatter my figure. I'm
    5'4", and have a pretty standard hourglass figure (bigger chest, smaller waist, curvy hips) and i wear a 29S in most of their jean styles. I just ordered the matchstick jeans in dark rinse wash in that size and have yet to receive them but was so happy to find this blog just to check out other jcrew shoppers opinions.

    I had a question slightly OT for this do you all keep your jcrew jeans from falling apart? i have each pair for about a year before they start getting holey, either in the knee and/or crotch area. it drives me crazy! i get them patched but it doesn't last long and then i have to drop another three or four hundred dollars to replenish my jean wardrobe. Do you guys have any advice on how to maintain my jcrew denim? thanks!

  63. SIZE 28R J.CREW HIPSLUNG JEANS that we were talking about, at Craigslist!

  64. Matchstick 28R used to fit me PERFECTLY. But the last 2 pairs I ordered are way too big around the waist and just tight enough around the legs that they scrunch up and stick to my legs. (yuck) The old pairs STILL fit perfectly after 5-6 years, but I am having to patch holes where they are wearing thin. I've spent lots of time on the phone with the company trying to figure this out, but no one seems to have an answer. The only difference I can find on the tags is that the new ones have a higher spandex content. Perhaps they are not shrinking the same way as the old ones. But even when I hang out my old ones on the clothesline, they are awesome. Note to Sarah---Get a front-loading washer and dry on low for only as long as necessary. Or be earth-friendly and hang them out to dry.


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