Monday, August 11, 2014

Questionable Item of the Week: Collection Pajama Pant

"Thanks!" to silver_lining (in this post) who pointed out an interesting addition to J.Crew's collection line: Collection pajama pant (item B1452; $475.00). J.Crew describes the overpriced pjs as the following:
Last night we had a dream. It was about the ultimate pajama pant (ones that aren't just for sleeping): wide-legged but not baggy in lustrous silk foulard with silvery medallions, contrast piping and deep, dramatic pleats. Fassbender may have made an appearance. When we woke up, we took a (cold) shower and found them hanging in our closet. Please, if we're still asleep, don't wake us up. 
Whaat?!? Michael Fassbender? Whaat?!? That is one amazing description for pants! Is this like J.Crew-fan-fiction? Part of me doesn't understand it and another part of me actually loves it. ;)

As for the actual item... I would never pay that much for a pair of pants that resembles pajama bottoms. Sorry, I just can't. There are so many other pretty items at J.Crew that I would much rather spend that money on (hello Harper Scalloped Suede Flats, I am talking about you!) I am not sure who would buy/wear them either. What would be the function?

Now, if J.Crew is including Michael Fassbender with the purchase... then consider those pants SOLD!

What are your thoughts on the Collection Pajama Pants? Would you buy this or leave it at the store? Have you see this first hand, and if so, what are your impressions?


  1. Let us make the effort to turn our thoughts away from MF for a moment and think about the pants. OK, ready?

    First, are these in fact pajama pants? Pajama pants have drawstring waists with a button or two closing the rest of the front. These pants have a tailored waistband - no cord - and a zip fly. They have belt loops.

    Would I wear a belt for a horizontal evening with MF? Mmmm, probably only if he asked me to.

    OK, back to the pants. Pajama pants tend to be floppy. These appear to have pressed leg creases. I think I'd prefer to be a little floppy for that horizontal evening, and not have to worry about wrinkles and creases, especially my own. In fact I'd prefer not to have anything around that even hinted at that subject.

    OK, back to the pants. So we agree, don't we, that they're not pajama pants, just silk pants in a nice enough print, probably unlined, and they have piping at the cuff which means they'd be challenging to hem.

    Thus, looking at the accuracy and detail of the item description, the Copywriter From Space is working to her usual standard. Unless possibly on her home planet sleeping is done standing at attention.

    Let us lay the pants aside and direct our undivided attention to MF.


    How would MF feel about being used to sell questionable overpriced pants without compensation? More to the point, how would his lawyers and agent feel? I mention this crass issue only because outside the US, George Clooney's dark and delicious countenance is used to promote Nespresso coffee and machines.

    Aahh, a horizontal evening with MF - I'll skip the pajamas - and morning coffee with George, who won't be available for such hijinks much longer.

    1. Brilliant! Your entire comment with all your points made, are spot on!!! These pants have too many practical issues. You are good, really good WFF! :)

  2. I think the pants are beautiful. Copy writing. Well, we already know. From Space.

    1. I'd be trying them on now if they were one-third the price.

  3. I can't figure out what about these makes them a pajama pant. But the copy was entertaining!

  4. My store has the pants in the window and I would never have called them pajama pants. Besides from the piping at the bottom there is nothing that remotely links them to pajamas. They have belt loops to start with (like I am wearing a belt when I go to bed, right?) and I could verify that they have a zip fly, which wasn't clear in the copy.


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