Friday, August 29, 2014

American Express + J.Crew = $20 off $100+

A big "thanks!" to reedandbamboo (in this post) who shared the following news with us:
...AmEx offer - $20 off $100 purchase at J.Crew (online & in-store)... You have to sign up for it on the Offers section when you log-in to your AmEx card account. Once it's added to your offers list, you're good to go. Not sure if you can Twitter sync it...
I believe this offer expires October 5, 2014. Definitely sign up and register if you have an American Express card! :)


  1. Thank you for the tip. I also had an offer for $20 off an amazon order of $20 expires 8/31. Need to check these more often!

  2. Thank you Alexis! It was offered earlier this year as well, in January.

  3. thanks! Is this a better deal than if you have the crew credit card?

  4. Good to know! I do have AMEX and love their offers!


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