Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Customers Can Pay with MasterPass at JCrew.com!

Many of you noticed a new payment feature on J.Crew's checkout screen: MasterCard's MasterPass.
The following is a press release about it found on Market Watch (click here to read in its entirety):
J.CREW and MasterCard Enhance Consumer Online Checkout Ahead of Holiday Season
J.Crew Online Shoppers Can Now Use MasterPass(R) at Checkout

November 4, 2013

For those looking to get a head start on their holiday shopping, J.Crew and MasterCard are making it a little simpler at jcrew.com. Starting in November, consumers can take advantage of MasterPass(TM) at checkout. This digital wallet service enables shoppers to use any payment card or enabled device to unlock a simplified and speedier checkout experience whether they're at home, in a store or on the go.

With MasterPass, shoppers can pay for the things they want with the security they demand, through the simple click of a mouse, touch of a tablet or tap of a smartphone. The wallet securely stores shoppers preferred payment and shipping information which is readily accessible when they click on the Buy with MasterPass button and log into their account.

"The world of online shopping is changing rapidly. Customers want ease and simplicity. MasterPass has paved the road to easy," said Jenna Lyons, president and executive creative director, J.Crew. "We were thrilled to partner with MasterCard and to be one of the first to share in this new technology."

"The Master Card team put together a great campaign to support the launch of MasterPass and we are thrilled to be partnering on such an exciting initiative, especially during the busy holiday shopping season."

The introduction of MasterPass at the J.Crew online checkout will be supported by an integrated marketing program that includes the launch of a new advertising spot - the first for MasterPass and J.Crew - focused on J.Crew's seasonal offerings and highlighting MasterPass as shoppers' shortcut to online holiday shopping at J.Crew. The program will also encompass digital and social initiatives set to kick off in November.

"We've all experienced the frustration of attempting to quickly input payment and shipping information when shopping online only to receive repeated error messages," said Michael Cyr, group executive, U.S. Customer Delivery, MasterCard. "MasterPass eliminates this by providing shoppers with a faster, easier online checkout enhancing their shopping experience and leaving them more time to enjoy the things that matter most."

Cardholders can sign up at www.masterpass.com/jcrew or by clicking on the 'Buy with MasterPass' button when checking out at www.jcrew.com starting this November. As MasterPass continues to evolve, J.Crew online customers will be provided additional tools and engagement mechanisms to further enhance their shopping experience through intelligent, easy-to-use offerings.

MasterPass is a digital service that allows consumers to use any payment card or enabled device to discover enhanced shopping experiences that are as simple as a click, tap or touch - online, in-store or anywhere. The MasterPass suite of services includes: MasterPass checkout services to provide merchants a consistent way to accept electronic payments regardless of where the consumer may be; MasterPass-connected wallets to enable banks, merchants and partners to offer their own wallets; and, MasterPass value added services to enrich the shopping experience before, during and after checkout.
First things first... Did Jenna Lyons really say "MasterPass has paved the road to easy"? Because that is a phrase I cannot picture her saying... Or at least without giggling.

Second, I am intrigued about J.Crew & MasterCard's integrated marketing campaign. Not sure what it exactly consists of, but I will be keeping an eye out for it. UPDATE: "Thanks!" to WMM (in this post)who shared with us the video above, as well as BuzzFeed's "J.Crew Is Airing Its First National Television Ad" article. The following are some tidbits worth sharing:
...The retailer, which says the video above is its first national TV ad, is running a marketing campaign with MasterPass, the digital payment platform that MasterCard introduced in February. Like other digital wallet apps, customers can store their billing and shipping information in MasterPass — whether it’s MasterCard, Visa, American Express and so on — to avoid reentering the data, in a bid to make online shopping more seamless. ...

The 30-second spot showcases J.Crew’s holiday collection — complete with square frames — through a family photo shoot. ...

It will air on network and cable TV from Nov. 4 through Dec. 8th, as well as on YouTube and Hulu.
As for MasterPass itself, it sounds like it just stores your credit information. J.Crew already stores credit card information online for a speedy checkout. So I am not clear on what are the advantages with MasterPass. If someone could explain the benefits, which I think I am missing, I would love to know.

What are your thoughts on MasterPass and J.Crew? Have you already utilized this newest payment feature? If so, please share! :)


  1. Here's the ad Alexis:


    1. Thanks for sharing the link & video! I had not seen it and its look cute. Just updated the post with that info too!

  2. Sounds like CFS is writing scripts for Jenna!

  3. Thanks for the tip. Is it supposed to act as a Paypal?

    1. That is what I was wondering about. If so, then I am going to pass. I have heard from fellow JCAs what a pain it is to use PayPal with J.Crew purchases if the item is waitlisted or has to be returned, because it has to go through an additional process (funds being released, etc.)

      But I still don't really know much about it.

  4. The commercial gives me high hopes for the next catalogue!

  5. very cute commercial - love it. just like my family (lol)

  6. We can always get the 411 here on The Mothership! I saw the commercial and didn't know if it was a holiday promo or what exactly it was for. I thought it might be related to being able to tap your card on top of the machine and it reads it for purchases. Those machines have never worked for me and the cashiers always say 'just swipe it..' lol As far as Masterpass speak, they've probably sat in many meetings, repeatedly hearing taglines that have become a part of their speech when thinking about the product.

    If I've purchased something online via Paypal and return it to the store, the transaction comes up. They're able to return the able, but it won't pull the card associated with the transaction, or notify the cashier that I used Paypal. I can then swipe the card I'd like or take a credit. The mgr has to override the return so that the card swipe will be processed. At first they didn't seem to know what to do and most times I was purchasing something else so I'd take a merchandise credit. Now it seems both J Crew & Madewell are clear on the process and my returns have been seamless. I don't use Paypal all the time, but I've used it over a span of time to see a change on how they handle the returns.

    1. "They're able to return the able." Uh yeah, I knew there was going to be something funky in there. I can't proofread in the stinky little comment window.

      I meant, they're able to process the return.


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