Wednesday, September 5, 2012

J.Crew Jenny Cooper in Parenting Magazine!

A big "thanks!" to mp who spotted J.Crew's Jenny Cooper, head designer for Crewcuts, in the September issue of Parenting Magazine. The article features "a day in the life of" and reads: "On the move with Jenny Cooper".

There is an interesting entry for 4PM: "meet with the knit team to review sketches for Summer 2013. We're all loving the pops of neon". It is always amazing to me how retailers plan next year's collection. Anticipating trends is a tricky business! I am also surprised to see that neon is a trend that is sticking around. Not sure if I am a fan of the bright brights...

Did you catch the article in Parenting Magazine with Jenny Cooper? Are you a fan of Crewcuts? Do you like the neon trend? Excited or disappointed to see it will be a part of next Summer's clothing collection?


  1. I like a pop of neon color in a belt or scarf or small clutch. Sounds good to me:)

  2. Wait, wasn't neon part of THIS YEAR'S trend?

  3. Why can't a trend last more than one season? They often, most everything comes back in style eventually:)

  4. Jenny cooper will be at the crew cuts trunk show at JC Montgomery mall in Maryland on 9/18.

  5. Hi Alexis -

    Is there a critical mass of JCA's who buy Crewcuts to have our own weekly (or maybe monthly) item on the blog? There are questions/comments that relate to kids items only.

    Count me in (and I have twins so maybe count me twice)!


    1. Count me in as well! I always buy crewcuts (on sale of course!) for my boys. :)

    2. This is a great suggestion! :) I will definitely incorporate it with the blog. Maybe twice a month for a start?

  6. Last night, during her democratic convention speech, Michelle Obama was wearing gorgeous pink J Crew shoes!


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