Monday, September 3, 2012

Sought & Found: Did you visit J.Crew this {past} Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopped by a J.Crew store this past weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SUMMER sale, or to see some new FALL arrivals {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store was/ is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. Free shipping on all orders code FREESHIP exp. Sep. 3.

    1. Went on Friday evening, but no %off sale items.

      Some reviews here.

  2. Heads up: Free Shipping on J Crew until Sept.3

  3. I hope J.Crew does the "spend $175+ and get 30% off" promo again, like what they did around October of last year. Praying the stuff I like does not sell out.

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  5. No visit for me. I had my ps get the port of call sweatshirt for me, though. I'm intriguing by the 30% off in-store, but not interested in anything currently sale. Could, but don't have the energy to buy-return for approx $24.

    You're invited to shop with the...
    - Irl Pic Guide - regular price
    - Irl Pic Guide - sale

  6. I did and there were no addtl % off over teh weekend. I did venture into Madewell to try on their boots and discovered the cutest sheep sweater ever- review here.

  7. Posted this in the Seek and Find post, but I went to the Factory store in Arundel Mills and got some pretty good deals, that 20% off coupon came in handy!

    I got the Draped Novelty Top in the golden mustard (love those polka dots), the Textured Tweed Pencil Skirt in navy, the Winnies in casablanca blue, a sequin tank top in lavender, and a scarf also in the golden mustard polka dot. It all rang up for just under $190, including tax.

    I was sad they didn't have the ruffle-collar dress (would have bought in purple, I had the retail version of this in gray a few years ago before I lost 20 pounds, would not have altered well, but I miss it!) and the peacoat (not sure I would have bought but would have liked to look).

    This is my last big haul until I head down to the Clearance Store in early November so not too bad!

  8. Was able to stop briefly at the Pacific Place store in Seattle, lots of summer in the sales section. Snagged two critter necklaces, the zebra and the ram, super duper deal with the extra 30% off. I also found a gorgeous fireball necklace with gold beads and a stripe of green enamel around the center of the bead. I have not seen this online, and I loved the fireball necklaces of the past, so I grabbed this one at full price. I have learned my lesson about j.crew jewelry, if I see it in the store and love it, I buy it. I have missed out on too many pieces hoping they will be online and then they never are.

  9. I went on Monday, and my store was running an additional 30% off. They had a small sale section with lots of Striped Jules dresses and and Cece grape flats. I debated and finally bought a long blue and green floral silk scarf with a gift card. When I came home I realized that I posted about the same scarf in July- I guess I really have had my eye on it for a while! It matches both my camel and navy coat perfectly. The silk is medium weight, and self fringed on the short end. It is machined hemmed, not hand rolled like the summer scarves. It is pretty however, and was worth the sale price, IMO. (Picture at the bottom of this post
    On Trend Orchids- I don't see it online, but I know they had plenty in store.)


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