Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lulu Frost Summer 2013 for J.Crew

"Thanks!" to traderscoobies (in this post) who let us know that Refinery 29 has a post about J.Crew's upcoming collaboration with Lule Frost (click here to read in its entirety).
Lust With Us Over Lulu Frost's Latest Line For J.Crew
By Willow Lindley
April 18, 2013

Is there anything better than two of your favorite fashion brands teaming up? We think not. We can't help but get awfully excited every time J.Crew and Lulu Frost release their collaborative collection every season, and their latest line for summer '13 is really a knockout.

These bright metal baubles range from $98 to $278 and are available at J.Crew on May 20. Peep the pieces that will bring out your inner Jenna, sans the specs, below.

I am not a huge fan of the Lulu Frost for J.Crew line. In general, I find most pieces ridiculous looking (see first image as example) and ridiculously priced for what is essentially costume jewelry. (The collaboration pieces tends to be priced higher than J.Crew's regular jewelry line.)

However, there is always a piece or two that I look twice at- thinking it is quite stunning. With the upcoming Summer 2013 collection, there are a few pieces (like the bracelets) that look quite lovely.

What are your thoughts on the Lulu Frost for J.Crew line? Do you own of the exclusive pieces? Do you think they are worth the purchase? If so, please share your take on the line! :)


  1. Pretty collection! I can't help but think it looks like Fall pieces rather than Summer..maybe the summer launch is for the Fall season? I don't own any Lulu Frost for J.Crew jewels, I haven't invested in any due to my lifestyle right now (full time student).

    While were on the same topic... I saw yesterday on J.Crew's Facebook page, a post about their CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collaboration with three designers-Tabitha Simmons, Jennifer Meyer and The Elder Statesmen for J.Crew products launching in mid-May.
    I am a fan of Jennifer Meyer jewelry, even though I don't own any. Can't wait to see what she designed for J.Crew. The link from below shows a necklace and bracelet from her collab with J.Crew.

  2. OT - Madewell EXTRA30 gets 30% off sale items & free shipping on $50+

  3. I rather like some of the Lulu Frost jewellery. It's beyond my budget, but I love some of the necklaces. They're quirky but beautiful. I completely understand why they aren't super popular, though, as they are a bit OTT

  4. OT - I think final sale may be over. The sale page says Spring Sale this morning and I checked a few items that were FS yesterday but they're not today. Typically, how long does this last?

  5. I actually like the first one ;-).

  6. Most of the photos are pretty- I might scoop up a piece or two. Given the last collection (Gary Busey chiclet teeth necklace, anyone?), I'm glad to see some prettier pieces returning.

  7. I like all of them except the first necklace. Especially like the tortoise and rhinestone combo.
    I know many people on this blog often knock J Crew jewelry as being tacky, over-the-top, too pricey, etc. I was in NYC this weekend and visited the flagship Henri Bendel--they have all really trendy, expensive jewelry from many different designers and when you consider J Crew's jewelry line in that context, you can definitely see that J Crew is aspiring to super trendy pieces like the designers in Bendels at a lower price point.

  8. I actually just picked up my first Lulu Frost piece last month; a pair of the relatively tame Navette burst earrings for a really good sale price to boot. That's about as crazy I will go where Lulu Frost is concerned. I also loved the Absinthe necklace but couldn't justify the price for what is essentially a trendy piece of costume jewelry.


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