Thursday, May 16, 2013

J.Crew Card Members: Check the Mailbox!

"Thanks!" to Danielle (in this post) who shared the following news with us:
I got a big ol' envelope from J.Crew, and it said "Lovely to Meet You" on the front. Inside was a giant lookbook of all their favorite pieces for the summer, along with unique code for 20% off next purchase in J.Crew stores or I believe it's a card member's perk.
"Thanks!" to Cate & Teeny84 (in this post) who also confirmed receiving this mail piece from our favorite retailer. "Thanks!" to Angela, who shared the above image with us.

That is a pretty nice surprise to find! So keep an eye out in the mail for the lookbook {and 20% off promotional code} from J.Crew! :)


  1. I like that there are more cardholder promos.

  2. I got mine two weeks ago...still don't know what to buy since this spring/summer collection is not hit with me, no must haves...and it expires June 15th. Oy!

  3. For international customers there is also a 20% off promo. And free shipping and returns. Came with the magazine that J Crew sent with my last order. Nice surprise!

  4. I got mine a couple of days ago . . . didn't notice the June 15th expiration, so thanks, JSR!

  5. Got mine today! My expiration is June 23, I think, though.

  6. I posted preview pics of the June Collection here:



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