Tuesday, May 28, 2013

J.Crew Sample Sale in NYC {June 18-23}

"Thanks!" to many of you, including D*ska (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew is having another sample sale in NYC this week.

For the event's days/hours:

Tuesday, June 18th (10am - 9pm)
Wednesday, June 19th (10am - 9pm)
Thursday, June 20th (10am - 9pm)
Friday, June 21st (10am - 9pm)
Saturday, June 22nd (10am - 9pm)
Sunday, June 23rd (12pm - 5pm)

As with all their sample sales, all sales are final. The location for the event is:
260 Sample Sale
260 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
nr. 29th St.

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Can anyone tell me if the NYC JCrew Sample Sales are comparable (price wise) to the warehouse sample sales in Lynchburgh and Asheville? I would like to attend this sample sale in nyc since I missed the other ones and I wanted to know if it would be worth my time.


  2. Anyone have any idea what sizes are "sample" sizes?

  3. Sample sizes at J. Crew are either 4 or 6, but there are other sizes at the sale, plus lots of jewelry and shoes see garmentdistrictdiva.tumblr.com for preview pics


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