Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! 

Similar to the other holiday posts, I thought it might be fun to have a post on what we plan on wearing today. Especially since many of us will be celebrating with our children and/ or with our moms.

What are you planning to wear this Mother's Day? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. Received some jcrew today! Loved everything but the camp tunic dress. I have been wanting this dress...and it looks so cute on...but something is weird with the shoulders and I literally couldn't get it off so back it goes. For $120 I should be able to get it off without help!

    Today I am wearing denim pencil skirt, linen eyelet top in tea rose, gladiator sandals and several link bracelets.

  2. I am probably going to wear my beaded rose necklace with a plain tee and white cropped matchsticks. Happy Mother's Day to all the JCAs!

  3. I'm going to have to dig out some winter clothes, it's too cold for the new spring stuff!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, JCAs!

    I am probably going to be wearing my abstract floral pencil skirt from last fall, and a striped tee on top. It's sunny but still chilly today.

    PS. Alexis, I love that old catalog shot. J. Crew used to do such fabulous catalogs with ensemble/group shots.

  5. Either my Poppy Micro-tweed Jacket with a lavendar top--or My Gondola Linen Jacket and the Green Voile shirt--and jeans-and my Lena yellow sandals!!!! Def. a J. Crew Mother's Day!

  6. Got the stone bracelet for Mothers Day in bright seaside and it is lovely. And the magazine as well with a coupon for 20% off and free shipping and returns. Have been looking at the Etta and Miri pumps but as I would have to pay for the return if they don't fit I never took the plunge.
    So here's what I wanted to ask you JCA's: is the sizing in line with the Brooker boots (where I have a size 9). Or do the pumps run larger or smaller? TIA and happy Mothers Day all

  7. Happy Mother's Day, JCA's!

    I'm wearing the Purple poppy tee, cashmere sweater in lilac, and toothpick jeans. I posted a photo of it on my blog here.

  8. Happy Mother's Day!!

    I'm going to wear neon mini skirt or the stripe beach dress to have some fun~~! :P I've posted pix of them on my blog:

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Today I wore the pixelated houndstooth skirt finally and found it very comfy. It was really cold compared to last week though so I changed into a cashmere tneck and matchsticks to go out later in the day.


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