Thursday, May 2, 2013

JGIC Product Review: My Closet Addiction

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us.
We all shop too much.  Seriously, we do.  And we love it.  Surprised? shame on you it's a blog about that very thing.  But if you're like me you also are known to hide it.

Many of us has our own version of Kryptonite; that one item (or possibly items) that is your undoing.  Mine is definitely fleece.  Softly looped cotton (sometimes a blend) that just feels so right that it can't be wrong.  Thankfully J.Crew has helped me out far too often, five crewnecks, three shawl collared ones, three full zips and oh yeah one 1/2 zip.  God help me if they make a fleece Ludlow; I'd click on it in a heart beat.  Sunfaded blue, green, pale blue and now red along with athletic grey and royal blue, might as well live in colour.

Merino, merino, merino love you too.  Maybe not quite as much as fleece, but you are running a close second.  V-neck, crews, cardigans and even turtlenecks.  More subdued colours that the fleece, grey, navy, rich brown, graphite, cream, purple and burgundy.   I definitely have a sweater problem.  They wear like steel, look polished and are almost as comfortable as the above Kryptonite.  Just scored a new one in the elusive powder blue, aka faded peri.

While I do have a love for Ludlow (four pairs of pants and three jackets), washed favorite shirts (I'm afraid to count these, possibly 30) a guy does need a complete wardrobe right?, I try not to discriminate and grab a tie or two and socks.  My spouse is quite tolerant, although blissfully unaware of the extent of my addiction.  How many of you hide the J.Crew boxes in the trunk of your car or feel like you're having an affair with the UPS guy?

I've shown you a peek inside my closet addiction; what's in yours?
Another fantastic review! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his take of the J.Crack we are all addicted to.

Many JCAs have already commented in various posts throughout the years our relationships with the UPS guys thanks to the constant delivery of packages from J.Crew. ;)

I am no different as I am definitely guilty of loving certain categories of merchandise. In particular I heart the Hacking Jackets that J.Crew offers each year. Plus, their sweatshirts (embellished or not). Don't get me started on their scarves! Those things add up in my closet.

What are your thoughts on post? Are there items from J.Crew that fuel your J.Crew addiction? If so, please share with us your take. :)


  1. I can definitley attest to hiding boxes and meeting the UPS guy before he has a chance to ring the doorbell, especially during percent-off-sale periods. It can get a little crazy. Joe (my 'Mr. Brown pants) and I have quite the ongoing relationship. lol.

    J. Crew on a whole seems to be my weakness. They do color so well. I especially appreciate that in outwear. But if I had to choose my biggest Kryptonite, it would have to be their blazers and jackets. I wear them with everything and practically everywhere. I wore the Summer stripe Schoolboy to the beach once.

    Sadly, unlike you Alexis, I seem to be soft on most every style. I already have an obscene number of jackets and blazers from the Crew but every fall I can't help but add to my collection. Robert Nobles, Academy, Lexington, Ryder, Hacking, Bella, Celtic Country, Oxford, Schoolboy; all of which I have multiples in, some in every color available. Not to mention an array of novelty ones and a couple of never made samples. The Schoolboys are my least favorite but I still own four and while I'm not a fan of tweed, I own two of those too. I blame the scrumptuous colors. I'm not even going to add sweater jackets to that list -it's already scary looking.

    The only other clothing to come anywhere close to my jacket numbers are silk camis which I also ferociously hoard. They work well with the aforementioned blazers and jackets. That's my defense. I haven't loved the last few versions of the silk cami blouses and for that I am grateful. Actually come to think of it, I think cashmere sweaters and Tippis are creeping up there too.

    The good news for me is that the drop in quality has hampered my rampant purchasing. Now I tend to only buy the really special jackets or basics in colors I don't yet own (that's beginning to look like none). I think everyone has their something. I had an ex who had more silk ties than shirts, jackets and pants combined. They apparently changed the whole look of an ensemble. For most women it's shoes or bags. I'm not big on those. I have a just okay shoe and bag arsenal.
    All I know is that I am done explaining myself/defending my closet to anyone who's seen it.

  2. Double serge pencil skirts, suiting dresses and anything with stripes. It's embarrassing how many things I own in multiples, but different colors.

  3. Me? No. 2 Pencil Skirts and Jackie cardigans. I have a few Clares too (more or less the Factory version of Jackie).

  4. OMG I burst out laughing at the hiding boxes comment, I am not alone!

  5. Uh...totally guilty of hiding boxes. I live in an apartment that receives packages at the front office. Your relationship with the UPS man is probably a lot like my relationship with the office manager in my building. After I pick up the package, I hustle back to my apartment so I can hide the box before my husband gets home! Tuesday nights are my 'try on' nights because my husband has class until 10pm. If I have a return I do leave the box out in the open, but I think my husband thinks it is the same box all the time. Little does he know that every week it's usually a new box...

    I buy tons of basics at the Crew. Tippi sweaters, perfect shirts, and pencil skirts in double-serge wool and 120s are my primary purchases. I love to wear color and obviously that is JCrew's forte so of course I have to have something in a zillion colors. I do track all of my spending and if I get particularly good price on something (recently I got a tippi for $27) it tends to curb my spending because my price expectation changes. Why get a Tippi for $50 when I got another one for half that? It helps a bit. I just got a pair of Paley pants in stretch wool and I am definitely getting multiples of those before the 25% ends.

  6. My addiction is the J Crew shirts, boy, perfect, Liberty, silk, silk/cotton you name it I love it. My work dress code is very relaxed, so jeans/cords during the fall/winter, pencil skirts/dresses during the summer so having a nice shirt with cardi is perfect. I tried the Jackie cardigan last summer for the first time and now are accumulating quite a collection of colors.

  7. Everyone's comments are cracking me up! I can relate on some level. I used to see my UPS boyfriend once a week. So often that he started leaving packages without looking at the name. I once found 4 boxes at my doorstep but they were my neighbors'. Since that time, I haven't been ordering packages from J crew as part of my NY resolution to decrease the shopping. So far, so good!

  8. My addiction: Super 120's work dresses (except the Memo style.)Well everything super 120's. And agree, we all do spend too much on clothes in general. For what, really? I don't hide boxes, but it comes from my account and not joint funds.

  9. I used to know my UPS guy but since JCrew has been using that horrible SlowPost, it's just my usual mailman. I'm probably in the minority but I thrift and attend the sample sales as often as I can, that's where I stock up on a lot of my Crew but I do buy online those things that I really love and always on sale. My favorites are the cashmere sweaters, Liberty print shirts, printed silk anythings, I love the Jules, Blythes. I also love JCrew boots and usually justify buying a pair every year. I am also guilty of hiding the occasional box :)

  10. Mine is the pencil skirts - hard to guess, right?

  11. Pencil skirts, linen v-neck t shirts and Blythe blouses are my weaknesses. Used to be the suit pants but now everything is capris, I have backed off on that (for now).

  12. Boy perspective....... Faves are 484 jeans/pants and slim fit shirts. I have stuff delivered to work much to the chagrin of our mailroom staff and then smuggle the goods in the house in my work bag if small enough lol


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