Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. I'm sure we've heard this all before, but I'm here to vent about cancelled online orders. I was looking for the grey t-shirt with the black and white polka dots, and was excited when some sizes reappeared on the website last week. I ordered the XS, but then got lucky enough to order an XXS later the same day. I didn't get any shipment notification, and on Sunday morning I got the dreaded email that the XS order had been cancelled. I really wanted the XXS anyway, so I continued to wait. No notification that it had shipped. On Monday I checked the site again and ordered another XXS that popped up, just in case the first one didn't ship. (I shouldn't have had to do this to begin with, I trust that pretty much any other retailer will actually ship my order.) Yesterday (Tuesday) I finally got the email that the first XXS was cancelled, an entire week after I first placed the order. Today, I of course got the email that the second XXS was cancelled. THREE CANCELLED ORDERS. Come on J.Crew! You can do better than that. Someone needs to do some improvements with inventory and fulfillment.

    1. I expressed my frustration to the person I had been emailing with about my order, and they issued me a $20 gift card! It doesn't completely fix the problem, but they definitely tried to keep me as a customer. I appreciate that.

    2. That's a good move on their part and it does seem to make up for some of the frustration. Annoying how long it takes them to figure out what they do/don't have in stock. Anyways, good for you for voicing your concern, paid off (as it should!)

    3. I know, the gift card was appreciated! I think it is a good gesture to do that for a customer that voices a reasonable concern. However, I wish that they would figure out what's in stock BEFORE posting on the website. Like I said, I can't think of any other retailers where I consistently have to worry about an order not shipping. I've had my fair share of online shopping issues (items lost or stolen, packages received that aren't for me, etc), but I honestly can't think of ANY times where I've ordered something and for some reason it hasn't shipped. When I see an item available on a site and place an order anywhere else, I expect to actually get the item when I order it, and then I do! Reasonable, right? Maybe I'm lucky? Haha no, I'm kidding. I do love J.Crew but I still think they need to do a big overhaul to their online system!

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