Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Weekly Share: Other JCrew-like Retailers

This is the weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post (similar to the "Off On A Tangent" posts), where we can share our finds from other retailers that have offerings similar to J.Crew (like Anthropologie, LE Canvas, Gap, BR, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and the like.)

If you have recently encountered items that are similar to J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including experiences with certain merchandise pieces, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Has anyone tried Garnet Hill cashmere? Looking to add a new cashmere sweater to my collection this year and craving the days of yore with my beloved j crew (I still wear so many cashmere sweaters from the heyday!). Garnet Hill maybe has higher quality cashmere? Boden has pretty nice cashmere but I’d call it middle of the road and I want something a bit more luxurious.

    1. Well FWIW, Good Houskeeping likes it, but says J Crew has better durability to pilling. They didn't test the super-high-cost brands like Lora Piana, and I'm surprised not to see Everlane.

      The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tested new and popular styles for pilling resistance and ease of washing. Then, we called in 31 women to rate each sweater for softness and appearance. These final picks are the ones our textile experts swear by.

      Top Lab Pick: Garnet Hill Cashmere V-Neck Pullover

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      Why we love it: This luxe style was by far the softest in our assortment. Testers described the feel as cozy and fluffy, and said the relaxed fit looked stylish.

      Take note: Its fabric surface showed some fuzzing in our durability test.

      Bottom line: It was our panel’s favorite sweater and was rated the most expensive-looking in a blind comparison.

      More details:
      • 2-ply, 100% cashmere
      • Relaxed fit
      • Hand wash or dry clean
      • Available in XS-XL

      Best Value: L.L.Bean Classic Cashmere Crewneck

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      Why we love it: Our panel raved about how thick the sweater felt and the smaller details like ribbing at the hem and sleeves. It’s also available in regular, plus, and petite.

      Take note: There was slight pilling, and it wasn’t the softest.

      Bottom line: Proof that you can find quality cashmere for less than $100, it held up better than more expensive styles.

      More details:
      • 2-ply, 100% Inner Mongolian cashmere
      • Semi-fitted
      • Hand wash or dry clean
      • Available in XS-3X and petite XS-XL
      Easy Care: Boden Cashmere Crew Sweater

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      Why we love it: Not only was it rated soft and good-looking by our panel, it’s also available in more than 20 colors and prints.

      Take note: This one also had slight pilling and a few testers said it felt thinner than other styles.

      Bottom line: It was the only machine washable sweater in our test, and it laundered well without damage.

      More details:
      • Inner Mongolian cashmere
      • Semi-fitted
      • Machine wash on the gentle cycle
      • Available in XS-XL
      Most Durable: Lands’ End Cashmere Sweater

      LANDS' END
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      Why we love it: It was the most pill-resistant in our test, and there’s a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. You can even monogram it for $8.

      Take note: It wasn’t quite as soft as other styles we reviewed.

      Bottom line: Our testers called it a basic sweater that’s great for everyday wear. Perfect for layering, it’s not too thick or heavy and can be worn year-round.

      More details:
      • 2-ply, Inner Mongolian cashmere
      • Semi-fitted
      • Hand wash
      • Available in XS-3X and petite XS-XL

      Best Fitted: J.Crew Long-Sleeve Everyday Cashmere Crewneck

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      Why we love it: It has a great price and it stood up to our pilling tests, plus our panel rated the fabric smoother than others.

      Take note: Though some testers called the style “classic,” others said it was “blah” and “plain-looking.”

      Bottom line: If you’re looking for a fitted style, J.Crew’s True Fit finder helps you get the perfect match. And it’s the only pick available in XXS.

      More details:
      • 100% cashmere
      • Fitted
      • Hand wash
      • Available in XXS-3X


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