Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a positive situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including stellar experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. I'm loving a lot of the new arrivals including the Enameled Frog Collar necklace and bracelet, the Blythe blouse in polka dot, and the Circle-Print Chambray Popover!

  2. Today in bitter cold New England I am loving my Lined Waverly chinos purchased last year. Did anyone notice if these were available this year? I just looked and did not see them.

    1. I noticed that they are not available this year because I am stalking them on pop-back :-)

  3. J. Crew hit it out of the park with the Miri Midheel Pumps! They make my not-so-great legs look great, and they seem amazingly comfortable, much more so than my Valentina pumps. I got them in black. The toe box is snug but comfortable (haven't worn them anywhere yet, though). I have wide feet and they feel great on. I wear an 8 normally and bought these in an 8, so TTS I think. Good job on these, J. Crew!

  4. I was wearing my purple double-cloth Metro Coat at Michaels last night, and one of the employees stopped me in the aisle to tell me that it was the most beautiful coat she had ever seen :). I have never gotten as many compliments on a coat as I have with this one, and I'm so glad I bought it.

  5. I love the Everly shoe. It is comfortable for how high it is. Not walk a mile comfortable but good enough for around the office. They are so beautiful in all the different styles and colors.

  6. I love the sizing consistency in pants over the last few years -- jeans and cords, at least. My waist size and inseam has fit over at least four years! What other label can claim that?

  7. Wearing the lady jacket in blue tweed for the first time today. Looks great with a black shell and skinny jeans! I'd been looking for a tweed jacket and this hits the mark, love that I can wear with black or navy.

  8. I am seriously in love with everything I bought and kept this holiday season:

    $45 Stretch skinnies in shallow sea
    $111 Edie bag in shallow sea
    $49 wool cafe capri in iced lilac (took a longer length)
    $111 and $97.99 cashmere mini cable sweaters in mint and lemon
    $45 sterling skirt in sheer mint
    $69 hacking jacket - mint (reordered at 30%)
    $28 Perfect shirt in sheer mint
    $34 Navy striped tippi
    $ 61 cashmere tee in wreath
    $ 68 ballet flats in spearmint
    $ 41 dodo case in tangelo

    All items except the iced lilac cafe capris and the shallow sea skinnies I managed to get at the lowest possible price.

    Only one final sale item - the hacking jacket - and I reoordered to get the extra $30 off. I would have been fine with keeping it at $99 too. Love love love everything and cannot imagine returning.

    I did have to do a lot of reordering and returning to get the lowest possible price. It is getting exhausting. I have a big box of returns I need to do but I am scared to ship it back to J.Crew - the last box got lost. J.Crew was great about it but I don't want another problem.

    CS at the Copley and Lechmere stores have been awesome about my constant returns. Not one eye roll. I hate to treat them as a return center. For that reason, I actually bought the iced lilac cafe capris and the pale blue skinnies from them - because I wanted to buy something from a store. Normally I don't because they don't carry petites. Had I waited I could have saved at least $20 on each purchase but I don't mind losing that $.

    The newest rollout, though - blech. My wallet is thankful.

    1. My store is really great about the boatload of returns that I make there too. As a show of appreciation for their great customer service, I actually sort the items out according to the receipt that they are on myself. The cashiers really seem to appreciate that.

  9. So I just had to delete the comment I wrote earlier in the "Looking to Vent" column; I had received a J. Crew Factory order which was missing an item, the sylvia patent wedges, but was still listed on the receipt and I had been charged for it. I called J. Crew and they just said they would reship them (but did not apologize or offer to expedite shipping). Then later today I got a call from J. Crew and they said they would have them to me by tomorrow morning along with a 'token of their apology.' Even though I initially wasn't, I am so impressed with J. Crew's customer service yet again!

  10. I am really loving the Jules dress in Botanical print. I thought that I'd hate it because I'm not much of a print person but this is the one. I have found my J. Crew print! I cannot even begin to say how happy this makes me. Oh and the longer length and back zip are definite pluses too.

  11. Have been a blog-follower for the past year, chiming in every so often, but i have really appreciated all the comments, good and bad, as they really help in my decision making process. I have not had that many issues since i have stepped up my JCrew-shopping game, but i will say that i LOVE, LOVE and LOVE my black peacoat and matchstick jeans. The fact that i got them at extra sale price only makes me love them more!

  12. This is my first ever comment here, although I'm a long-time "lurker" of this blog!
    I scored some great sale items during the 30% promo, and enjoyed fabulous customer service as well! I ordered the Double Cloth Funnel Coat in Neptune Green (which is an AMAZING light robin's egg blue) in a size 2, and it seems to run TTS. I have a Lady Day Coat from about 4 years ago, and it seems to fit a little more closely to my body and in the sleeves, but that may just be the fit of that coat vs. this one. I could have sized down to a 0, but I'm happy with the 2 as it still looks chic and I'll be able to wear even bulkier sweaters under it without undue tightness.
    I also ordered the navy Biennial Hobo at the same time, and it is LUSCIOUS! Very well made, sturdy, etc. I couldn't have asked for more. Honestly, my granddaughter will be using this purse one day (if I every have one... I'm only 26!). I noticed today that the bag is back at full price, so I'm glad I got such a steal!
    The next day, I was browsing the site again and I saw some other things I "needed", a pair of Everly Suede Pumps in Deep Violet (I tried them on a few months ago at a B&M location, LOVED them, and nearly bought them at full price!) I was so ticked so score them for $90, which is $155 off retail!
    About an hour after that, I realized I should have browsed more! So I placed another order for a pair of 9" chino shorts ($10.49!) and a $218 Collection Cashmere Cable Cardigan for $69.99. I called CS and they not only waived shipping for my order, they also REFUNDED shipping for the shoes, since if both orders had been combined (they were only placed 1 hour apart!) I would have had enough in my cart to qualify for free shipping.
    So, I'm very tickled with my haul and what I paid for everything. Thanks for the sale, J. Crew!

  13. My first ever purchase was not too long ago. I didn't know my sizing in J. Crew clothes, so I ordered a single, beautiful pair of pants from the final sale section according to the size chart. It was monstrously big. I knew I was stuck with it, but I sent J. Crew an email to let them know that I feel their sizing is a bit off, and so they made an exception, took the pants back, and sent a size that they think will fit. Looking forward to finding out if they are right about what seems to be a much too small size for me, ha!

  14. I found a dress for a formal I have next month at my local JCrew and asked them to find it in my size (we don't get the collection pieces, so I assume the one we had was a return). They begrudgingly did so. However, they did manage to find it and put it on hold for me at the Kenwood store in Cincinnati. I called the next day to order it and had the most wonderful experience. Not only did the salesgirl match the online price, and give me the 30% off, she also added my student discount when she heard my classmates noise during class change. She was incredibly polite, helpful and complimented my hometown when asking for my shipping address. I get more discouraged and frustrated each time I go to my local store, so it was refreshing to have such a good experience with a phone order and I wanted to share! I ended up paying just over $100 for a $400 dress and am so excited to wear it to impress my new classmates.


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