Monday, January 28, 2013

J.Crew Catalog + Dawson's Creek {memories!}

"Thanks!" to so many of you, including JulieFromChicago (in this post), as well as Robin & emmawasabi, who let us know about the following catalog flashback.

There is an original 1998 catalog from J.Crew, featuring the cast of Dawson's Creek, for sale on eBay (click here for original listing). The {ridiculous} price tag caught some attention over at the BuzzFeed (check out their "The Beautiful 1998 “Dawson's Creek” J. Crew Catalog" post for more photos!) and Refinery29 (check out their "American Dream: 1998 J.Crew Catalog Starring Dawson's Creek") post.

The cast (Joshua Jackson, James "Put Your Cheek in a Beek" Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, and Michelle Williams) look so young in the photos!

I actually remember getting this catalog in the mail. I also remember really loving all the sweaters and tops on Katie. Looking back at the pictures now, I can't believe how dated some of the looks are (in particular, the jeans Dawson wears). J.Crew's style really has come a long way!

What are your thoughts on the catalog? Do you remember when J.Crew sent this catalog out? Do you like the looks? Are the styles dated?


  1. How funny!! I don't remember this one at all but I think I was going through a period of anti-preppiness at the time. I do remember that the catalogs in the 80s were my favorites and the sweater that Katie Holmes is wearing is one that I still have- probably from the early 90s. It was considered unisex at the time.

  2. Aww Dawson's creek. I remember watching earlier episodes of this in my early teens but I do not remember their clothing. I didn't live in the U.S. at the time so their New England? style didn't resonate with me. And I'd never even heard of J.Crew.

  3. This was my absolute favorite show of all time- and I specifically remember being so mad that I didn't get this catalogue in the mail! I have a sweater from that catalogue, that Joshua Jackson's character wears in the intro to the show and to this day my childhood best friend and I refer to it as our "Pacey sweater," one of my all time faves!!

  4. Best show! I just rewatched it on Netflix. I love this concept.

  5. I can't believe J.Crew ever sold carpenter jeans. That gave me a good laugh!

  6. I remember this catalog well. I was in high school then and LOVED Dawson's Creek so much. This was back when I would save every single catalog, and I remember flipping through this one often. I'm so sad I ended up throwing them away (or maybe my parents did after I moved out!)

  7. I still have this catalog!! Sheesh, maybe I should consider selling it on ebay too...I can't believe someone paid $124 for it!!!!

  8. I saw some of these pics on Tumblr the other night...made me so nostalgic. I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan back in the day and I remember being so excited to get this catalog in the mail (even though at the time my purchases from JC were few and far between...babysitting only paid for so much!) I wonder if it's still buried in a box at my parents house...
    thanks for posting!


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