Thursday, January 10, 2013

JGIC Product Review: The 80 / 20 Rule

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us. In this review, he tackles a different topic: a few items we wear all the time and the rest we rarely wear!
All of us have heard the 80/20 line; you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time.

My 80/20 tends to be made of two fabrics, denim and fleece.  Love me some J.Brand denim, but with prices from $250 and north I default to Levis 514s which can be had on the cheap for $30 - $40.  Straight cut slim and in varying shades of washed and indigo.  Haven't tried J.Crew's denim yet, but knowing me how far away can that be?

As this is a J.Crew blog here it is, fleece.  I am a fleece addict, with knits from Roots, J.Crew and Polo all adding up to far too many hoodies, crew necks and sweat pants.  (BTW does anyone ever sweat in said sweat pants?  I seem to sofa surf with a TV remote in mine.)  I have fleece from our favorite addiction, cotton pullovers in shawl collars, crew necks, full zip hoodies and said 'lounge' pants.   My most recent fleece is #96219 a shawl collar pull over in an oatmeal colour.  Like all J.Crew fleece tops it's fitted but not tight in a very soft cotton.  The shawl collar is not as big and cumbersome as earlier versions from J.Crew nor as scrimpy as those commonly found at BR.  I usually wear them with a tee or button down underneath.

The sunwashed fleece offerings #61640 are another good choice, I have two, one in green the other in a very pale sunwashed blue.  The cotton while soft is slightly crisper than the un-sunwashed items.  Same great fit as the pullovers, the current hot colour in my mind is deep cove, great colour blue.  The full zip numbers usually called utility are either all cotton or 50/50 cotton/poly.  I have one of each.  The all cotton ones are of a slightly heavier weight fabric while the cotton/poly ones are even softer in a slightly lighter knit.  The new arrival section shows even a wide striped crew neck in sunwashed summit orange or potter blue which looks great and very on trend.

With over 5 different fleece in varying shades of grey, no book references please, I find that the athletic grey colour is the most versatile, but I am known to sport green and blue and even oatmeal or black.  Stop by my house any time after work is finished on a weekday or on the weekend and you'll find me wearing 20% of my wardrobe, fleece, 80% of the time.

So what are you wearing 80% of the time?

"Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his thoughtful look on another intriguing topic! Once again, I am guilty of wearing a select handful of pieces over and over again (while rarely wearing others). For example, I have gotten my fair share of use out of the sweatshirts (like the Tortoise-Button Stripe Sweatshirt) and button-down shirts (like the Buffalo-Check Shirt). Yet, I do not get to wear enough the lovely Library-Print Doll Dress.

What are your thoughts on this post? Do you have any pieces that you wear all the time? What pieces do you love but never get a chance to wear? If so, please share with us your story. :)


  1. This winter it is my excursion vests! Yes, plural. I love them and try to find a way to make an outfit with a different one whenever possible. I have the navy, green and herringbone. Thinking I might need a bright-- just for fun. :) They are pretty close to taking up 80% of my outfits :) I'm calling it the winter of the vest.

    Thanks for the jeans info too -- going to look at those Levis for hubs. He needs some new jeans.

    1. I have the green and the herringbone excursion vests, and I cannot stop wearing them. I'm afraid I'll need an intervention come Spring.

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    1. Well lock me in a box and throw away the key because I am so guilty.

      My toothpick jean in classic rinse wash is getting quite the workout this winter despite my owning it in the Huron wash and a pair of the Jean Shop version. Another abuse taker is my Madewell Archive boots in E. Saddle. I also own the black and suede one but keep pulling on these.
      Cashmere turtlenecks and Tippis round out what has become nothing short of a uniform for my lazy winter days : Tippi or turtleneck/jeans/riding boots/equestrian style hat/blazer/coat.

      At least I switch up the blazers and coats, so that makes it better right? At the beginning of every winter I promise myself that I will not resort to wearing the same thing most every day. I'm much better at not doing the 80/20 thing during the other seasons.

      I have yet to wear several "collection" pieces in my closet. Argh!

  3. Does anyone ever sweat in said sweat pants? *snort* Thanks for the good laugh this morning, JCIC!

  4. Nicely spirited article JGIC! I don't own any Jcrew fleece....I don't like the weight, stretch of jcrew's for women. HOWEVER, I do love the sueded half zip fleece for my son. Like you, I love half zips and shawl collar with button downs underneath.

  5. I love hearing the guy's point of view! Thank you, J.Crew Guy in Canada for helping me figure out what hip stylish men like to wear as I try to push the envelope for the (less fashionable)men in my life, who only stick to their tried-and-true boring pieces.

    I live in JC's merino sweaters & cardis all winter, which layer so well under the navy schoolboy blazer, which pretty much gets worn year-round. Oh, and several scarves that get regular rotation in cool weather. I love how J Crew's colors from seasons past combine so well in my wardrobe!

  6. I bought a pair of Charley Shearling boots last year and have worn them almost everyday since the Fall, they are so comfortable and soft, and unique looking. I also find myself reaching for sweater dresses, I feel like JCrew didn't offer that many this year. The ones I bought and have been wearing were purchased on uber sale last February, namely the Rugby stripe dress and my cashmere too dress. I do have a lot I haven't been reaching for, no fault of the clothes but I've put on about 10 pounds this year and not thrilled with how stuff has been looking on me, working on losing it now so I can enjoy all of the JCrew pretties in my closet.


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