Tuesday, July 10, 2012

J.Crew of Seasons Past: {a look in the closet}

It's that time again, to take a look at an image of J.Crew pieces from seasons past! As caribbelle (in this post) so beautifully termed, "ye olde j crew of yore".

This is image from one of J.Crew's Spring 2007 catalogs. It is such a fun photo! Who knew laying out on a brick street could look like so much fun... and stylish too! (I would have immediately guessed uncomfortable and dirty. But J.Crew schooled me on that point. Frankly, I want to join that party above, ASAP!)

Lastly, how great is that red typewriter?! I want one.

What are your thoughts on the look(s)/item(s) from the past? Do you find the look(s)/item(s) classic or do you think they are dated?


  1. i coveted the red plaid blanket from a holiday issue a few years back. Still wouldn't mind having it if the prop department is overfilled! :)

  2. The red typewriter was an instant classic with me!


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