Sunday, July 15, 2012

JCA Community {quote it!}

J.Crew Guy in Canada (in this post):
My closet has reached critical mass! No more new items may enter until I do an edit and a small purge. I already have far more than I can use, adding to this would be simply prove how I hate having any money in my wallet.
LOL! Been there.


  1. So true, but yet, when I go to figure out what to wear, I can never find anything!

  2. LOL, I can totally relate to J CREW GUY and Jruby18! Also, I now always think of my UPS delivery man as "Mr. Brown Shorts" thanks to Stray Cat!! It makes me laugh & feel comradery with all my fellow JCA's knowing his visits are all eagerly anticipated at their dwellings as well ;o)

  3. So true, EverydayChic, but I always pray he shows up before my husband gets home from work, lol. He's like my illicit affair!

  4. HEEE!!! I always hope Mr. Brown Shorts will arrive before my husband gets home too! One day my husband came home early and met Mr. Brown Shorts with my packages. After we talked I cherrily said to Mr. Brown Shorts "see you tomorrow!" husband looks at me funny and says...."see you tomorrow?"....."Ummm.....I'm just expecting another package, honey!". Geez.....what was he thinking? HA!

  5. Totally relate...but I don't want to edit my closet, I'd rather make it bigger to make room for the new Fall collection (guess I like an empty wallet too).

  6. Alexis thanks so much for the 15 minutes of fame.

    There must be something in the fiber/fabrics J.Crew uses that addicts all of us and makes us want and buy more. It's the same strategy that Starbucks (another addiction of mine) uses to get me to line up and wait so long to buy those ridiculous expensive drinks.

    Now I know where all my $$$ goes, drinks and stylish clothes.

  7. jcrew guy in Canada...I totally agree with your comment about fabrics. I'm a self-confessing fabric snob. Even before I carefully look at a garment I touch it and if it doesn't pass the touch test, I'm on to something else. I can spot cheap fabric (or cheap anything) a mile off. It really saves alot of time when trolling stores. My husband says that if you put a bunch of similiar things in front of me I can instantly pick out the authentic item and the most expensive. I just wish I had the money to really indulge in this little quirk of mine! But I find it pretty helpful when I do shop. I agree...J. Crew has spoiled me to alot of other clothing lines. I love their variety of prints, colors and textures!

  8. JCrew guy, I am totally with you. Plus we are in Canada, which means paying more for our stylish clothes. :-( I'm busy trying to edit and purge my closet!!

    straycat - It's true about the fabric. J. Crew pulled me in years ago with their better quality fabrics and colours. The quality may have decreased somewhat over the past few years but there's still enough there to keep pulling me back in.


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