Monday, July 16, 2012

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post.

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. I know this is a long shot....but if anyone is not interested in their Bright Turquoise Hacking Jacket from last year in a size 8 or 10, I would give it a great home!

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  3. Hey everyone! I'm looking for a few things:

    Madewell Waterlily Dress from last year, Sz. 2

    J. Crew Drapey Elbow Sleeve Tee in stripe, neon orange color, XS

    J. Crew Spearmint Jeans from this year, Sz. 26



  4. Looking for a cupcake necklace, the mint one.... at a sale price

    mrscamps at gmail. dot com

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  6. I'm looking for a grey or black (or both) Maggie jacket in size 6, retail (not factory) only. Gently used is fine. Thanks!

  7. Looking to find:

    airy ribbon tank tops, Small –any colors

    tippi sweater, XS, heather graphite only, pls

    Blue/ white Polynesian cotton sweater dress, S

    Penelope peep toes, canyon, size 7

    Pembridge dot shell, size 0

    Madewell slim stripe shirt, XS

    New or EUC Ok for all. Thanks in advance!!
    Condupuy at

  8. Looking for the Amie maxidress, navy/red striped, in a size Small. Have a NWT Medium I can trade or will buy for current FS price. Thanks! Contact: elaine dot hamill at gmail dot com

  9. Good morning,

    Looking to find the fall 2011 single strand brulee:

    Necklace in both blue and clear
    Bracelet (if they made them in these colors) light pink and blue


    Gardenia necklace.

    kpuntillo at

    1. Also looking for a Bella jacket in size 2, thanks!

  10. I'm looking for a petite linen perfect shirt in white, size petite 0 or petite 2. It's on sale for $49.99 + 40% off right now, but the popback this morning disappeared from my cart. brooklinian at gmail. Thank you!

  11. Looking for:

    - perfect shirt in neon gingham (from last summer), neon yellow, size 4 or 6

    - Tessa cotton sweater jacket, navy, Size Small (from 2008?)

    - Stretch sateen pencil skirt with trapunto stitching on waistband and pockets, and enamel buttons, size 4, sour lemon colour (from spring 2008 collection)

    - Crisp linen blazer, size 4, navy, from last summer. I have the size 6 and can trade.

    EUC is fine! Thanks!!

    stylishchemist at gmail dot com

  12. Would love to find a pair of cafe capris in bright dahlia and/or warm jade, size 2. Hoping for a good sale price :). EUC is fine. TIA!

    amandaredford at gmail

    1. Nevermind on the warm jade ones, those are still online, and not final sale. Fingers crossed for bright dahlia though! :)

  13. Looking for:

    Leopard print silk/wool/cashmere scarf. Please contact Thanks! =)

  14. Looking to find a pair of Camden brogues, 8.5, nutmeg or similar color.

  15. Hi there!

    Looking for San Remo Long Sleeve Silk Dress in size 8, 10, or 12 (from store, not factory).

    Email me at

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Desperately looking for a Majesty or other earlier model stadium cloth peacoat BLACK size 00, 0 or 0p. Prefer new or close to. Help! Thanks!

  17. Would love to find
    Pink bella 0 2 4 6
    Lynx bling button cardigan xs s
    Viv bow flats any color 8.5 9 9.5 10
    Neon gingham perfect shirt neon yellow 0 2p or 2
    Silk bow cami in stripe 00 0
    Natalie studded sweater xs s
    Minnie pants any color in a 0p or 2p
    Viv printed patent flats 9 9.5


    1. Sorry to post again but I would love especially to find the Minnie's in navy/wild blackberry , black, or khaki. Tia!

  18. Looking for the Crushed Glitter flat sandals from last year, sz. 8 new or used. But not at the ridiculous prices they're asking on Ebay.

    Also looking for the Veruschka dress, sz. 10 or 12. I know I continue to dream...

  19. Would LOVE to find Lexington blazers in size 4, 6, or 8 in citron, iris, black, or white with citron.

    bobster33 at shaw dot ca

  20. Desperately need the collection Milla dress maxi in a size 2 or 4. EOTOBA at YAHOO dot COM

  21. Looking for:

    Tillary tote in tan canvas
    Owen bag in champagne
    Campo bag in terra cotta
    Wool flannel Silvie dress - dusty pink, size 4

    allisondot davis at gmaildotcom

  22. Looking for:

    Tippi Sweater in the Succulent Green, size Small
    Schoolboy Blazer (retail) in Navy, size 4 -- hoping to save by buying already loved

    Crose424 at yahoo dot com


  23. Hello all!
    Looking to buy the Ella dress in floral print. Size 0 or 0p. If anyone knows which stores are carrying this size, please let me know!
    Ptlifestyle3 at gmail dot come

  24. Long shot I know...looking for the viv bow flats in size 6.5 henna red. TIA!

    ljkbuckner at gmail dot com

  25. Hello

    I would really love to find the in-store Mint color Featherweight cotton cardigan (item 73265)
    in a size small.

    Please please contact me if you have one for sale or spot one in a store. (I don't have access to the B&M stores.)

    Thanks in advance.

    ilovetoshopinparis at gmail

  26. very off-season, but looking for one of the knee length coats with Thinsulate in and 8- no so worried about the color....thanks!

    1. i have a nwt plaza coat with thinsulate it is an 8t in camel. email if interested $110 shipped- marymoo86 at live dot com

    2. I think the tall would be too-tall on me- I'm only 5'5".... thanks though!!

  27. Downtown Field Jacket (Black or the Moss Green/Brown) in a size XS

    Thank you!

  28. I am looking for:
    J Crew Leopord perfect shirt in an 8 or 10
    J Crew shirt in chambray - M
    J crew gondola strip short sleeve - not sure the size but a M or 8/10

  29. Madewell ombre circle scarf

    condupuy at verizon dot net

  30. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Caribbean Tweed in a 4 (preferred) or 6.



  31. Hi Ladies,

    I am seeking to find the Tippi Cardigan in Succulent Green in a size Small from earlier this year.


    crose424 at yahoo dot com


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