Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sneak Peek: What's to Come this Summer {thanks Slastena & AppGal!}

A big "thanks!" to Slastena (check out her "A Little Sneak Peek- what's to come in May" post from her {amazing} About All and Nothing at All blog), as well as AppGal (check out her "J.Crew Spring preview: No. 2 pencil skirt in Seersucker" post from her {amazing} Musings on the Mountain blog), who shared some more sneak peeks with us. {yey!}

There is a little something for everyone in this batch of photos! Just click on any of the images to view them larger.

From what I can see, the dress looks super cute! I am loving all the feminine details on the otherwise simple dress. I am also loving the striped bow top on the first image. It would look great in any season!

Lastly, fellow JCAs are reporting that the latest batch of new arrivals should be coming this week. How exciting! :)

What are your thoughts? Has your opinion on the upcoming line changed? Are you looking forward to the upcoming new arrivals?


  1. The eyelet dress is priced at $158 and as we all know by now, it is purple, NOT blue. Loved the pencil skirt, of course, and the striped silk top.

  2. The skirt is $118 and offered in the navy stripes.

    The striped tie blouse is only available on the one color in stripes, $118. There will also be a floral design for $118. And there will also be solid kelly green & brilliant purple, $98. At least that's what my ps told me.

  3. I thought this was interesting: Attuzarra for J.Crew preview

  4. I love the skirt but I'm not sure I want to pay that much for a cotton skirt.

  5. I have last year version of the skirt (the one in the picture with the chambray shirt) but I looove the striped top. Must see, I hope that it is nicely fitted and not shapeless.

  6. Bindi, thanks for that sneak peek. I like all those pieces! Wonder what pricing will be like.

  7. Even though I bought some sale items the other day, nothing at all is wowing me at JC. I don't know if I've finally burned out or what, but I've turned elsewhere (just discovered Zoe Karssen tees- omg!)...All this crazy color and inflated prices...I really miss past seasons and sometimes flip longingly through my August 2010 catalog. I LOVED all of that military/desert chic.

  8. My PS provided the same photos and the info mentioned by Gigi above. I did not get a seersucker skirt last year, so I did pre-order this one, as well as the silk bow top in the "purple" color. I figured it'd be great to check them out in person (never know what will def. be in the stores) and am looking forward to their arrival!

  9. Love the stripe bow-tie top, but it looks like finding the right bra could be a challenge if you can't easily wear strapless (moi). That eyelet dress will be perfect for me for work as long as the waistline isn't too high.


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