Tuesday, April 10, 2012

J.Crew of Season's Past: {a look in the closet}

It's that time again, to take a look at an image of J.Crew pieces from seasons past! As caribbelle (in this post) so beautifully termed, "ye olde j crew of yore".
This post features the Gayle Ruffle Trench (item 90815; $198.00). The bright flame outerwear is a show-stopper, but what I really love is the whole image! This came from one of J.Crew's destination catalogs (Rome, Italy in February 2008). Simply gorgeous!

What are your thoughts on the look(s)/item(s) from the past? Do you find the look(s)/item(s) classic or do you think they are dated?


  1. I think you could totally pull off this coat today! The ruffle is my favorite feature!

  2. I have the Gayle ruffle trench in bright lemon and adore it. Brightens up the dreariest foggy overcast days!

  3. I love these images. Classic, gorgeous girl wearing very little make up and a big smile, charming Europeans while wearing J Crew’s part preppy/part elegant/part whimsical style.
    At the time this catalog came out, the J Crew brand was still synonymous with quality, so seeing these images that told a story and transported you to amazing locations with great art direction and photography (something that Vogue magazine has done incredibly forever and I’m guessing J Crew was influenced by) plus having the confidence that you were buying lasting quality was appealing. Back then, I never thought of J Crew as just a mall store because of this unique formula which they abandoned circa 2009. I do appreciate that they have been bringing back their classic styling these past two seasons, but I can’t get beyond J Crew's unpredictable quality issues. Alexis, I hope that J Crew executives are reading your blog and noticing that their loyal clients still expect quality if we are to continue buying their fashion image.

  4. I had that trench, but sold it to another JCA. I couldn't get over the 3/4 sleeves. When is that good to wear? It seems everyone else didn't have a problem with it though.

  5. I enjoy looking at these catalog images since I toss my old catalog as soon as the new one arrives.

    I am not a fan of the trench though, the ruffle "lapels" and 3/4 sleeves make it look like a bathrobe IMO.

  6. Love these photos. What I love about these 'vintage' flashbacks is that they make me want to be that girl in the photos. I don't relate to a lot of the current looks in quite the same way. These pictures give me a feeling.

  7. I still have this catalog.. it's one of my all-time favourites. The styling was amazing back then.. it's been all downhill since then.


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