Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J.Crew Store Opening Soon in Vancouver {Canada!}

A big "thanks!" to Rose (of the fantastic "1 More Shopping Blog" blog) who shared the following news with us:
Vancouver JCAs, the Robson store will be opening on April 25. YAY!
For those JCAs in Canada, mark you calendars!

What are your thoughts on this latest locations for a store opening? Do you think you be stopping by?


  1. Thanks for the link love, Alexis!

    Of course I am excited about the store opening, even though I won't be in town when it happens.

  2. I got the card in the mail too, so excited that we are FINALLY getting a store on the west coast. Will be interesting to see what the pricing/promos will be like. Many locals head to the Seattle area for shopping regularly, and are very sensitive to the US/Canada pricing discrepancies. The store manager will have to be on his/her toes. Will brave the crowds next Wednesday after work to check out the new store, and report back!

  3. And apologies for being threadhog, spotted on CTV evening news last night, Tamara Taggert wore the Cropped Fray Jacket and Natasha top (in dot). She looked super cute. Guess we'll be celeb-spotting at the new store ;)

  4. Shoot! I'm heading to Vancouver this weekend, but the store doesn't open until next week. Looks like I'll have to plan a shopping excursion...:)

  5. Exciting to have another Canadian store. We'll be out in Vancouver for a wedding early this summer so will definitely stop in to the store and other shops on Robson. I love that it's not in a mall!

  6. Our new Nashville-area store (in Franklin) is opening next week, too. Exciting! I was wondering what kind of 'grand opening' promo they might offer; got an e-mail yesterday that on opening day they will offer a 'special gift with your purchase of $250 or more.' Sounds a little steep to me... Interestingly enough, the terms and conditions make it sound as though it might be a discount, but who knows? It will be our first store in the area to offer Crewcuts, which will be nice. I'm going to try and go on the first day...

    1. Wendy: congrats on your new store! The card I received in the mail says "gift with purchase of $300 or more" :P I recall from reading comments here that the special gift could be a shopping tote, or a little accessory. I'm keeping my expectations limited, haha.


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