Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madewell is Expanding & Going to College

There is a great article over at Jezebel (click here to read in its entirety) about Madewell's future plans:
J.Crew Has Big Plans for Madewell
April 13, 2012

The folks at J.Crew say that little sister brand Madewell is all grown up and ready to move out. "Starting a company like this, where there is a commitment to fashion, quality and design, is not an easy process," says C.E.O. Mickey Drexler. "We weren't ready to take a more ambitious stand until we felt confident. It takes longer [with a fashion brand] than perhaps going into a discount or price-oriented business." The company has big plans for expansion: it says Madewell's retail square footage, which grew up 50% from 2010-2011, will jump by another 30% this year, and the pace of store openings will increase.

J.Crew is also sending Madewell off to college — literally. This summer, a big Madewell-branded Airstream trailer will be winding its way across the U.S., hitting college towns like Lawrence, Kansas, to spread the word about the brand among women aged 20-35. Analysts put the brand's performance at around $100 million in sales this year, and say that it is profitable. J.Crew wouldn't comment.
I have to say, Madewell is really improving their line. Initially I did not care for the brand too much, but now I am catch myself checking them out!

I think the Madewell Denim Roadtrip bus is a neat idea too. They are supposedly offering a styling station, hair braiding bar (aw yeah!), and a secret deal to all customers who show up.

What are your thoughts on Madewell? Are you excited to hear about their expansion plans? Will you be checking their bus out when it travels to your town?


  1. I can't imagine what college student could afford this brand!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. But my nieces shop at Anthro when they go hone to mom-lol! So there is totally money in that market.

    2. Exactly, Christy. Their stuff is not cheap, even if it's better quality than J. Crew's.

  2. Occassionally I find some beautiful pieces there but overall, Madewell's style just isn't my cup of tea.

  3. I love Madewell and hope they expand I to Canada too.

  4. I've been checking their site more and more. I've had some really good luck with shoes lately. And there are some dresses I want to try. I like their denim too (i need a 32 inseam so I like that I have that option) but I wish they didn't raise their prices on them.

  5. I wish I still lived in DC so that I could have checked out the trailer when they hit up GW the other day. Sounds like fun :)

    My little Madewell collection has been increasing a lot in the past year, especially where casual clothes are concerned. Their jeans and tees are great, and I've been stopped on the street by strangers who complimented me on my Whistlestop sandals twice in the last week. J.Crew is still my go-to for work appropriate clothes, though they really need to cut it out with the doll-baby dresses already.

  6. I hope that Madewell makes its way to Canada like it's big sister!!!

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