Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Heads Up: JCrewAficionada on eBay {still not me}

Last week I posted in the ""Quick Heads Up: JCrewAficionada on eBay {not really}" post that there is an eBay seller named "jcrewaficionada" that is not me. I want to reiterate this point:
The "jcrewaficionada" Seller on eBay is not me.

I have never sold anything through the use of the J.Crew Aficionada name or blog (so if you were under the impression you purchased something directly from me, unfortunately you did not).

So why all the posts about this now? The "jcrewaficionada" Seller turned off the setting for Buyers to contact her through eBay Messages. As a result, I have been receiving more and more direct emails from potential Buyers with questions about those listings. (Even after the initial post.)

I completely understand the confusion among the Buyers of eBay. Which is why I contacted the Seller, who kindly let me know that she will be slightly modifying the screen name as soon as she can.

Until then, I hope this second post can clarify the situation and avoid any more misunderstandings among eBay buyers. :)


  1. Gosh, how annoying for you to deal with questions that don't belong to you (as if you have the time)! That's kind of weird she turned off means of communicating through eBay since that's where she's conducting business, wondering what the motivation is. Hope the confusion about your identity is cleared up quickly, and correctly, for you, Alexis!

  2. This is INCREDIBLE timing! I had just logged on to to the site to directly contact you about a pair of toothpick jeans that I thought you'd listed on ebay. LOL! Thanks for the info; this is very good to know. Sorry for all the trouble this must be causing you!

  3. Alexis, you're being quite understanding about the ebay thing. She should change the name immediately, not as soon as she can, and it should be changed more than just slightly. She is using this blog, and your name/hard work, to turn a profit. She says somewhere in her profile that she isn't affiliated, but you have to click around to see it. Clearly people still think she's you, and clearly she designed it that way by choosing that name. You're being a lot more friendly than I would be, that's for sure :P I hope you get this cleared up soon!

  4. How annoying! Like having someone else's old cell phone number or something. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  5. It's got to be frustrating Alexis, you should contact ebay and see if they can impose on her to change the name. Seriously.

    I bought something from a seller who didn't allow contact via ebay and it was annoying a week later, when I wanted to inquire whether the thing had shipped. I had to go through ebay to get a telephone number (you can only do this if you have a completed transaction) and call them but I did it and also told them they should allow contact via ebay.

  6. Ugh, this is just awful. She should change it immediately.. there is nothing stopping anyone from immediately changing their eBay name, unless they have recently changed it. But this person has been around for a while so... that's no excuse.

    Also, sellers should not be able to prevent contact from other members... that just seems wrong to me!

  7. I agree, I had no idea it was even possible to not contact a seller via email until about a week ago when I had a question about an auction and realized I couldn't locate the 'contact seller' link anywhere in the auction! I was surprised, and I figured it was a fluke. I'll be the first to admit that I get annoyed by people asking me to do things like measure sleeve length (!?) and such, but I would never opt to not let people ask questions. Weird.

  8. Thanks everyone for the words of support and advice. It is an annoying situation all around- not just for me, but for the Buyers (who I do feel bad for, because they have some legitimate questions).

    The eBay Seller was nice in the email and said she will change her screenname but eBay was currently blocking edits until mid-February. So I am hoping in a few weeks this will be resolved. :)

  9. Be weary of 'niceness' from folks you do not know well (especially after the Anthro fiasco). Take the suggestion here and contact Ebay directly to see if this situation can be resolved ASAP (really, if the seller was being 'nice' they would have done so already).

    And posts like this one get buried. Maybe put something in your sidebar?

  10. Alexis: Ebay is not blocking edits. I looked at her profile - she changed her name to jcrewaficionada on Jan 10, and because ebay requires you to wait 30 days before changing your name again, she has to wait til Feb 10. If she (or you) contacted ebay and explained that she was infringing on someone else's trademark, ebay would let her change it.

    In the meantime, she is racking up sales because people think she's you. I hope she doesn't do anything else dishonest (besides misleading customers into thinking she is someone they "know"), and that if she does, you don't roped into it. Mostly I feel bad for the buyers who think they are dealing with you, but aren't. I don't think it's a coincidence that you can't contact her through ebay. What a shady practice!

  11. Lolo: That is a good suggestion! I did add a title/link to the side bar about this. :)

    pretty addicted: Thanks for looking into it! I will definitely check with eBay. :)

  12. Hey Alexis, did I see it right on eBay that as of Feb 12 the ID changed to jcrewaholic? I sure hope so.

    1. Hi Catherine- I noticed that she changed her screen name too. Very grateful that she did it- very nice of her. :)

  13. That is so bad. I am from India and I keep finding deals where they ship to India. And i love J.crew jewels. And all this while i thought the J.cre stuff sold on ebay was original and authenticated :(

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