Monday, January 9, 2012

Sought & Found: Did you visit J.Crew this {past} Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopped by a J.Crew store this past weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the FALL sale, or to see some new FALL/WINTER arrivals {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store was/ is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. Looks like they are offering 30% off final sale online with the code WINTER.

    Not super exciting in my eyes, I was hoping for more. Nothing stands out as an amazing deal to me.

  2. I have insomnia tonight... so I took advantage of the 30% promo to buy the burnt sienna Quoddy shearling-lined ring boots in suede. I've been looking at them for months and the final sale price plus additional 30% combined with the American Express and Mastercard gift cards I received from holiday promos brought the price down to a level I can rationalize. I hope they fit because they're FINAL SALE.

  3. Does anyone know if the stores are still offering 40% off this week? Also, I am looking for the Newstand Tote in Leopard Suede. I know it is still available online, but I prefer to pay the in-store price...please let me know if you have seen it in a B&M. TIA! :)

  4. I visited my local B&M store on Saturday to just see what new arrivals they had. Well, they didn't even have the January catalog yet. They had that adorable striped full blue skirt on a mannequin but none in stock. When I asked, my SA said they had only received the one on display in a size "0". When I asked if they had any of the new Jackie Pullover --- she looked utterly confused and said, "you mean the Tippie?" I quickly said, "No, I already have one of the new sweaters ordered online before New Year's." Completely clueless. It's nice to see that the JCREW shoppers, the die-hards, are more in the KNOW than their own SAs at the B&M stores. She had no idea what they even looked like and this SA has been with this store for years!
    I left with the orange winter sweater at 40% off and the new striped orange and blue long sleeve tee (not on sale) but so cute on.

    I'll be ordering the skirt online and using my GC from Christmas.

  5. Shariyu-

    It is so frustrating / embarrassing when you know more about Jcrew's offering and policies than the employees right!

    I would think it would be really easy for them to be up to speed, a quick 10 min flip through the most recent catalog?

    Oh well, I guess that is just the way the world turns.

  6. The store felt empty and a little sad. That's pretty much how the new catalog made me feel, too. Even my boyfriend asked me what was wrong when he saw both of my copies in the recycle bin. It's kind of nice to have a break, though. I'll be ready for a good rollout when it hits!

  7. Erin that is funny my j crew catalogs from the past 2 years have mostly ended up in the recycling bin. I still have catalogs from 2004 all the way up through fall 2008


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