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Product Review: Edie Tote

Edie Tote
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J.Crew describes this gorgeous bag as follows:
This season we're trading our usual slouchy styles for clean-edged, ladylike carryalls that polish and pull together whatever we're wearing. Crafted in a new leather developed exclusively for us (we love the smooth matte finish and structured feel), with a vintage-inspired turnlock and top zip, so everything's safe—and sleek—on the go. An interior front-wall patch pocket and a back-wall zip pocket keep pencils, cell phone and keys organized. Perfectly sized to fit a standard laptop, it's the one we're wearing to work and beyond. Brass-finish hardware. Exterior flap pocket with turnlock closure. Cotton twill lining. Import. 5" handle drop. 16"H x 14 1/2"W x 3 1/4"D.
A big "thanks!" to ER, who shared her review of this must-have bag:
...I purchased the tote in black. This purse is definitely a investment piece and the JCrew design team did a amazing job on the execution, style and function of this tote. What I enjoy about this tote is that it works for the student and the corporate professional. It's large enough to hold a 13" laptop and can hold a lightweight jacket or cardigan.
I took a trip to San Francisco and tested it out during my day of leisure. What I discovered is that:
  • It's a very light bag and doesn't get heavy even after I stuffed my scarf and camera in the bag
  • The shape of the bag contours with your body and when you walk it doesn't jet out in a annoying fashion
  • There are 3 inside pockets and one has a zipper and makes putting your cell phone and keys in a secure fashion without fishing for them at the bottom of the bag
  • The leather is like butter!!! I found myself touching this bag throughout my adventures in the city and complementing myself on what a great purchase I made
  • The hardware on the purse is not over the top and actually elevates the bag
  • The large outside pocket is pure genius!!! If you are a commuter and have to ride public transit you can put your transit pass in this pocket and it will be secure. There is no need to keep going inside your bag to fish out your transit pass.
  • The double zipper closure at the top of the bag is great!!!! It gives you a sense of security and I tend to keep my ipod in the zip pocket inside the bag and keep the bag partially unzipped in order to have my ipods earplugs available so I can listen to music while walking.
In conclusion, if you do not own the Edie Tote I suggest you go out and purchase this as soon as possible. I've decided I'm going to purchase the flame color. I was a bit hesitant at first due to the fact I work for Target, but I'm not letting that stop me due to it being such a great bag. If you are hesitant to purchase this based on the price think of it as paying for itself with constant use over time.
"Thanks!" again to ER for her great review of this tote!

What are your thoughts on the Edie Tote? Do you own this bag? Have you tried it on at a store? Do you like this style? If so, please share with us your review. :)


  1. Excellent review ER! It's a gorgeous bag. It was practically the length of my torso. I looked ridiculous with it, so I had to pass. Same for the Biennial. Too big & heavy. It looked like luggage. I'm 5'2" The red is beautiful on both, btw. Hopefully we'll get another great, smaller (not Edie small) in the same shade.

  2. I saw this bag in the store in the black colour and the handles are too short for me to be able to wear on my shoulder, so I passed.

    Instead I went for the Biennial. The first one I sent back because it had a stitching defect. The second one was not much better. After only 4 wears, the stuffing inside the handle started falling out. It also sagged really badly and looked out of shape. It only looks pretty in those catalog pics because it is stuffed with paper.

  3. That is an interesting tote! I like the red color and top handles. However, I'm not really a fan of North-South (long lengthwise bags)

    Thanks for the review though! Very thorough and interesting!


  4. I really like this tote and would probably consider it if I needed something similar for travel and my laptop. It's great that it's lightweight too. Some of JC's bigger bags are heavy even without anything in them!

    I have pictures of the small Edie purse here in the sagebrush color if anyone is interested. The leather IS very nice on the Edie bags.

  5. Big fan of JCrew retro canvas print totes and own abt 12 of them for spring/summer. I don't carry leather bags for the most part. Just too heavy for me anymore.

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  7. Great review! I'm glad to hear the quality of leather is better or improving. I have been really turned off by their handbags b/c of poor quality. I would also like to see hobos/totes that are not so gi-normous.

  8. Great review ER! I also own this bag (in red) and love the modern, minamalist shape and leather. The short handle length has proved to be a bit limiting as I can't wear it over the shoulder with a coat or bulky sweater. I am wondering how sturdy the leather is with the weight of a laptop inside and if it stretches and looses its shape? Thanks for the great ideas on how to use it!

  9. Pretty pretty pretty But too structured and too rectangular for me. I need a shoulder bag, not a handbag. Must have hands free to peruse the racks! :)

  10. I liked this bag too, but also passed because the handles are too short to wear on my shoulder. Too impractical for that reason. I am having this problem with a lot of new bag styles from many retailers and haven't bought a new bag in a while.

  11. It's really lovely, but the size is a bit overwhelming. I don't think I could pull it off.

  12. Yeah, my concern is the size. I'm 5'4" and I feel it would overwhelm me. Plus, I'm worried I'd have trouble keeping the straps on over my winter coat. But at first, I really wanted it bc it looked so gorgeous.

  13. Love the color, but the handles are ridiculously short. Too impractical for me.

  14. i just came across your blog and i love it!! i also love your review on this tote, i have been looking for a good, quality tote for awhile and this is oh so helpful, so thank you! happy blogging!


  15. If anyone is looking for a classic & heavy-duty leather tote, I recommend Madewell's Transport tote. I have the kilt red & I've been using it practically everyday since fall. It's professional looking for someone like me who carries everything but the kitchen sink. It's still full price at $148but worth keeping an eye on if there's a sale.

  16. I tried the black one on in store over my winter coat. I was okay with the size on my 5'4" frame because I would use it to lug textbooks or a laptop. The leather is very good quality and the bag has a lot of function in the design, but I could barely get the handles up to the top of my sleeve. Definitely try it first if you intend to wear it on the shoulder, as the handles were not generous enough for me.

  17. Rose, I really disagree about the Biennial bag. I got one asap and have used it every single day since early November. I'm a full-time professional and a grad student, so I need a big, stylish bag and I got tired of carrying around a purse and a tote. The Biennial really fits my needs and I have found the quality to be exceptionally good. Also, I've received so many compliments on it I lost count. The Edie tote to me is not as attractive, although I certainly appreciate the thorough review.

  18. In the third photo the model looks like she's Tebowing... sorry, had to say it :)

  19. I bought this bag back when it first came out. Then husband bought me an orange Coach that I'm in love with. The Edie is still in my closet-wrapped from shipping. I keep thinking I need to switch bags and I think you've inspired me to do so-tonight.

  20. Marie -- I just ordered that tote from Madewell after stalking it for weeks. Glad to see your positive review of it...I love how it looks and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it.


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