Saturday, January 21, 2012

J.Crew Email: It's great to be a Cardmember

"Thanks!" to Chanie and Yossi, as well as GigiofCa (in this post), who shared the following email from J.Crew.

The email reminds current card members all the benefits of being a J.Crew credit card holder. They listed the usual perks like the rewards card. However, the "and that's just the beginning" line left me wondering what more was left out. Is there anything else J.Crew offers card members that was missed in the email?

(Honestly, J.Crew should have included a little one-time promotion with the email.)

What are your thoughts on the email? Do you think the perks are decent enough to sign up? If you are a current card holder, would you recommend signing up for other JCAs?


  1. I don't think that J. CREW offers MUCH of anything for having their card--it definately benefits them more than the cardholder!!!
    That said I JUST LOVE THE OUTFIT IN THE AD!!! Shorts are sooooo purdy! :)

  2. How about free shipping for card members. That is a perk I would jump at.

  3. I dislike these emails. Unless I am REALLY missing something after 20 years as a cardholder, there isn't much of a benefit and certainly not enough to be hawking it like that.

  4. Free shipping should offered to card holders. That being said, Chicos has a wonderful customer rewards program that generously rewards its most loyal customers. And you don't even have to open a credit card!. J Crew needs to revamp its loyalty program and start without requiring one to be a cardholder. Just my 2 cents.....

  5. I agree with the others - I think J. Crew's credit card/loyalty program is one of the worst out there. And I also really dislike these emails. They just clutter up my inbox and provide me nothing of value.

  6. I don't see any point to being a JC cardholder (and I've been one for eight years.) I think they should offer free shipping no minimum. Compare them with the Gap and their constant promos for cardholders; JCrew is clearly the inferior offer. Certainly nothing worth touting in fancy emails.

    Here's what I would offer:
    Shopping events, like trunk shows, at the beginning of each season at *every* store.
    Early or late store hours during the holidays (e.g., every Saturday in December) for cardholders only
    Electronically submit "holds" at your store (or pre buy) so when you get there the merchandise is waiting for you. I feel like whenever I call my store they are too busy to check a size for me, or it takes them so long I die of boredom on the phone.
    A birthday discount or gift every year

    Offer some of those things, THEN you have a cardholder rewards program worth bragging about!

  7. I agree with everyone else...I would definitely sign on for this card if there was a free online shipping benefit (similar to what my Gapcard offers). Without that incentive, however, I don't need it taking up space in my wallet.

  8. I was hoping for a free ship no minimum with this email. I searched and there was none:( Quickly deleted and did not even read the message as I know "the so called perks" are still the same after all these years!

    I love my Talbots black card as there are free shipping perks all the time!

  9. I agree with all of the posts. I have to say that Talbots has become very competitive. I have the Talbots black and now always free shipping plus right now no matter what card you hold on all sale you get an additional 5% off! J Crew gives you nothing for holding their card. Just distressing

  10. I agree, they should offer us free shipping!

    The thing that really drives me nuts is the expiration dates on the rewards cards. By the time we get them, we only have a month or two to use them. I'm a card member at Bloomingdale's and our rewards don't expire for a year or so. I always feel under pressure to use the J.Crew rewards right away!

  11. So far the JC card has been useful for me because it is easier to do a charge/send if you have an account.

    Also the rewards card is generous, if you do the math. It could be better by not having the $500 min. to get it. JM2cents.

    But truly, when I saw the e-mail, I really thought there was a little perk in there for me.

  12. I respectfully disagree that the rewards card is generous. $25 for every $500 is 5%. No chance for changing that in any way, plus there is a short, fixed period in which you can use the reward. Almost like they're goinf to take it back if you don't spend it fast enough. In contrast, other retailers tally up rewards on a point system. It's usually a point earned for every dollar spent. What's great about that is rewards can be earned faster because there are opportunities to double or triple points when shopping during certain periods. In addition to their credit card, Talbots offers a Classic Awards red card. It allows shoppers to earn points regardless of the payment tender. Sounds similar to the Chico's program. *That's* rewarding loyalty. I definitely don't spend thousands of dollars at Talbots, but I manage to earn $25 rewards every so often with the red, non-credit card.

    Given JC's computer system and registers, I cannot see being able to go online to put things on hold or pay and pickup without talking to someone. If they don't have time to take calls I don't see where they will find time to look at the computer & process the order.

    J Crew really, really needs to at least offer free shipping for cardholders. If they don't want to do it everyday, they should at least do it on promos. So if they have a 30% off final sale promo, cardholders should get free shipping no minimum. It just seems odd that they're stuck on charging shipping and tax on shipping (yes, there is tax on shipping) and not adapting as other retailers have.

  13. Gigi-AMEN SISTA!!!!
    Tiffany--Chico's is FANTASTIC with their points/rewards program--I totally agree! LUVE CHICO'S!!!

  14. I really needed that laugh! I've had the card for 6 years and can't think of "all" the benefits.

    P.S. word verification = pales
    as in the JC card pales in comparison, lol

  15. I don't usually read those emails since I've become accustomed to them simply restating the same benefits of which I'm already aware. You know that one of these days I'm going to delete one that actually has a code in it or something useful!


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