Wednesday, January 11, 2012

J.Crew + Laundress Has Got Your Back {quick cleaning tips}

Every once in awhile, J.Crew's 770 blog offers really interesting insight into their inner workings. Their "Holiday Helper: The Laundress" post is one of them:
using the festive activities from this month’s Looks We Love as inspiration, the ladies behind The Laundress New York® reveal their tried-and-true tips for solving those uh-oh moments this holiday…

1. Makeup: “Blush on your shoulder? Lipstick on the collar? (Too much mistletoe!) No worries—apply The Laundress New York for J.Crew collars & cuffs stain bar and work the stain out with a little water.”

2. Mud and dirt: “Don’t worry about mud on your heels when dashing from store to store. Touch up patent leather with a spray and a wipe of The Laundress Glass and Mirror Cleaner to clean and shine!”

3. Tree sap: “Trimming the tree? Rub the tree sap with an ice cube and then gently scrape off the excess sap. Apply The Laundress New York for J.Crew collars & cuffs stain bar and launder at home.”

4. Static cling: “Don’t be embarrassed. Just spray The Laundress Static Solution in between your stockings and clothes and the static will be gone. Forgot your spray? Just wet your hands and wipe between the layers.”

5. Candle wax: “Too close to the flame? Hot wax can be cleaned off quickly with a blow dryer or a hand dryer. Solid wax should be ironed with a cloth between the fabric and the iron. As soon as you’re home, pretreat with The Laundress Stain Solution and launder with The Laundress Detergent in your machine.”

6. Greasy dips and dressings: “Ask your host or hostess for table salt, cornstarch or baby powder to lift up the stain. Treat further after the party with The Laundress Stain Solution at home.”

Want even more tips for staying spotless this season? Check out The Laundress’s ultimate cashmere care guide here.

(special thanks to Lindsey and Gwen of The Laundress)
What a clever post! Although, I could use less of the product placement pushing and more on the common household items solutions. (It actually reminded me of when I spilled red wine all over my Samba Dress last Summer and Googled how to remove the stain with salt.) I would love to see more tips for other "uh-oh" moments.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew & Landress' cleaning tips? Do you have any tips to share for your "uh-oh" moments? Please share!


  1. Easy fix for static cling that doesn't involve a spray bottle: stick a dryer sheet in your purse or desk drawer and rub it over any static-y areas. Clothes, tights, more cling and you'll smell like a summer breeze, or whatever.

  2. The baby powder tip is one I've used countless times on JC items, most memorably the silk indigo floral skirt from '09 which I doused with oily salad dressing the first time I wore it and nothing else would lift the stain. That's really a terrific tip! Another great tip I learned working in retail years ago is that nothing gets out deodorant stains like a dry sponge. Not sure if everyone knows that already, but it really is like magic. :)

    I may need to throw in some of that collar cleaner when I place my next order. I got peachy lipgloss all over my double-cloth ingenue coat in sea salt and I can not for the life of me get rid of it completely. I'm very skeptical of dry cleaners after some recent poor experiences, so if I can fix the issue myself, I'll be one satisfied gal.

  3. Talcum powder works wonders on grease spots. Just leave on the stain for a day or so.

  4. Funny they don't address how to de-fuzz pilling Dream or Cashmere sweaters....

  5. Pansy,

    I always used a lightly damped white wash cloth to get out deoderant marks. I will try your idea next time. Any type of sponge in particular to use?

  6. (original) Genny, any type of dry sponge will work I think. Back when I worked retail, sometimes we would even use that spongey stuff that covers the hangers to keep the clothes from slipping off, and even that did the trick. HTH!

  7. Dara, I'm very interested in learning this magic fix! Can you please explain a little more? Do you rub the stain with a dry sponge? Does this require the stain to be very fresh, or does it work on a day old stain too?

    Thanks! Love these 'good housewives' tips!

  8. Ha, this is perfect timing. I have two small chocolate stains on the back bottom of my red stadium cloth trench coat. I tried using a damp towel and that may have made it worse.

    Looking desperately for advice as I really love this coat!!

  9. ClosetConundrum: Whenever I get chocolate on my clothes (and it happens more often than I care to), I immediately run to the kitchen sink and pour a little bit of dish-washing liquid onto a paper towel and run it under the faucet with cold water. Then I dab away at the stain. Usually dish-washing liquid is my go-to for most stains because it works so well on grease. I hope your coat can be saved! :)

  10. Sort of related... my son threw my new black brogue into the bath water and let it soak. Any advice? Do you think it will be good as new when it dries? I'm so nervous that the sole will come off or the leather will get funky!

    Laundress, help!

  11. I keep a box of corn starch in my office after an unfortunate mishap with a brand new Madewell silk blouse. It works wonders but I'm pretty sure my coworkers think it's a bit odd!

    Marisa, oh no!!! I'm laughing but at the same time cringing, because I know how much you love the brogues (I'm the one who sold them to you!)... I say stuff them with newspaper or paper towels and let them sit in a place away from any heat source. They should be ok once they dry and you give the leather a good polishing. If the sole gets weird, you could always have it replaced at a shoemaker, which shouldn't be too pricey. Good luck!

  12. Thanks Alexis - I am happy I am not the only one that gets chocolate on their clothes :)

  13. J.CrewJD Thanks again for the shoes, now soaked! It's taking forever for them to dry but the upper doesn't seem to be affected at all. It is very funny... I do things like that all the time... wear cashmere in the winter snotty nose months (for the kids not me), leave brand new shoes in the bathroom next to a curious toddler... you think i'd learn!

  14. In fact, your advice is really quite useful. I think that in this way, it will become much easier for many people to keep the ventilation in their house clean!


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