Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day for Extra 30% Off Final Sale & Free Shipping {for realz this time!}

Today is the last day to take 30% off any purchase from Final Sale {no minimum} and get free shipping {on $150+} with promo code EXTRA30.

I love this promotion! There were some a-m-a-z-i-n-g deals to be had if you visited the sale section at the right time and moved quickly. :) I do not think we will be seeing this type of promotion for awhile. {sniffle} So I am really happy that J.Crew decided to extend it through the end of this week.

On a related noted, Twiga (in this post) shared the news that the extra 30% off Final Sale in brick & mortar (B&M) stores will most likely end this Sunday too.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion today? Are there any sale items you are interested in getting?


  1. I was sorely tempted buy a few cashmere sweaters, but the negative JCA reviews of J.Crew's cashmere quality saved my wallet a few hundred dollars.

  2. No more Sale section for me. I have had a major "buyers remorse" weekend and ended up returning about $400 worth of stuff to my B & M yesterday. Does that happen to anyone else? I realized so much of it was DISPOSABLE, wouldn't last past one or two washings, thin fabric, too much chiffon and ruffles, too same-looking.

    On the positive side, it was so nice to see the new stock, refreshing colors! Still, I actually didn't buy anything because nothing felt that different from what I own. I think I can use what I have to pass for some of the new Spring looks that I like.

  3. I placed one order with the 30%. Reviews:

    I bit on last summer's linen-silk pleated jacket (14961, Collection) and thought it would be cute for spring. The color and style was very cute, but had a couple of execution 'errors' - it was completely unlined (for an original price of $350? Crazy!), and the backside had pleating that kind of bells out right above the butt (not flattering!). It wasn't marked FS - the only reason I took a chance on it - and will be returned.

    I was lucky to nab the wool flannel schoolboy blazer in pearl grey(18271) on Tuesday when it showed up on the website for about $40 (site error?) - it came to $32 after the discount. I know the schoolboy fit has been problematic for some JCA's but it actually worked out great for me. It fills the void for a light grey wool jacket in my wardrobe since the Maggie didn't quite work for me.

  4. Silver_Lining - kicking myself for not getting that schoolboy! I kept waiting for the site to update to see if there was anything else I might want. Lesson learned.

    If anyone receives it and it doesn't work out - I'll take your size 8 :)


  5. ruffles - I have buyers remorse like that all the time!!!! I blame it on the crewlade. Not this weekend but last I took back a boatload of stuff too, so I totally get it!

    That being said, I, like MaryMoo, have missed stuff in this dang final sale that I would still really like to find! Here's the list just in case:

    - Schoolboy blazer in redwood, sz 12
    - Kelsey cami in cinnamon spice, sz 12
    - Cashmere turtlenecks in size large, any of the bright colors like bright berry, hydrangea, vintage forest, etc.

    Thanks! I wish there had been a better sale update this morning!

  6. I'm being much more judicious in my purchases lately and the sale section simply didn't hold much appeal for me. I think I already picked up what I wanted on the last promo. I did buy one thing that didn't show up on the sale section but came up in a search. The burnished linen cropped trouser which was $39.99 down from $128.00. This is an amazing trouser, the cut and style are very nice and I think I'll wear the heck out of them all summer. I have something else from last year with this metallic finish and it wrinkles far less than other linen.

    I'm really focusing on new arrivals now and have a number sitting in my cart. I'm hoping there is another code good on full price items soon like there was last year.

  7. silver_lining: I also have the Schoolboy in Pearl Grey and absolutely love it. It looks great with so many different colors...definitely a highly versatile piece. Congrats on getting it! :)

  8. I really wanted to get a black gypsy rose cami, but even with extra 30, the stupid $8.50 shipping negates the discount. BOOOO. :-/

  9. kater,
    If it makes you feel any better I bought and returned the redwood schoolboy blazer. The color was really disappointing (to me) in person and the fit was just OK.

  10. Sequined Starland Tank (22401)

    If anyone has been lusting over this item since it first appeared, but you couldn't justify the price ($138) for something you're not sure how often you'd wear, you might be able to find a similar tank at your nearest TJ Maxx.

    I bought one on the clearance rack recently at a store in the Boston, MA area for $12.99 in the same beige with bronze/gold sequins, by Imaginary Voyage.

    Differences from the J.Crew version:

    - the fit is a snug and longer with a rounded bottom hem

    - the material is cotton, not silk

    - the sequins are square and all the same size, unlike J.Crew's, which boasts "shimmering sequins, all hand applied on a layer of silk chiffon and varying in size, shape and shade."

    Otherwise, it has the same effect as the gorgeous J.Crew version when worn as they style it - peaking out from under other layers - and it comes in beige, gray and black, three of the four colors J.Crew is currently offering with the new spring collection.

    I think it's a coincidental design as opposed to a knock-off, as these things are all designed around the same time in the fashion world, but who knows...

    I would post a picture but I'm not sure how, or if Alexis wants things like that on this blog.

  11. silverlining you got the Pearl Grey Schoolboy for $32.?! How in the world did I miss that? I would have pounced on that quickly. What a deal, congrats!!!

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  13. Please help a Crewlade-addled JCA:

    I am desperate for the floral print wool scarf. It rolled out this week and already is sold out; since it's not on the site any longer I don't even have an item #, but the color is called papaya.

    It shouldn't be confused with same item # in the watercolor potpourri print.

    I asked for a WWFIFY but in the past I've never even had a response from the searches (except the time when they told me they DIDN'T have the item and sent it weeks later).

    If you see it in a store, please let me know at hexicon at yahoo dot com. TIA!

  14. P.S. Bellevue Square had nada in the sale section. The racks were entirely empty.

  15. Just stopped by my local Crewlet and they had a lot of great items...

    Factory Outlet versions of the following...
    Francie Jacket
    Nolita Denim Jacket
    Military Jacket (Cement & Olive Drab) well as some great graphic tees and spring scarves.

    While it feels like the quality of the B&M J. Crew merch is taking a hit, the Factory Store offers me some good alternatives and better price points.

  16. I spent quite a bit during this promo and got some great deals for myself and DH. I picked up a pair of shearling gloves for my mother, too. I hope everything ships, some of the orders are taking an awfully long time it seems.

    I placed one last order today with the silk streamers cami, a couple of sale tees and the Neapolitan pencil skirt, which was FP of course but the total added up to FS. I just love how the skirt looked on VJinLA and the fabric is so pretty. Looking forward to a little injection of spring into my wardrobe.

    I noticed that I had an hour to cancel the order, is that longer than before? I thought it used to be only 20 mins or so, but have only used that feature once so I could be wrong.

    Overall some amazing deals indeed as Alexis stated but I think my wallet is happy that this promo is over today!

  17. Hexicon, i love the look of that scarf too. The item number is 23288.

  18. Thanks Cleo. I checked my three "local" stores and they never received it, so I think it was online-only and I'm out of luck, but maybe for once the WWFIFY will work :-)

  19. Hexicon,
    I went to my local store and they did not have that scarf on Friday. They checked two other stores for me and nada. Seems stores may not have gotten it??? Anyway, ran home and ordered it. I was shocked when I saw it had sold out by yesterday afternoon as I had just ordered it Sat. morning. Who would have thought it would have been so popular. I had a $50 rewards so I decided to use it on the scarf so as not to spend much $ and had not seen a single item I liked in the stores.

  20. This was a really good promo IMO. There seemed to be only one big restock that I saw but I found plenty to love. I bought a couple of the embossed cotton piazza dresses for $13.99 down from the original $88. I have one of these already and it is great for beach vacations so I was really happy to get a couple more. The embossed fabric is casual and doesn't show the wrinkles from packing.

    A few other things I picked up: shearling mocs, perfect tees, jersey Lomellina bikini, sherpa hoodie, pixie pant, floral paisley short and the cobalt blue puffer. A good mix of wear now, wear later stuff. Thinking of the recent article where the writer said J.Crew customers love their sales, they definitely have my love with this one.

  21. thank goodness i live in canada and can enjoy wearing cold weather clothing for a while longer :) from christmas through to this recent sales weekend, i've pulled the trigger on a bunch of good office basics... ruffly tees, jewelry, cozy sweaters, cardis and matching shells, plus classic shirts. work wardrobe rebuild is just about done... i can't imagine paying FP for anything these days, so thanks JCrew for the extra 30 off!

  22. WWFI found it! Fingers crossed.

  23. Hexicon,

    Yeah!!!! Let us know if you get it and what you think of it: pattern and quality.


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