Tuesday, January 20, 2009

J.Crew Sample Sale Has Arrived {yey!}

J.Crew's sample sale in NYC starts today... wahoo! They will be offering over 20,000 units, ranging from the Collection line to Wedding to Accessories. Each day, new and different merchandise will be added to the show room floor.

For those attending this {amazing} event, please share with us your experience. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the sample sale is carrying- that would be fantastic! (This information will help other Aficionadas and Aficionados determine whether to visit later in the week.) Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. Lucky, lucky JCAs who go...have fun and report back!

  2. I am attending the sale tomorrow and will report back!

  3. With the inauguration and all --the real "event" of the season -- how much of a log jam do you reckon they'll be between 9 - Noon?

  4. I am not getting my hopes up for the sale. I don't think it is going to be that great. I mean stores have had high%'s off and there were really good online deals. Plus, I can't use my educator's discount. I have decided at the last minute not to go unless I hear the deals are really that great. I have been to these (JCrew) in the past and the prices were just OK. Good luck to those of you who go.

  5. Anyone who wants...report back on men's stuff...OK?

  6. can't wait to hear about what kind of things are at the sample sale!

  7. Heading there this morning-- if anyone sees a chick with a red cashmere crewneck sweater and jeans-- that is me, say "HI".... Will report back on what is there.

  8. I am feeling pretty sick today but I'm going to try to swing by. I'll report back on what I see!

  9. I'm very curious to hear reports of the sale. I work around the corner from there but I assume the lines are going to be huge so I'm going to wait and see -- I'm sure they'll be posting about it on racked. I've been to lots of sample sales at that location and it can get kind of insane. Good luck to those who are braving it!

  10. I was going to go today... but I decided I would rather take the time not doing work to watch innauguaration. That and I get paid tomorrow... I would rather be paid first and then spend $... I also don't think the deals will be too fabulous, though maybe. I am interested to hear what others say. I also work on the UES... so it is a hike for me to get to mid-town/west

  11. Jeff:
    How bad is it? Are you reporting from the sceen?

  12. Please, bring something cute in P0 or size 0!!!

  13. I can't wait to hear reports!!!

  14. Racked.com is liveblogging the sale so take a look! Am debating whether to go over lunch or brave the after-work crowds!

  15. man I wish we had visuals! lol. I was going today but thank God I'm home watching CNN...

  16. Any news on how long the line is?
    I was thinking of heading over there around 11:30...

  17. And we wait with baited breath....

  18. walked by at 10 & the line was reached to that language school. didn't see many guys in the line so i may head back there in an hour or 2.

  19. racked.com has a report - all the women's is size 6! boo!


  20. It's interesting that they are selling leather bags at $80 (or is it $89?). That is pretty steep for sample sale. I was expecting $40-50 range.

    But probably still worth a visit sometime later this week.

  21. I'm in line now, it stretches half the block but everyone leaving says its well worth the wait.

  22. I'd be awfully disappointed if I waited on the line for an hour only to get inside and see that the womens pieces are ALL size 6. How did that happen??

  23. I am in the Philly area, and I was considering taking the day off to go to the sample sale. Seeing the size selection (or lack thereof) and the prices, I am glad I didn't do it! It seems like the sort of thing that might be worth investigating if you are in the area, but I would have been angry if I had gone through the trouble to get there.

  24. Which is worse, being able to go and the sale not having anything in your size or everything being your size and not be able to gone. Bummer either way.

  25. womens size 6 must be the production sample size that jcrew uses. every designer/brand uses a size that are used to make all samples; for most it's a size 4 or S, but jcrew's must be size 6.

  26. Figures. They have my size and I'm stuck in Chicago. But I know my wallet thanks me. :)

    Good luck to everyone that makes it out!

  27. Isn't J.Crew's size 6 every other retailers size 8? It seems to me that they are one size under most other clothing lines.

  28. It seems from the racked.com article that you can get a better deal shopping the instore/online sales, especially with the extra percentage off, than buying at the sample sale. Although it would be quite the rush to be there!

  29. Last J. Crew sample sale I went to, all the samples were size 8. However, in the past year, I believe J. Crew's vanity sizing has really gotten out of hand, so that may account for the samples being siz 6 now.

    I'm not surprised that the prices aren't that amazing due the all the publicity and the location, although the prices probably will get better throughout the week.

  30. Yeah, I'm in the building. I'll be uploading pictures when I'm home. For people wondering about sizes, there are plenty of 6s & 8s. Size 0s & 2s are also available. As for prices I'd say theyre fair. A mix of samples & inventory dating back to 07 are available. Collection pieces are also available, they're organized in a separate wall. I'll post more later .

  31. Oh, as for menswear, there's practically no smalls. As for pants & shorts, there are size 32s & 34s.

  32. Just got back from the sample sale. Hopped on the line at 9:55 and got in around 10:55. Lots of racks of clothing, not organized by any particular size. Lots of cashmere sweaters, but at $60, not exactly a steal. I've seen better prices in some of the JCrew final sales. Nice leather belts for men and women were only $10 and hats and gloves were $8. T-shirts were $10. Sadly, they only had two boxes of shoes (nothing good) for $30/pair. Special occasion dresses are $99, regular dresses are $60.

    They do have a couple racks of wedding dresses priced around $300. As Racked said, size 6 is pretty much the standard, and there are lots of Smalls and Mediums.

    If people are thinking of heading out now, I might wait until tomorrow. The line is insane and they only let one person in as one comes out. They're adding new stuff constantly (even while I was there) and they have a big room in the back full on inventory.

  33. Were there any petite sizes?

    Anon 12:34pm Thanks for the timely reporting. How didya end up making out?

  34. There is someone on FLICKR that has picks taken from the sample sale. Lineblogging here
    inside photos here

  35. Got on line at 10:14. Waited outside in the freezing cold for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once inside, I was sorely disappointed.

    Like the above commenter mentions, the "discounts" are not impressive at all. $30 for a cotton/ wool sweater. $60 for a cashmere sweater. $60 for casual dresses. $99 for special occasion dresses. The few bridal dresses are priced from $199 - 399.

    There were NO shoes and NO shoes. and NO DRESSING ROOM and NO MIRROR! :-(

    I did end up leaving with a $10 belt. But I wasted 3 hours this morning, including subway rides and a 1+ hour wait outside in the freezing cold. I don't recommend going to the sample sale at all. It wasn't worth it, imo.

  36. thank god I didn't skip a witness to a historical moment for this overhyped money-drain nonsense.

  37. Hahaha, I am totally in one of the Racked shots. Way in the back though. Long post ahoy. Here's the summary: yes, mostly size 6s and yes mostly things with SAMPLE written on them.

    My doctor's office is nearby so I stopped by. The line wasn't very long @ 9:30 but when I left it was down to the end of the block (and the block between 7th & 8th Aves is very loooong up there). I saw many inventory deliveries coming in while I was waiting, including a box labeled J.Crew fall/winter '05 (!) and one that said Madewell Fa '07.

    Inside you HAVE to check your coat and purse, unless your purse is very small. I heard the attendant say this is the first sale they have done this for and I say boo!

    In the sale itself, you walk past the cash registers, turn a corner and there's all the merch. A small selection of crewcuts on your right, and even smaller selection of J.Crew collection on your left. Lots of Duchamp Astor jackets, a couple of wedding dresses. Then you're in a large room, men's to your right and women's taking up 3/4 of the room to your left.

    They were still stocking inventory as I poked around. The room was crowded and there was some pushing but nothing too bad. On the right is a small accessories area with boxes of leather belts, hair accessories, bags, two boxes of shoes. Nothing caught my eye.

    The first racks are Madewell jeans (I saw waist sizes ranging from 26 to 31). The entire left wall and continuing around the back is blouses, tees and shirts. The middle racks are where the dresses, pants and sweaters are. Mostly sizes S, 6 and 8. Some factory store items (I think, two diamonds on the tag). Many items had tags but no sizes. And yes mostly everything has "SAMPLE" written on the garment in either pen or sharpie.

    If you are looking for a recent item from the production line I say skip this sale. I was kind of hoping to find either a rose tee or a carte de france tee and neither was anywhere to be found. Most of the items were 1 or 2 of a kind...so it goes with samples. But if you are looking for interesting pieces that never made it to the store, you will find plenty of fascinating items.

    That being said I came away with some goodies: a v-neck cashmere sweater in spearmint for $60, a katerina sample (brown polka dot) for $25 and 3 sample cardigans for $35/ea. I will post pictures later today. Some of the items even had tags with design notes, which was quite the kick!

  38. I saw a comment made on racked.com concerning the sample sale. Had I went only to find this out, I would have been furious.
    The commenter stated: "One frustrating thing is that a LOT of the sweaters and cashmere have the word SAMPLE written in black pen in huge letters on the inside... and the ink seeped through to where you can see it on the outside. "

  39. anon at 12:52: how disappointing!

    I'm really surprised at their price points. It seems the prices are similar to online or store sale prices. Making the trip is not an issue but the wait seems awful!

    I'm curious, are there any crewcut items?

  40. Ooooohhh I am so happy I didn't have someone drop my son to school for me so I could be one of the first online....I know, I know... shame on me. :( Thats how excited I was for this sale. I got a serengeti top and dress on Ebay for $75....YES together. So ummmm yea thanks but NO thanks sample sale.

  41. I really think the stock is going to be more interesting as the week goes on. They had tons of boxes still waiting to be unloaded. Pictures posted of the items I came home with here.

  42. Now I don't feel bad about not being able to attend! But I hope those of you who do go come away with some good finds.

  43. any thoughts on how to remove the inked "sample" on items? Won't it bleed if washed?

  44. the biggest waste of 3 hours of my life.. the only item i was excited about (and bought) turned out to be 2 sizes bigger.

    BTW, if anyone missed out on piper tank in green, I am thinking size 6, let me know, I will sell it. Its just like regular tank sold in stores, only has pockets in side seams - really cute. I am totally disasspointed since I really wanted this tank. My loss - your gain.


  45. Roxy- Thanks for those photos. Man do they really write "SAMPLE" awfully big on the clothes. I wonder if it will wash out.

  46. Roxy thanks for the pictures! :) I'd love to see more from others.

    Were there lots of printed cardigans? Those are my FAVORITE. I saw you got 3! Lucky! If there were lots of printed cardigans I'd consider going later this week...

  47. I just got back from the sale. The deals to be had aren't much better than those at the store with the extra % off. BUT, I did spot some great items that were either older or out of stock (i.e. the cashmere pavia cardigan for $60). apparently they are supposed to put new things out daily. There is a great selection of wedding, including some sold out dresses. Enjoy if you go!!

  48. What I find ironic about the sample sale is that supposedly there are exchanges allowed for merchandise. J Crew doesn’t even allow exchanges for FS items- which is the only sale that J Crew seems to have these days.

  49. Oy. The pics confirm that I would not be a good sample sale shopper. I think I would rather pay more and root around less. But I know some people love the thrill of a good seek/find/save!! I hope you find some great stuff!!!!

  50. I arrived at 9:40am this morning. I was probably #125 in line. They let the first 100 people in and then it was one in one out. I waited outside for about and hour before it was my time.

    The racks were organized by type then color with "sizes" mixed in. Most of the samples you will recognize. The items that were marked with a size did not go above a size 8 (no Petites or Talls.) Most pants and shorts were not marked. You could find a deal in the outerwear if you are a size 6-8. The dresses were well marked but, ALL $60. You could find some real dress deals or get ripped off. I stuck to the cashmere sweaters which were $60 as well and most were x-small or small but, not marked. I found some silk treasure tops for $25 (the rack above the shorts.) The accessory boxes were a mess of a mix and I didn't see a shoe section.

    I hope this helps. Enjoy the samples!

  51. Hi, I went this morning. I arrived at 9.45 and the line was already long but it went fast as we were the first wave and I was in at 10.15 (but the line was MUCH longer by 11.30 when I came out, so I advise to go before the opening if you can). The sale itself was a big disappointment for me: as already reported by other aficionados mostly old stuff and one-of-a-kind that weren't as cheap as it should have been, no shoes at all (except for a ridicolously small box), mostly 6 sizes (but I' a 2 and I scored a few pieces) and what sucked most is that not only they wouldn't let you try anything on BUT MOST OF THE ITEMS HAVE NO SIZE STAMPED ON THEM, so go figure. They tell you that you can exchange for the duration of the sale to make you buy. Yeah, like I'm going to pay a sitter, cross the town and wait hours in line for this again.
    My advise is go only if you were madly looking for something from the past seasons because you have maybe a chance to get what you're looking for (I saw quite a few paisley blouses and dresses). Otherwise, NOT WORTH IT, especially if you live outside and have to take a day off work. The only thing that I saw that is currently in stores are the collection jaquard pants. Also, if you like prints, there was a good selection of cardi and shorts.
    Prices are: 10 for Ts and tanks, 10for lounge and swim (another small box), 25 for shirts and, 30 for cotton sweaters and cardis, 60 for pants, casual dresses and cashemire sweaters.
    I ended up buying the raffia hat (this was a steal at 8$ and I was debating on buying it on the Internet for full price) and straw bag (marigold, that was 20), 2 shirts (one of which not really my size but I was madly in love with it last year and couldn't get one for full price), a terry pant and a Oasis print short from last year (size 2).

  52. Thank you all for your reports!!
    You've saved me gas, parking tolls and time.

  53. I'm going on Saturday, as I am working all week downtown on Wall Street, and by the time I get there after work it'll be way too crazy. I pretty much figured it would be like this, but I'll take my chances and see if I find any great buys.... if not, oh well! I pretty much scored big in December and these past few weeks with the sales, so overall I'm happy. It'll be a nice day out with my girlfriend, so that is a plus! :-) Congrats to all who went so far and came away with items!

  54. @ westsider you can use rubbing alcohol or hairspray to the stain, sponge it and then use Shout or a pre-treater. Wash the item in warm water and air dry. Repeat as needed.

    @ Meghan yes there were a lot of printed cardigans. All along the back wall, and some on the left wall as well.

  55. Very very sad day...the sale was very blah...I think most who went will agree that "blah" is a good word to describe it.

    Funny story...this morning Nicole R posted that she'd be there wearing a red sweater, and there I was standing in line for an hour and chatting to a random stranger and telling her how I was looking for someone from aficionadas blog...and she says "I am Nicole and last minute I decided to wear a pink sweater instead of red." :-)
    Chatting about our love for Victoria shirt and dislike for Ecole jacket made the freezing waiting in line seem better.

    Now to my review of the sale...a lof of old stuff, and a majority was tshirts and cashmere sweaters. But if anyone chooses to pay $60 for a stretched out cashmere sweater that has a big SAMPLE written over it IS CRAZY. With the 20-30% off extra, the sweaters on the websites are a lot better deal, and they are NEW WITH TAGS.

    It is true there were a lot of random dresses but the wedding ones had snags on them and yes mosty stuff was in size 6-8. I felt like most stuff was "rejects and leftovers" and NOT dirt cheap. I think most people who were buying stuff either got really lucky with an item or two...or they are simply not JCREW obsessed and have no idea how much stuff is in stores and on website. Finally, I would say there is no reason for going, take that money and spend it online or in B&M. Oh, and I left empty handed, and I NEVER leave Jcrew store without buying something...

    Nicole, email me if you want gray.katerina at gmail dot com. Hope you got that dress!

  56. $60 for cashmere sweaters? I've gotten three this past month for around $35 on final sale... and I didn't even have to wait in line and freeze my buns off.

    I got a JCrew sample sweater that had the "SAMPLE" written on it in like some weird chalk or something, which did not ruin the garment. I wonder why they can't do that with everything... the sharpie just seems like a bad idea!

  57. @Kat: thanks for the feedback, I'm having second thoughts about making the trip on Friday. Your description of the sweaters is the dealbreaker for me.

    I'm shopped out after December sales. But if there were some good deals on bags/shoes, I would definitely go. But it seems there are few of these.

    I would also love some steals from crewcuts for my daughter -summer dresses, shorts. But if what is inside is not that great, dont want to waste an hour waiting in the cold.

  58. Went this morning. Waited on line for 90 minutes. Despite the invitation, none of the product I saw was current or even new for spring/summer. All old - '08 and '07. Many items marked as SAMPLE with permanent market - even cashmere sweaters.

    Lots of product, just not any desirable product.

    Just my two cents.

  59. Well, as is the joy of sample sales, all of the cardis I got are a skitch too small on me. If anyone is interested (photos in one of my comments above) I will send any of them to you for $40/ea shipped. Email me at snapsparkchik (at) gmail (dot) com.

  60. I just waited for 20 minutes which wasn't terrible but it is COLD. HUGE letdown inside though. I didn't buy ANYTHING. Lots of old garbage (no spring/ summer stuff) with "sample" written on it and mostly large sizes. Also, the prices aren't even that cheap! I wouldn't bother! I'm so dissappointed...I've been waiting all month for this! : (

  61. I've just got home & made a post detailing the whole day. Pics are also included for your viewing pleasure.



  62. i just got back from the sale; i went around 230 and waited maybe 20 minutes. the line just kept moving. anyway, i'm disappointed by the sale and prices too but it was like a fun scavenger hunt for the jcrew connoisseur too. it's neat to see the production samples of things you own or like from catalogs. i thought the prices for the tees/button downs, etc. were worse than jcrew at final sale; i didn't mind paying $35 for wool/cotton sweaters or $60 for cashmere. you will need to devote a lot of time and patience to looking around, otherwise you will be annoyed in five seconds.

    i'll be posting pictures of my purchases on my blog later! but i still suggest ppl who really love jcrew to make the trip, if not just to see what it's like at a jcrew sample sale.

  63. Any insights on the variety and sizing about the Madewell items? Is it worth popping in to hunt for a pair of jeans? $40 sounds like a great deal!

  64. (Apologies for this long post!)
    I wasn’t disappointed by the sale, probably because my expectations weren’t very high.

    Arrived at 9:30am and there was about 40 people ahead of me in the line, which was surprisingly sparse. It was freezing, but first thing in the morning they pulled a part of the line into the building so I was spared a majority of the cold. I waited on line for about 45 minutes before they let us up the stairs to check our coats and then start shopping.

    All-in-all I think I arrived at just the right time and made it into the first wave of shoppers on the floor. Left at 11:50am and there was at least 200 people in the line outside. They were letting people in 10-20 at a time and if I’d arrived at this time I absolutely would not have waited.

    ACCESSORIES: This is where I got extremely lucky. Fabric bags were $20, leather bags $89. I picked up a huge madras duffle bag, a waxed wear men’s messenger, a black canvas men’s messenger, a cloud grey soiree tote (Fall ’08), a chain-link print wooden handle clutch—all for $20 each. I picked up a light spearmint and papaya ear-flap hat and black and papaya glittens all $8 each and from Winter ’08. I also got a striped cashmere scarf for $10.

    The accessories section is separated from the rest of the floor and they bag your selections and send them to the register before you leave the section. You can probably change your mind about an item when you’re at the register, but they don’t let you walk around with these items on the rest of the floor.

    Lots of tote bags in various sizes and some unique colors (grosgrain ribbon totes from ’05 and ’06, critter totes, printed totes). I spotted a Quilted tumbled-leather Quincy hobo (http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/bags/leatherbags/PRDOVR~95897/99101500122/95897.jsp) in graphite and green ($89 each). Everything in this section (shoes, bags, hats, scarves, hair accessories, crewmutts, and swimsuits) is in boxes so you need to dig to find anything.

    A lot of the clothes were too small for me (mostly 6s and 8s, smalls and extra smalls in womens), but I did manage to find a green and grey argyle cardigan that was a variant of one sold two years ago and am very happy with this find. Some one (or two) of a kind items that caught my eye and things I remember from previous seasons:

    -A golden roses skirt for $99
    -A soiree sweater jacket in a burgundy color, which was never made-$35
    -yellow and cream post-card print skirt-$60
    -navy skirts with white anchor prints-$60
    -J.Crew Collection shirtdress with the gorgeous purple rose print from last year-$60
    -chain link print dresses-$60
    -tulip sleeved chino jackets-$80
    -carte de france tee-$10
    Alas, no zebra tees that I could find!

    Overall, I’d say there are deals to be had in accessories, but only if you’re there either when they first open or when they restock (not sure what time this happens throughout the day). I’ve gotten better deals through the website lately for clothing, but if you’re willing to dig around you may find some unique items.

    They are not allowing people to try things on, which is very annoying. I quickly put a cardigan on and was just as quickly told that I can’t do that. They’re allowing exchanges through the rest of sale, but if prices drop towards the end of the sale, you can only exchange your item for the current selling price.

    Here’s the price list from the sale:

    Basic Tees/Tanks/Polos-$10
    Thomas Mason Dress Shirts-$35
    Cotton/Wool Sweaters-$35
    Cashmere Sweaters-$60
    Chino/Cord Bottoms-$25
    Dress Pants/Dress Skirts-$60
    Special Occasion Dresses-$99
    (J.Crew Collection items and wedding dresses priced as marked)

    Boxers/Hair Accessories-$5
    Hats/Gloves/Small Accessories-$8
    Fabric Bags-$20
    Leather Bags-$89

    Cotton/Wool Sweaters-$20
    Cashmere Sweaters-$35
    Denim/Chino Bottoms-$20
    Dress Pants/Skirts-$35
    Special Occasion Dresses-$50
    Henry Dogs-$10


  65. I just got home from this sale ... we were in the first group in because we got there at 9:15 and got to wait inside most of the time until 10.

    I'm disappointed... not at the selection, but the prices ... hopefully they will go down throughout the week! There was 1 of the ever-talked-about cascading flowers jacket in white in a size 4, which I picked up and then set back down after seeing the $160 price tag. My husband found nothing and the crewcuts were all too big ... nothing cute that I saw for dogs ... I didn't spend very much money, which is good :)

  66. If you're over a size six or larger than a small, don't bother going. I found a single medium sweater, and it was all stretched out with SAMPLE written in ink on the inner back hem. I overheard a woman say that her daughter works in marketing for J.Crew, and this sample sale is due to some sort of law change. Everything is a sample from a photoshoot, so there aren't the usual larger-sized overstocks. Prices aren't any lower than in-store sales. Overall, a pretty big waste of my time.

  67. I went to the sale this morning and was looking forward to it, but bottom line - it was very disappointing. The prices were too high in my opinion - i found a few Norah camis in lovely prints but they were $25 each which is ridiculous - the only things that were $10 each were plain tshirts, not printed tshirts (I didn't even see any of those).

    The majority of the items were easily 2-3 seasons old and factory store material. If you feel like you are able to get good deals on current items in the sale section of the website, I would pass on this sale - I did get a few pieces but feel I way overpaid ($180 plus $35 train ticket, eek). Also, it was VERY annoying that the staff wouldn't let you try anything on! Not even in the aisles! They kept saying that they will allow exchanges, but what do you do if you aren't local?

    It was not the shopping experience I was hoping for! Anyways, good luck to everyone else who does go! : )

  68. Thanks for all the reports. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. I got two cashmere bateau sweaters in December for $35 each, which is a far better deal than $60 and then having to contend with "SAMPLE" being written on there in ink.

  69. The staff wouldn't even let you pull a sweater over your head to try on? that's pathetic.

  70. Although the reports are disappointing to say the least, I am the master scavenger when it comes to finding treasures among garbage...so I'm going to brave it out and go tomorrow....and who cares if I waste an hour or two of my time, I live in Manhattan so no biggie. Lets see what they have tomorrow!

  71. *sniff i was there since like 9:30-ish? i left empty-handed :( i only liked the printed dresses and they were all too big for me. sucks to be petite sometimes... :T

  72. I waited in line outside for more than an hour in the freezing cold for the biggest disappointment ever. It took about 20 minutes once I was inside to get the feeling back in my numb toes. The stuff was just OK but the prices were not. All cashmere was $60. That is way too high considering you can get it for much less sitting in the warm indoors in front of a computer. I saw some semi-cute blend sweaters but they were stretched out and had SAMPLE written in huge letters inside. I might pay $5 for that but not $35.

    There was even a line to get into the accesories area. I saw some decent stuff there but it wasn't worth standing on a third line to pay for it.

    I ended up leaving empty-handed and guilty. Guilty about taking a day off from work, standing in the freezing cold, and missing a historical inauguration...for nothing at all.

    For those of you sad you can't go...be glad!

  73. Hi all! Just posted about the sample sale on my blog with pictures of my purchases :)

  74. I went to the sale this morning. I arrived at around 9:50 this morning, and waited over an hour to get in, as they were only letting people in as people departed. It was well worth it! I got a great leather jacket, several dresses from the Fall 08 collection, and several jackets from the Spring 08 collection. As other bloggers mentioned, they did not allow you to try on items, even though some items do not have tags that tell you what size the item is! I was able to sneak a few try-ons in the corner. Lots of cashmere. I did notice that they were adding to and replenishing the racks with new merchandise every 15 minutes or so. I think that it is worth the trip!

  75. The sample sale was a bust to be truthful. My sisters went and they waited for over an hour in the cold only to find prices to be far from "sample" prices. The selection wasn't that great and it was just an overall disappointment. Might as well have went to the J. Crew Factory outlets!

  76. Aww man, this sale sounds like ASS.

  77. SAMPLE written on the sweaters and other items -- at the register I was told it easily washes out, but have yet to try to get it out.

    SIZES: Many items didn't have sizes. I found one cardigan in my size and tried it on to be sure. I was mildly scolded for trying on an item, but I then was able to use that cardigan as a template to select other items -- I matched up the shoulder seams to be sure.

    I live in NYC and regularly go to sample sales here. Most other women's sample sales have 2 categories.
    1) SAMPLE = Items already used in some regard --photographed for magazines and the catalog, lent out by the company. Defect items too.
    2) OVERSTOCK = Additional inventory the company wants to offload and sell

    Typically the first category is at low prices like $10 or $20. The second category is at prices many others here have listed. The disappointment is when SAMPLE items are sold at OVERSTOCK prices. J Crew needs to get with the program and distinguish these two categories and prices. They can still sell them within the same sale.

    Other comments have listed the prices. Yes - wish they were less. I did pick up 8 items including 5 tees that were $10 each. I am the eternal optimist, so I'll head back in a few days to see the new stock put out and if prices are lower.

  78. The only thing that was worthwhile at the sample sale was meeting a fellow aficionada-- Kat!

    Kat, it was a pleasure meeting you-- hope you had a safe trip back to TX!

    I walked away empty handed-- and as Kat and I discussed, the sample sale was more "amatuer hour" JC'ers.... Anyone that follows this blog or watches the website would be disappointed....

    Congrats to those who lucked out.....

    On another note, my black Carrie coat came and it is gorgeous! Thanks to those who wrote reviews.

    Kat, I do not have your email.... navr77@yahoo

  79. If you are patient and willing to look through racks and wait while they replenish by the minute, this sample sale is worth it.

  80. Sounds like there were some good finds for some JCAs, nice! I've never been to a sample sale, but I'm shocked that they wouldn't let you try stuff on! I understand no fitting rooms, but you should at least be able to throw on a cardigan. Oh well, I'm glad some of you found some great deals! Thanks to all for the reports for those of us far away :)

  81. I apparently missed out on some Wellington boots. Woe is me . . .

  82. I waited in line for an hour tonight in the cold to get into the sample sale just before it closed. As a die hard J.Crew shopper, I sadly have to report that it was not worth it. Rather than featuring new and upcoming merchandise, the sale was comprised of items strewn together from seasons past - in crumpled shape, with the word SAMPLE printed inside everything in black magic marker, often bleeding through the garments. There was no order to anything, and every garment I picked up seemed mis-sized, misshapen or filthy. I ended up with one cashmere sweater that was originally $168.00 selling for $60.00, as were all cashmere sweaters, but in the condition they were in I would honestly rather just buy them on sale online during a promo. I was really dissapointed with this sample sale.

  83. Thanks for all of your reviews. Im disappointed - I live in MA and planned my weekend work schedule around it!!

    Unless I hear an improvement by the end of the week, I'll save my $40. Im glad I waited to buy tickets. : (

  84. Went to the sample sale today! My friend and I lined up at 9:15 so we got to go in with the first group of shoppers. I'm definitely happy with my purchases; although, I was expecting a bit more from the sale.

    I purchased: 1 pair pave ring sandals, 1 double-serge coat, 2 silk scarves, 1 leather belt, 1 skirt, 3 headbands, 1 leather pencil case, and 5 bracelets.

    Pros: Wide selection from several seasons, all jewelry was $10 dollars (this alone was worth the trip), and certain items were being restocked.

    Cons: Some of the prices weren't that good ($25 for chino shorts? Um. No.), long line (the line was 2 blocks deep when I left, and many items were either damaged or had pins in them (for photoshoots I'm guessing).

    Go if: you can get in line before the sale starts, you love J.crew jewelry, and you are a size 0, 2, 6, or 8.

    Don't go if: you can't stand waiting in line, have to try clothes on before you buy them (they are really strict about this! I got yelled at for trying on a jacket!), or if you're a guy (the men's clothing was disappointing to say the least)

  85. actually i'm a 0 and i only found ONE item that was a 0. so um, i'd say go if you're a 2, 4, 6 or small.

    for those who are wondering if the 'sample' mark washes out -- NO. i bought four items today, two of which have the word on the back (one of them i didn't even notice til i got home). i put everything in the sink to wash immediately bc the sale was so grimy, and the word hasn't washed out. granted i didn't scrub because they were on sweaters and i didn't want them to pill.

    BUT i also discovered something else: even if it seems like the item is OK when you get it home, problems might arise if you wash it and then you discover why some items only got to the sample stage and wasn't produced! i got the seaside linen cardigan and i noticed how nice it looked with brown (maybe leather-covered?) buttons instead of the white plastic ones on the cardigans sold at jcrew. tonight after i washed the cardigan, i left it in the sink to dry a bit first, and when i came back an hour later, i noticed the brown on the buttons had come off onto the cardigan! thank goodness i noticed immediately and was able to get it off with the help of my chlorox bleach pen.

  86. Jeff, I clicked on your link and saw your pics. One them showed what appearead to me like a half dozen or so duchamp astor jackets. I wonder how much those were. Same as web? Hmm...
    Based on the feedback it sounds like the sale was a bit of a dud. $60 for cashmere? That's what we can often pay during the 30% off sales. Ok, guess I don't feel too jealous. Had better time watching inauguration w/the kids. Thanks, Jeff!

  87. I was going to go...my ticket cost 500 ! UGH I am sooooo BUMMED ! I hope the airline will give me a credit. Even though I am a6 it doesn';t sound worth it ! What KIND of jewelry was there ? I need more details ! THANKS

  88. There wasn't much jewelry. A few pieces were in a glass box, but that was it.

  89. Hi shoppers- just some tips if you plan to go- many of the shirts, in addition to "sample" written inside, also have sample cuts in the back. And some were sewn to fit the models, so beware of funky seams and slits in the clothes. I agree with general consensus- the sale is not amazing, especially when it comes to pricing. I'd go if they announce heavier discounts, or if you like to rummage.

  90. I must say I am GLAD I went to the sample sale today.

    I was on line only 15 minutes and got there around noon.

    For $115 here is what I got:

    1 kissing dogs beaded tee
    1 crossing keys beaded tee (it looks like two keys crossing each other)
    1 sherpa lined goosedown vest in olive tawny
    1 clea madras tank which is online for $29.99 now...I paid 10
    2 driving caps...madras
    1 french terry shawl collar cardigan.

    Everything I bought was either a 0, extra small or small. The selection was great today in my opinion and it was very orderly. I think they put out the junk on the first day.....I am very pleased I went. I will be going again on Sunday. :)

  91. Hi I am selling one of my items from the sample sale. It is a shawl collar FRENCH TERRY cardigan. very thick. $ big buttons. It is size SMALL and is a rich Aubergine or Burgundy. Asking $35 shipped. I paid $35 so I will ship for free. Email me for pics :)


  92. I checked again out today - i take it back ---yesterday's sample sale was not the worst i ever attended -today's was! 60 dollar for a lt. pink dress with sample written on front ! also heed warning of these being preprodction and not post production works - the factory icf in HONG kong is not the same factory that makes jcrew real items which is why some of items say eliot and not jcrew on them

  93. I checked again out today - i take it back ---yesterday's sample sale was not the worst i ever attended -today's was! 60 dollar for a lt. pink dress with sample written on front ! also heed warning of these being preprodction and not post production works - the factory icf in HONG kong is not the same factory that makes jcrew real items which is why some of items say eliot and not jcrew on them


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