Monday, January 17, 2022

Sought & Found: Did you visit J.Crew this {past} Weekend?

 This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopped by a J.Crew store this past weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SALE, or to see some NEW ARRIVALS {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store was/ is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. I'm not liking this mini rollout of pink and green camp-inspired items. I don't know what I want to buy right now, but not that. I did try some items but ended up sending it all back.

  2. I had a very nice experience this morning with Kathy is CS. I placed a large order two days ago when EPIC was still 50%. Nothing has shipped and all show as still open, so I called to try my luck at a PA because the extra 10% was a significant amount. She cheerfully gave me the credit back with no lecture!

    1. Wow! Did you call or email or chat?

    2. Duh still on my first few sips of coffee. You called I see.

  3. The extra percentage inspired me to buy some basics. I did order gloves Saturday and ordered more Sunday, everything seems to be gone now so I wonder if any will ship.
    I got another pair of flannel pajamas, another set of black university Terry joggers and a crewneck (I literally wash, wear repeat), university Terry joggers in gray to go with another sweatshirt I have, camp pants in cypress (not sure but worth a shot), a textured wool scarf I saw in store, a long polka dot silk scarf, the black polartec half zip I’ve wanted since it came out, and the clog boots in black—I already have the clay and like them.
    The stuff I ordered for my daughter last week sent to school mostly shipped and arrived, very quickly! I think only two items have not shipped yet so I’m concerned they’re sold out which stinks, especially because one is a checked blazer to match pants I ordered for her.

    1. I love the camp pants, bought several pairs. To me, they run big... I'm usually a 6-8 or M and in these the tall small is a perfect fit.
      Those university terry separates are a great price right now, almost ordered some this AM but do they run huge? Reviewers said go down 1-2 sizes for the pants, but being all cotton I'm thinking they might shrink a touch. With the top if it's too big that's doable but not with the pants.

      Also some really cute liberty print summer PJs down to like $28 now if anyone likes the liberty stuff. The liberty pillow cases (with matching sleep mask) are like $13 after promos. I've seen liberty pillowcases at other retailers for usually $65 each. (these two prints at JC aren't that great though.)

    2. People are weird. In the XS mine fit the way I want sweatpants to fit. The waist is elastic and can be tightened. The hips are a little loose but I don’t like them tight. I find the rise perfect but I do have a long torso. For reference my hips are 35-36” max and my waist is about 26, though the pants sit right below my belly button.
      I tried the small and medium in the half zip and liked the slouchiness of the medium better, mostly for the length. So I took the medium in the sweatshirt. I figured I’d rather it be big than small. I’ve washed them a lot and unlike the vintage cotton joggers I haven’t found them to shrink OR to stretch out when I wear them. These are much better.


  4. Hi all! I caved in too… đŸ˜‚some with 50+20, some with 60+20.

    Did some rebuys, non final sale items:
    Wool/cashmere top coat for hubby $102-ge loves it already. Will return one.
    cashmere track suit! BD031 and BD030. It was reasonable ( still too much ). Jacket and pants $130
    Cashmere pants Wide-leg sweatpant in featherweight cashmere AU627-love them. Great quality! $83
    Lady coat in midnight, thanks for all your help with sizing. 6P too tight can’t breathe. 6reg good with shirt and thin sweater. No thick sweater! I do like but ordered 8 to try since non final sale. I line the color! Good for greys! $95(60+15). My daughter now wants the lady coat in black, but I don it see any 14/16 or 14/16 tall. She is 10, so figured she would need bigger size!!!

    9" vintage straight jean in medium vintage wash Item AN021 in Size: 24. Don’t own anything in 24. But they perfect did not even try 25. So little more then I like to pay for jeans $40, but i do like them a lot! Especially color!
    8" toothpick in classic wash Item H0189 sz 26. Prob keep
    Cashmere touch-screen gloves Item BD049 Grey. $17

    New sale 60+20
    my daughter:
    Cashmere cropped sweater-tank Item BA395. $21
    Cashmere scoopneck sweater Item BD097 For my daughter $39 black
    Tall Daphne topcoat in Italian boiled wool Item J4866 $127.60, BLACK, TALL 10
    For Hubby
    Limited-edition marled Scottish cashmere full-zip hooded sweater Item BC527 $83.84 in MARLED GRAPHITE for hubby
    484 Slim-fit pant in Broken-in chino Item M1267 $20.48 each in NAVY and khaki
    For my son
    Tipped lambswool gloves Item BC882 $6.40 in CHARCOAL

    For me
    Collared sequin sweater in stripe Item BD615-cute but I bought to match my leather leggings which I can’t find…. Looked all over the house … ughh.. so may return!
    Cashmere relaxed pocket cardigan sweater Item BA393 Grey and navy. XS $40 each not bad.
    This is from mens section, but I think I will like it, Cashmere sweater-blazer Item BC488 $76.16, NAVY SMALL
    Mens section as well. Pajama pant in print Item BB876 $16.00 in CHRISTMAS DOGS

    Alps puffer jacket with PrimaLoft® Item BA595. Xxs. Awful.
    Slouchy boyfriend jean in Southern Sky wash sz 25 Item BA646 -return. Odd did fit!
    Ludlow Slim-fit suit pant in Italian cashmere Item AQ261 Sz 28/32. Fit perfect except little long. Great fabric! Silky cashmere! Not lined! Overall to expensive for the hassle of hemming them and they loom like blue pants! Wish they were cheaper. $185 with tax. Will return!

    1. Kate,
      What size coat do you normally take, a 4? Where was the 6 too tight, the shoulders or waist? The lady coat is definitely fitted at the waist.

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    3. I guess depends on the coat. I have a old lady coat in 6P it’s only for thin sweaters.
      I have an older chatue parka in 0
      And top coat in tweed in zero. And my fave 2010 colletta in 6p. But I can layer stuff.
      I have an older down parka in 00.
      So go figure…. 6 reg is fine with shirt and thin sweater! Which may the the purpose. Now I need to find a black one in 14/16
      For my daughter lol

    4. Also mostly tight in chest and waist. I am 32c

    5. Ok. It helps to have that frame of reference. I size up for the shoulders In most coats but the waists are loose.

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  6. I went in on Monday! Boston Copley - beautiful store.So not the weekend, but the holiday. The new arrivals did not sing to me (I miss when january meant "cruise wear" and was full of navy and yellow vacation outfits). The sale section was a single rack. Almost nothing.

    I went in to see if I could snag a pair of pale yellow gloves - this style.
    Cashmere-lined leather touchscreen gloves
    Item BA145

    I had a pair in my cart a few weeks ago but they sold out before I checked out. If anyone sees them in a store or knows a good SA, could you please let me know?

  7. Flower Power, agree and continues to disappoint. The hope is that on the 25th there is going to be a large launch which will be Spring and there will be something that all of us will love. I too, as well as others here on on the same page regarding the boring colors and juvenile apparel. The Boston store is gorgeous. one of the most beautiful in the country. Sorry there wasn’t anything that captured your attention. The crew employees are always complaining privately about the lack of stylish clothes and colors. Certainly not the JCrew many of us here know. Next time ou visit the store ask for Meghan. She’s wonderful and so helpful. If you have doubts about an item she’ll be very truthful will you.

    1. @Lynn: Right now there is not one thing I would want for free--not even a scented candle. I feel as though I have fallen out of love.

    2. @MmeJacqueline, and a boring love affair indeedđŸ¤£ I must confess I purchased pair of Elise black boots with the purple laces which by the way are fairly stylish, a cheap pair of gloves in heather mint to go with a wintergreen mint brushed wool coat as a Thomas Mason pink/white striped shirt. In retrospect I don’t know why I purchased the coat except for the color and I certainly won’t be wearing it here as I’m in a warm climate until I return home. Not sure if you’re aware of this but an Italian company named Albini purchased the Thomas Mason line years ago back in the early 1990’s. The shirts made for JCrew are of a far lesser quality than the higher end shirts. It’s a nice looking shirt but certainly not worth the original price. it was very inexpensive as was the coat and the boots. Max Mara has launched several lightweight coats for Spring in similar colors to JCrew’s, but the colors are quite beautiful and not boringly muted. Next week will be interesting and again I frankly am less optimistic as each new launch appears. This baggy tunic and cropped look is a fail for me. Even the pants and jeans don’t project any classic style.

    3. Lynn, Oh yes...definitely boring! I do not like baggy, saggy clothes in sad colors, nor do I want pull-up pants. I would be very surprised if the next launch is attractive to me.

  8. Stubbs & Wootton have a sale 50% off. If any of you have small feet check them out. Unfortunately, I do not.


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