Wednesday, November 26, 2014

J.Crew Updates Website with New Arrivals!

"Thanks!" to many of you, who let us know that J.Crew had an update to its website (click here to view online).

There are some new arrivals for men (click here) & women (click here). {wahoo!} It looks like Crewcuts (click here) has been updated, but not the J.Crew Collection (click here).

The DECEMBER catalog (click here to view) is up. However, the latest HOLIDAY catalog is not. As mentioned by several JCAs, J.Crew posted several images of the newest catalog over at Pinterest (click here to view).
J.Crew is offering an additional 30% off select items (marked as so) and an additional 40% off sale with promo code HOLIDAY. This offer expires today, November 26, 2014.

What items are you most excited about and why? Which items are you surprised (or not surprised) to see? Which items did you hope would be included? Were you expecting a bigger roll-out? Also, did you receive the latest catalog? :)


  1. There are some really cute sweaters with this new rollout. I really like the cabin sweater, ski sweater, alpine turtleneck, and Harley of Scotland fair isle sweater, as well as a couple others. The flannel stripe PJs are so cute, but why the 27 inch inseam? That makes no sense whatsoever for those of us who want long pajama pants in the winter. Looks like there are plenty of cute scarves this time around, too. I'll be sharing a post of what I'm loving from the new arrivals on my blog in the next couple of days, once I've had the time to look at it all more extensively.

    In the meantime, I have shared my personal picks for the new promo (new arrivals not included of course), as well as links to reviews and IRL pics from myself and other bloggers for many of the items on the list. Click here to see the post.. :)

  2. l love the ski sweaters! I don't know which one I like better. Has anyone seen these in store & can comments on softness/quality?

    The colorful Fair Isle sweater is growing on me. It's been in my CS for awhile, but I didn't try it on. The Canadian Sweater Company sweaters are cute, but Holy pricetag!

    The Sequin trim sweatshirt is really cute IRL. I bought it in navy & the blush pink. I'm going to style it on my blog soon.

    Omg @ the Pajama Set in Holiday Lights... too cute!!

    Partial to Pink

  3. I'm tempted by the lambswool sweater (looks WARM!) Are drop-shoulders here to stay? I'm more "classic" than "twist", so I try to stick to pieces that will have staying power for several years.

  4. To answer the questions about the lambswool sweaters, the Fair Isle, at least, is SUPER scratchy. Aren't lambs supposed to be cuddly and soft? :)

  5. I love the Colby crossbody bag in mixed leather in navy/black color way.

    1. I didn't even notice the bag until you mentioned it! Agree, that color combination does look very nice.

  6. Well, I wasn't going to order anything, but the cabin sweater AND the ski sweater got me. Wool. No additives (or so we are lead to believe). I ordered them both. The lambswool fair isle does look warm and nice!!!

  7. I picked up the Holiday catalog about a week ago at the Factory store, which is weird because our Factory store rarely has any catalogs, let alone the latest retail one. I dog-eared some pages, liked a few things, so I'll probably place an order. Haven't had a chance to look at what's new online, thanks for the heads up, Alexis!

  8. I love the lambswool fair isle. Trying to talk myself out of it, since I live in LA and have many MANY sweaters that I barely get the chance to wear now. Ah. Decisions decisions...anyone try it on yet???

  9. I was disappointed to go to my store yesterday morning and find very few of the new holiday arrivals out. I tried on the sweatshirt with sequins on the bottom. I was not impressed. The material of the sweatshirt part was kind of shiny...reminded me of my grandmother's polyester pants and it was very stiff and boxy. I also tried on the Tilley Sweater. It was cropped but not too bad....I carry weight in my midsection and usually look better in longer sweaters. The sleeves were really wide though and had ribbed cuffs so they kind of pooled at the bottom...looked a little strange. It might be cute if you have long arms though...I'm 5'3".

  10. I've shared what I'm loving from the new arrivals in this post. :)


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