Thursday, November 20, 2014

J.Crew + Band Aids = Why Not?

Did you notice that J.Crew has partnered, of all companies and products, Johnson & Johnson's Band-Aid? Yes, that Band-Aid. The ones you go to for cuts and scrapes. (Now you are probably singing "I am stuck on band aid brand cause band aid's stuck on me...")

J.Crew has two versions: one for adults with the Band-Aid® Brand adhesive bandages by J.Crew
(item B3283; $5.00), and one for kids with the Band-aid® brand adhesive bandages by crewcuts (item B3143; $5.00). Personally, the kids version is much cooler.

This seems like one of J.Crew's more random partnerships. However, I totally dig them. Is it weird that I am going to get them? I mean, look at how awesome they are. Amiright?

And when people ask me where I got the amazing band-aid covering my paper-cut, I can tell them I got it from J.Crew. Yes, that J.Crew. ;)

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's partnership with Band-Aid? Do you already own them? If so, would you recommend them?


  1. I love the Crewcuts Band-Aids. Florals, polka dots and stripes for the other package would've been awesome. Not that I want to have a need for a Band-Aid even though I rolled over my own foot last week while sitting in a chair. True story and sadly not a case of drunk j crew for me.

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  3. Use the band aids to cover up the holes in the J Crew tees or emergency cover for the split derrière seams on the Campbell pants or hide the pills on the sweaters. Just kidding...sort of.

    1. cmg, I think you're on to something. JC should do a collaboration with Oreck and do some patterned sweater shavers. Can't you see this in a buffalo check?

    2. Lol! Yes! Sweater shavers in buffalo plaid, glitter or sequin offerings.

    3. Ah, you forget the bedazzled tweezers in silver or pink crystals - a real item from a few years back.

    4. Oh good one, WFF! $5 Band-Aids are much sexier than $80 tweezers. ;)

  4. I don't want to pay $2.50 for the band aids at my local drug stores... WHY oh why would I want to pay $5 for the JCrew bands? I wonder how long they will last in the sale section?

  5. Kind of a cute novelty gift. I don't know if I'd buy them... maybe on super sale!

    Partial to Pink

  6. Target has already done such collaborations as have other companies. (I have Hello Kitty Band-Aids in my bathroom right now- yes, they are for me!)...The problem I have is the price. $5? That's as much as they charge for shipping. It's not worth it.

  7. OT just saw this WSJ article about JC offering more options for men other than slim fit:

    Now maybe they can make more women's clothes that are flattering on body types other than Jenna's.


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