Monday, October 20, 2014

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


  1. EUC J.Crew silk gingham top in navy, Sz. 8 (02776) - $30
    EUC J.Crew oxford boy shirt, Sz. 10 (94928) - $30
    EUC J.Crew linen popover in stripe, Sz. 10 (A3578) - $30
    EUC J.Crew merino v-neck sweater in heather rose, Sz. M (46164) - $30
    EUC J.Crew merino tippi cardigan in brocade blue, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew merino tippi cardigan in turquoise pool, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Eden long merino cardigan in viridian green, Sz. M (46727) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Geometric eyelet top in heather pewter, Sz. M (03334) - $20
    EUC J.Crew Spindrift Sweatshirt in Blue Vintage Champagne, Sz. M (67730) - $20
    EUC J.Crew agate perfect fit tank top, Sz. L - $10
    EUC J.Crew Dolci heather gray tank top, Sz. M (58309) - $15
    EUC J.Crew prima jersey pocket tank in heather pewter, Sz. M (A2496) - $18
    EUC J.Crew prima jersey pocket tank in pale seascape, Sz. M (A2496) - $18
    EUC J.Crew navy/white stripe tank top, Sz. M (32405) - $15
    EUC J.Crew Bennett Chinos in Poppy, Sz. 10 (47433) - $25
    EUC J.Crew paisley & polka dot scarf - $20
    EUC J.Crew diamond print scarf in navy/white - $30
    EUC J.Crew factory Classic Chambray shirt in afternoon sky, Sz. M (91506) - $20
    EUC J.Crew factory Perfect Shirt in Mint, Sz. M (66410) - $20
    EUC J.Crew factory merino Charley sweater in Casablanca blue, Sz. M (93577) - $25
    EUC J.Crew factory merino Charley sweater in stripe deep turquoise, Sz. M (93595) - $30
    EUC J.Crew factory merino Charley sweater in acorn navy dusk, Sz. M (06145) - $30
    EUC J.Crew factory perfect fit Mixed Tape cardigan in navy stripe, Sz. M (95749) - $20
    EUC J.Crew factory cotton v-neck sweater in light pink, Sz. M (21668) - $15
    EUC J.Crew factory tan/white stripe tank top, Sz. L - $12
    EUC J.Crew factory perfect shirt in black classic stripe, Sz. M (72159) - $20
    EUC LL Bean Breton striped shirt in cream/navy, Sz. M reg - $20
    EUC LL Bean Breton striped shirt in navy/cream, Sz. M reg - $20
    EUC Loft Mixed stripe racerback tank in whisper white, Sz. M - $15
    EUC Stella & Dot Madeline Pearl silver necklace - $50
    Please let me know if you're interested in any items or would like to see additional pictures. Items will be shipped out Friday 10/24 to a resale website so if you’re interested in anything, feel free to send me an offer before it’s all gone! Prices above include shipping to US. Add $10 for US Priority shipping to Canada. Contact me at

  2. J.Crew gift card with $99.17 balance. Selling for $85 shipped or best offer. Email me at dayofsho [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested.

  3. PayPal only; US shipping included in prices. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Contact me at susan (dot) vandenbergh (at) gmail (dot) com


    NWB 26321 Kerrington leather ballet flats / 10 / chocolate / $100
    NWB 28711 Flannery ballet flats / 9.5 / hthr carbon / $70
    EUC 37224 Lucca suede sandals / 9.5 / dusty cedar / $60

    NWT 31935 Sunnie pencil skirt (wool) / 10 / gold multi / $70
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / golden wood / $40
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / rich brown / $40
    NWT 39548 Heirloom lace pencil skirt / 12 / faded black / $70

    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / sweet almond / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / hthr caramel / $50
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / orchid shadow / $40
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / navy / $40

    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / olive moss / $50
    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / dark slate / $50
    NWT 12072 Stripe three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / rose / $30
    NWT 11454 Solid three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / bright hydrangea / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / bold peri / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / warm burgundy / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / dragonfly blue / $30


    NWOT 38635 Coliseum chain necklace / brass ox / $35
    NWT 39261 Wayward jean shirt in desert willow wash / XL / desert willow / $60


    NWT WBRU3087 "A feather in your cap" idiom bangle bracelet / multi / $50
    NWT WBRU3085 "A shining light" idiom bangle bracelet / aqua / $50
    NWT WBRU1300 "A penny for your thoughts" idiom bangle bracelet / cream / $45
    NWT WBRU1957 "Draw the line" idiom bangle bracelet / black / $25


    NWB 79446 Boushi sandal (3" heel) / EU size 40 / grey / $275
    NWB 80148 Ramsita oxford (2" heel) / EU size 40 / navy / $275


    NWB D32895 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / black leather / $150
    NWB D32899 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / ironstone grey suede / $150

  4. J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Tresco Floral, size 0
    J.Crew Black Scalloped Lace Pencil Skirt, size 2
    J.Crew Paneled Stretch Dress in Colorblock, size 6
    Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Purse in Pale Pink

    Find me on ebay @stopdropandvogue or instagram @stopdropnvogue

  5. EUC jcrew floral garland necklace + bracelet, like new, $60 shipped

  6. Post-partum closet overhaul (all prices include shipping)

    J. Crew:
    - White/black tipped linen blazer size 8 NWT $75
    - Cambridge cable turtleneck sweater heather burgundy size M NWT $45
    - Brown velvet Bella jacket size 8 EUC $75
    - Light peach peacoat size 8 EUC $75
    - Blackwatch plaid flannel shirt size 12 (runs small - hate to sell this but the buttons gap) worn once or twice $55
    - Cabernet toothpicks size 31 (also hate to sell these but they just don't fit right) worn once or twice $50
    - White Elinor dress size 10 EUC $40

    J. Crew Factory
    - Mint toothpick jeans size 31 EUC $40
    - Red/orange toothpick jeans size 31 EUC $40
    - Scattered dot dress size 10 NWT $45
    - Black/white striped button up tunic size M NWT $35
    - Dark denim toothpicks size 32 EUC $30
    - Dark denim bootcut jeans size 29 EUC $25
    - Grey suede Emmet booties size 7 1/2 EUC (some minor defects) $45

    - Archive boots English saddle size 8 (extended calf version but these do NOT fit like an extended calf - are slightly small on my calves and I never buy extended calf boots) EUC (they look almost new, no scuffs or marks) $125

    1. i sent you an email about the archive boots, did you get it? thanks!

  7. All prices include shipping, paypal only, please email with any questions or for IRL photos. Thanks!

    J.Crew Lobster Dress, EUC, Size 2, $80
    J.Crew Lobster Skirt, EUC, Size 6, $25
    J.Crew Whale Tippi, NWT, Size M, $30
    J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket, EUC-Like new, Size M, $65
    J. Crew Double Stripe Underwire tank, NWT, Size 6, $18
    J.Crew Military Tunic, NWT, Pesto, $25
    J.Crew Factory Isabelle printed pumps-botanical print (hummingbird in retail), Worn once around the house, like new-no box. Size 8, $60
    J.Crew Factory Bella in Heathered Coral, EUC, Size 0, $60
    EUC J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Herringbone, Age Driftwood, Size 4, $30
    J.Crew linen-cotten pant, Brilliant Cobalt, NWOT, Size 4, $30
    J.Crew Batik Turtle Clea tank, Red, EUC, Size 4, $15
    J.Crew Factory Charlie cotton sweather, Black, EUC, $12

  8. Good morning! Prices include shipping US, w/tracking!
    I'm open to offers!
    Items are retail unless otherwise noted!


    XXS-Maritime Blazer in Placed Stripe-EUC-$20

    XS-Factory Patterned Oxford-Blue Floral-EUC-$18
    XS-Merino Shell w/Neon Trims-GUC-$12
    XS Heather Stripe Sweater-EUC-$20
    XS-Madewell Striped V-Neck Sweater-EUC-$18

    0-Swiss Dot Fontana Wrap Dress, Navy-Comes w/slip-VGUC-$22
    0-Factory Lorelei Dress, Printed-VGUC-$20
    0-Gingham Vintage Schoolboy Shirt-GUC-$16
    0-Kya Cami, Palace Floral-EUC-$18
    0-Spots & Sparkles Cami-EUC-$16
    0-Factory Fresco Printed Mini-EUC-$18
    0-Refined Canvas Fiona Jacket-Coral-GUC-$22

    2-Linen Constellations Dress-VGUC-$25
    2-Ruffled Carly Dress, Pink Colorway-VGUC-$22
    2-Embossed Cotton Lorelei Dress, Green Print-VGUC-$20
    2-Paisley Bermudas-GUC-$18

    S-Factory Paisley Button Down, EUC-$18
    S-Floral Stripe Tee-EUC-$18
    S-Flyaway Cardi, Greyed Teak-NEW-$22
    S-Perfect Fit Cardi, Navy/Cream stripe-GUC-$18
    S-Factory Draped Shirt Dress, Orchid-EUC-$22

    4-Collection Metallic Houndstooth Phoebe Jacket-GUC (some wear)-$30
    4-Gondola Stripe Top-EUC-$25
    4-Garment Dyed Perfect Shirt-GUC-$18

    6-Knotted Starfish Dress-VGUC-$20
    6-Selma Fawn Silk Taffeta Dress-GUC-$22
    6-Gracen Dress-Caspian Blue-VGUC-$30
    6-Watercolor Potpourri Skirt-No lining, EUC-$18

    M-Factory Clare Cardi, Champagne-VGUC-$22
    M-Striped Tux Tunic-GUC (wrinkles)-$18

    8-Raquel Dress, Fresh Tangerine-VGUC-$32
    8-Ashley Dress, Cotton Taffeta-Coral-VGUC-$28

    10-Rose Vines Bandage Dress-EUC-$22

    12 P-Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Crosshatch Linen-Flamingo Pink-GUC (jacket has been starched and will need some wrinkle removal, some staining along collar, will come out-basically, just needs to be dry cleaned)-$50

    Size 11 (may work for a 10/10.5) Keds for Kate Spade Striped Pointer Sneakers, NWOB-$55

    I have TONS of Anthropologie items as well, along with some other designer items-please let me know if you'd like a list based on size :)

  9. EUC Madewell Veda denim jacket with leather sleeves, size XS, $100 shipped
    EUC Madewell suede moto vest, black, XS, $150 shipped
    EUC Madewell barbour quilted matlock coat, black, USA6, UK10, $150 shipped
    EUC Madewell skinny skinny ankle cargo pants, true black, size 25, $30 shipped
    EUC Burberry short sleeve blazer, black, USA2, $55 shipped
    EUC paige edgemont jeans, element (gray), trinity (dark blue), size 26, $50 shipped each
    US ship, paypal
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  10. All items include shipping. Smoke-free and pet-free home. Retail J. Crew, unless otherwise noted.

    NWT J. Crew Pear Bracelet--$22
    NWT J. Crew Double Tassel Necklace--$85
    NWT J. Crew Wool Herringbone scarf--$75
    J. Crew Deco Arrowhead earrings (purchased, worn once)--$45

    NWT J. Crew Eaton Trouser - Renaissance Red - Size 8T--$38
    NWT J. Crew Cavalry Skirt - Size 6--$38
    NWT J. Crew Ponte Stripe Dress - Size 8--$43

    NWT J. Crew 1035 Jacket in superfine cotton - Size 10 (will fit 8-10)--$85
    J. Crew Gray Velvet Blazer - Size 6--$43
    J. Crew Robert Noble Jacket / Black with fabric undercollar - Size 6--$75
    J. Crew Stretch Motorcycle Jacket - Size 10--$90
    J. Crew Schoolboy blazer in Mixed Stripe - Size 6--$75

    NWT J. Crew Merino Leather Pocket Sweater - Size M--$150
    J. Crew Factory Herringbone Merino Wool Sweater - Size M--$45
    J. Crew Factory Herringbone Sweatshirt - Size M--$55

    J. Crew Silk Polka Dot Shirt in pale graphite - Size 6--$55
    J. Crew Tweed-sleeve Shirt / green/blue - Size L--$40
    J. Crew Peasant Shirt / dark navy blue - Size 6--$35
    J. Crew Pink Plaid Stretch Perfect Shirt - Size M--$35
    J. Crew Tipped Boy Shirt - Size 8 (no size tag)--$35
    J. Crew Factory Ponte Dot Shirt - Size M--$35
    J. Crew Factory Chambray Dotted Popover - Size M--$40

    NWT LOFT Collarless Jacket (very soft) - Size 8--$45
    NWT Madewell Mini Transport Crossbody in colorblock - Landmark green--$115
    Madewell Silk Drawstring Pants - Size M--$45
    Tory Burch Mim Tunic / Ivory - Size M--$150
    Banana Republic Heritage Poncho - Size XS/S (runs large)--$55
    Fossil brand watch (pink face/shiny silver/analog/extra links/needs new battery)--$35
    Aqua/Nordstrom Seersucker short-sleeve blazer/jacket (cute!) - Tag large, fits XS/S--$30

    Email: pihwoah at gmail com

  11. J.Crew:
    NWT Size 12 Shimmer Python Tweed Pencil Skirt, $65
    EUC Size 14 Notte Tweed Pencil Skirt

    Cole Haan
    EUC Size 11 chocolate suede knee high boots with nike air $49

    all on my ebay:

  12. Never worn Ella dress in Garden Floral #85749 Size 2 - $30
    New w/o box Mona printed pumps #57046 Size 7 - $35
    Worn once - Lady Jacket in double serge wool - Berry Pink/Navy #99875 Size 0 - $35

    All J Crew regular retail
    Prices include US shipping with tracking; PayPal only please.
    Email: schooner68 at


  13. 00. Jules dress in wool, black, NWT
    0. Classic schoolboy blazer, navy, NWOT
    0. Schoolboy blazer in Prince of Wales wool, NWT

    Drkleeman on eBay

  14. NWT Jeweled Captain Coat in Houndstooth Sz 0 - $200 shipped (bought this last year for special occasions and never got around to wearing it and now I can't since I'm 4 months in :)

    NWT Puff sleeve cotton blazer in Black Sz 2 - $50 shipped

    j.monicakim at gmail

  15. Happy Monday! Selling J. Crew, Madewell, and Banana Republic jackets, dresses, shoes, and much more!
    check them out:
    Click here

    Contact me at

    Thank you and have a great day!

  16. I've listed fall and winter appropriate jackets, shoes and tops &pants on my sale blog: shinyponiesforsale at blogspot. More to come. I have yet to post photos, but can send you the ones you need, on request. Just leave me a comment or drop me a line. All items are new or like-new.

  17. J.Crew retail Toggle coat in vibrant flame from last year. $200 shipped. Gently worn, dry-cleaned and ready to ship. I can submit pictures if required. Contact me at
    You can see my review at

  18. I'm looking to sell a Classic Silk Blouse (B2607), deep forest, size 2. Currently online for $110. Will sell for $80 via PayPal with free Priority Mail shipping w/tracking. Email amschelling [at]

    1. Forgot to specify - NWT, still in shipping bag!

  19. J.Crew Factory, Summer 2014: Jeweled Short Sleeve Sweatshirt. Ivory, Size Small. NWOT. Asking $26 shipped US. Paypal Only. for interest, pics, or questions.
    Thank you!

  20. NWT J.Crew Retail Majesty Peacoat in Vintage Berry/Pink , Size 2.

    $150 shipped - us shipping only. Paypal only

  21. NWT J. Crew Foundry Short Size 8 Color Pesto, $15.00 shipped. Paypal only. Email

  22. looking to unload a 227$CAD lululemon gift card for 190$CAD. WIll ship anywhere or send you the details so you can use it online.
    Email me at

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  24. Hi - I have soooooo much to sell! If you're a size 10-14 or m-l in clothes, or a size 8 or 8.5 in shoes, please consider subscribing to my sale blog Kater's Closet Clearance. I’ve added about 10 new items since last week!

    I really need to clear this stuff out, so I'm happy to consider reasonable offers and offer a discount for the purchase of multiple items. I've also added a ton of new items (especially pencil skirts, jewelry, and button-down shirts!) and just lowered prices on others, so if you've taken a look before, please take a look again!

    Highlights include:
    - J. Crew Jaipur Perfect Skirt, sz 14
    - J. Crew Unagi Tweed Pencil Skirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Bow Pencil Skirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Maxi Check, sz 14
    - J. Crew Gondola Stripe Top, sz 12
    - J. Crew Liberty Tulip Mania Perfect Shirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Double-Strand Flower Necklace
    - J. Crew Dangling Pearl Necklace
    - J. Crew Pearl Pebble Ring, sz L (8)
    - J. Crew Sunflower Necklace
    - J. Crew Large Patent Campo Bag in black plum
    - J. Crew Leather Hockney Tote in faded orchid
    - J. Crew Lulu Flats in metallic leather (dark pewter color), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Augusta Peep Toe Heels, sz 8
    - J. Crew CeCe Ballet Flats, in burnt sienna, sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Abby Cap Toe Ballet Flats, sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Mona Printed Pumps (pretty purple paisley), sz 8.5
    - J. Crew Stripe Taffeta Mini, sz 12
    - J. Crew Gimlet Skirt in Coaster Stripe, sz 14
    - J. Crew Cafe Capri in silky dot, sz 10
    - J. Crew Evening Primrose Cardigan, sz L
    - J. Crew Tartine Ruffled Cardigan in ivory, sz M
    - J. Crew Polka Dot Bow Skirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Ratti Pineapple Mini, sz 12
    - J. Crew Cotton Belle Skirt (from Fall 2008) in gray, sz 12
    - J. Crew Victoria Ruffle Shirts in black and white, sz 12
    - J. Crew Dotsalota Chiffon Cami, sz 12
    - J. Crew Medallion Lattice Top, sz 10
    - J. Crew Suzette Blouse in dusty shale, sz 12
    - J. Crew Raindrop Lace top in pink (looks like azalea!), sz 12
    - J. Crew Silk Frances Cami in deep rose, sz 12
    - J. Crew Long-sleeved Striped Frances Shirt, sz 12
    - J. Crew Silk Evening Primrose Cami, sz 12
    - J. Crew Velutto Shift in Panne Velvet, sz 12
    - J. Crew Jules Dress in Silk Stripe, sz 12
    - J. Crew Jersey Knit Jennifer Shirtdress (from the Paris catalog!), sz L
    - Madewell Tickertape Stripe Shift Dress, sz L

    And much, much more, including lots of items from Anthropologie!

    Details are on my blog. Please email me at if you're interested. I'm always happy to provide IRL photos as well.

  25. Hi All-Selling the following and all items include shipping:

    Jackie in pale yellow, Sz M: $15

    Ikat Swing Skirt, Sz 8 $10

    Anthro Rugyb Pointelle Cardigan, Orange Colorway, Sz S: $20

    Steve Madde Tassi Loafer, Never Worn, Size 9: $25

    ModCloth Season Cycle Dress, EUC, Size M: $15 shipped:

    Free People Crochet Coyote Boot 9.5 (some scuffs/marks): $45 shipped:

    Via Spiga Lyra Leather Knee High Cognac Boots, 9.5: $45 shipped:

    Antonio Melani Kim Moc Toe Loafers in Luggage, 9: $20 shipped:

    Please email if interested or would like IRL pictures.

  26. J Crew retail Stripe Leather Case for iPhone 5...color is navy/white stripe with flame orange sides and gold trim. $30 shipped.

    Contact me at abbytibbetts at gmail dot com if interested!

  27. Excursion Vest in Camo, size Med. $55, shipped. Purchased on final sale but it's too big.

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  29. JCREW Sybil Coat
    Color: Black
    Size: 2
    Mint condition from holiday 2007

    $180 (or best offer)

  30. Hi ladies, I have some items for sale on eBay, username whatlillyfound. I will end an auction on anything that does not have a bid. All items are J Crew retail, and are in new or EUC condition. Please email me at whatlillyfound at, thanks!

    NWT Wool Tippi sweater in Mixed Stitch XS
    Collection Harriet Tweed Coat Style 99978 Size 2

    Collection Top Coat in Tapestry Print Size 4

    Floral Cotton Sweatshirt Sea Green Gray Style 04966 Size XS

    Mini-Bows sweatshirt in Gray, Style 09240 Size small

    Georgie Metallic Gold Leather handbag

    Lulu Frost for J Crew Rhinestone and Resin Bracelet

    Paneled Stretch Dress in Colorblock Size 4
    Boulevard Trench Coat in Windowpane wool size 2

    Emerson Fry Vegan Vestie, faux fur Size small

    J Crew French Hen Scarf, Retail

    Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat #08593, Navy Blue, size 0
    Collection Cashmere Sweatpant, #08157, Heather Gray Size XXS

    Collection Butterfield Cashmere Jacket in Tangerine, size Small

    Public School for J Crew Jeffries Tuxedo Jacket, size 6


  31. New Short sleeve Collection cashmere tee / X-SMALL / HTHR DUSK/ $75 shipped
    New Short sleeve Collection cashmere tee / X-SMALL / SNOW/ $75 shipped
    EUC Short sleeve Collection cashmere tee / X-SMALL / POPPY/ $60 shipped
    EUC Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle-Zip Cargos / 25 / TRUE BLACK / $25 shipped
    EUC J Crew/ MIH breathless jeans, honeyboy wash, size 25, $40 shipped
    EUC Madewell Heartstripe sweater, caramel, Small, $40 shipped
    EUC J Crew short sleeve selvedge chambray shirt, XXS, Coastal blue, $20 shipped
    NWT J Crew Merino Silk panel sweater in antique floral, size XXS, hthr sandstone, $40 shipped
    NWT J Crew Tie-front bandeau tank / 4 / BRIGHT AZURE / 08304/ $25 shipped
    New Refined crystal-bow buckle belt / SMALL / RIVIERA SAND/ $25 shipped
    EUC Madewell Calf Hair Polka-Dot Belt / X-SMALL / PURE WHITE/ $20 shipped
    NWT Madewell leather tour vest, XS, black, $250 shipped
    EUC J Crew Collection carriage coat dress, XS, $125 shipped
    US ship, paypal Thanks!!
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  32. J Crew Collection Alligator Leather Peep Toe D'Orsay heels- only worn a few times and in mint condition. Unfortunately my feet expanded after having a baby and I need to find these gorgeous shoes a good home! I currently have these up on ebay, but I'd be perfectly happy to see a J Crew Afficionada get use out of them! Please check out the photos on ebay - my name is JCrewJunkie13. Email me with any questions and any offers at cesnyder213 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  33. NWOT covered button-crepe blouse in light wisteria, size 00 $24

    NWT twist-back top in hibiscus floral, size 0 $24

    NWOT endless shirt in stripe in navy, size 2 $45

    NWT endless shirt in stripe in burgundy, size 0 $45

    prices are negotiable and include shipping and pp

  34. reduced prices, and non-jcrew additions!

    NWOT covered button-crepe blouse in light wisteria, size 00 $18

    NWT twist-back top in hibiscus floral, size 0 $18

    NWOT endless shirt in stripe in navy, size 2 $30

    NWT endless shirt in stripe in burgundy, size 0 $30

    Ann Taylor:

    EUC (like new) Cashmere Hi-Lo Hem Sweater (349572) in Dark Sky, size XS $35

    EUC (once worn and dry-cleaned) Chalet Coat (347902) in Tan Stone, size XXS (fits like J.Crew XS, imo) $95

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  36. The blog was really amazing and great to read. Thanks a ton for sharing that great stuff! More power to you!


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