Thursday, October 16, 2014

Madewell News: Monogramming, Store Events, & New Store!

A big "thanks!" to E, who reached out to share information about Madewell's monogramming program, as well as Williamsburg store opening:
Madewell unveiled a new Monogram destination on the site earlier this month, extending the options to belts, key fobs and new fall styles. We will be offering complimentary monogramming through 10/20
This current promotion is mentioned in last month's "Free Monogramming at Madewell {limited time!}" post as well. But wait, there is more!
The Monogram machine is touring New York (and the surrounding area) for live monogramming events. These events are open to the public.
The following are some places these events will be held on:


Day in, Day out


Lastly, the following is about a new Madewell store opening in Williamsburg, New York City (located on 126 North Sixth Street):
Williamsburg Store Opening- Madewell is opening its first BK store on 10/29 with an event that is open to the public!
A lot of exciting news and events going on at Madewell lately! I am also loving the monogramming on the spot events at various stores. This way customers don't have to wait an additional week to get their item.

I did end up getting a Transport Tote monogrammed in my initials during this current promotion. (I got the Black tote with English Saddle handles, with gold foil initials if you were curious.) I have to say it is gorgeous! It truly elevates the classic bag to something special and unique. I am really pleased with it. Now if only it would stop raining where I live so I can use it more! ;)

Have you taken advantage of the free monogramming at Madewell? Any events at Madewell you plan to attend? Please share! :)


  1. Love the monogramming, Alexis. The gold foil is my favorite, and I'm sure your tote looks so lovely with your initials. I am contemplating the mini-transport crossbody, and will have it monogrammed with the gold foil initials if I do end up getting it.

    1. Love this bag, Melissa. Light but still big enough to hold my wallet and a bottle of diet coke - lol.

    2. I think the mini-transport crossbody bag is beautiful. Let us know if you decide to get it Melissa! :)

    3. Thanks Alexis! I will definitely let you know. I'd really like to get it on promo, so I'm hoping they offer one on it again soon. Btw, I picked up my plaid scarf from Target yesterday. It's much nicer IRL than online, isn't it? I love the colors and how soft it is. Thanks again for posting about it on Instagram. :)

  2. Missed out on the free monogramming but did purchase the mini transport crossbody in Rock on a promo and absolutely love it. It is the perfect size for me, since the transport tote is too overpowering for me but I loved the color combo

  3. Thank you rcb.shops and JRSConifer! The bag is 25% off at Shopbop right now, which would make the price better, but then it cannot be monogrammed. I really hope they put it on promo again soon. :)

  4. Does anyone know if Madewell will take a previously purchased Transport tote to monogram if I brought it in to my local Madewell (Rhode Island) location? I'd be willing to pay for the monogramming, I understand the current promotion is to encourage new purchases and wouldn't expect it to cover previously bought bags.

    1. Hi Jamie - I think they will allow you to have it monogrammed. I contacted them about having the mini-transport crossbody I was contemplating getting at Shopbop with the extra 25% off monogrammed, and they said I could send it in to them to have it done. Unfortunately they just emailed me that news this morning AFTER the Shopbop F&F is over, and I didn't get the sad. Anyways, I do think they will monogram your tote for you, so I would suggest taking it in to your local Madewell store to ask them. HTH! :)

    2. Just wanted to let you both know. I was in a Madewell store last night and picked up a post card that says "We are offering complimentary monogramming for a limited time. Just fill this out and find a SA and we'll sort out the details" The fine print says for purchases of new leather items from 9/24/14 through 10/20/14. Some exclusions apply. Worth taking it into a store and asking. I am on the fence about getting my mini transport monogrammed so did not ask, plus I could not remember my purchase date which when I checked was 9/18. HTH


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