Thursday, October 23, 2014

Drinking the Crewlade? Try Drunk J.Crew!

"Thanks!" to so many of you, including Gina, CMG, Robyn (in this post), as well as JSR (in this post), who let us know about a new blog on J.Crew: Drunk J.Crew.

According to the Daily Mail (click here to read in its entirety):
Had one too many, girls? New Tumblr blog pokes fun at J.Crew catalog - in which the 'edgy' models look drunk
October 17, 2014

An amusing Tumblr blog which pokes fun at J.Crew's current catalog shots has emerged, using real promotional photos in which all the models appear to be drunk.

Drunk J.Crew was created this week and displays ten photos taken from the retailer's website, with added misspelled captions that speak to the models' vacant, slack-jacked expressions.

'i jus haffa sit down for a second,' reads one, depicting a model who may have been going for 'disheveled chic' but looks more as if she's knocked back one too many strawpedos.

The Tumblr - brainchild of writer and actress Jen Ellison, based in Chicago - features other gems such as: 'Guys for real now it is burrito time,' and 'ono I drobbed it my gum.' ...
Too funny! J.Crew's catalogs, er um "Style Guides", are definitely perfect to add some additional {humorous} commentary. How many times have JCAs questioned a pose, open mouth, or vacant stare?! ;)

Have you checked out Drunk J.Crew? Do you love it!? ;)


  1. Yaaassssss....I looove it. Hilarious. They can go to town with the latest catalog images, if they want to. Lots of good choices!

  2. Ohiluvluvluvit, wait til they catch moi.

  3. Yes, love this! Shout out to my hometown Chicago for keeping it real :-P

  4. I stumbled across it last weekend on vacation, after partaking of some nice beverages and late-night pizza, so naturally, I thought it was perfection!

  5. Absolutely LOVE it. What a terrific idea. How many times have I looked at the pics of the models and thought: OMG, what is with the expressions on their faces? What are they thinking about? Does a photographer actually tell them to pose with this look? Thanks to "DrunkJCrew' I now have the answer

  6. Amazing. So glad this is happening.

  7. Love how she described the difference between male and female J.Crew modelsin the FAQ. Spot on!


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