Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Conversation with J.Crew's Jenna Lyons!

A big "thanks!" to Cheri who shared the following article from Wardrobe ICONS magazine (click here to read in its entirety) with us. Click on the images below to view larger (& make reading a bit easier):

I totally agree with Jenna's wardrobe staples. They were all good picks, especially about the need for a good chambray shirt. I find they work well dressed up or down, practically any scenario.

Although I am surprised that Jenna thinks neon pink is equal to heather grey. I am so tired of neon pink...

What are your thoughts on the article? Agree or disagree with any of Jenna Lyon's opinions? If so, please share! :)


  1. The thing about neon pink is: if you've always loved it and felt it yours vs. if it was a trend you had a temporary "thing" for...

    I feel the same attraction towards aqua. Go figure.

  2. Great article! Neon pink isn't for me, but I adores shades of blue, so I can relate...

  3. I still like her as a person....but tired of the dress like the boys line. I've never been interested in dressing like a boy. In this article she encourages tucking a cashmere into high waisted jeans.....that makes me tilt my head. Does anyone like the regent blazer? I think the collar is so unflattering!

    1. haha when I read what she said about the regent blazer, I thought "boy she's really trying to move those blazers no one likes." ;D

    2. I was in the dressing room and I could hear someone else making fun of them!

  4. I agree with Alexis that her wardrobe staples are all good picks. Heather grey is also one of my favorite colors, but I would not be sad at all to see neon pink go away. I do like pink, just not in the neon shade.

  5. In general I like Jenna's inclinations but I'm struck by her blazer comments. Where are the jackets this season? Is everyone supposed to buy a Regent in lock-step? I don't think Regents are bad but they don't stand out for me either. I think JC could improve their selection.

  6. I personally hate the "track suit" look. We've dumbed down education and now our wardrobes. I would never wear that stuff anywhere but the grocery store or to do barn chores. I am hoping others feel the same. Looking like I just woke up all the time isn't becoming IMHO.


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