Friday, July 4, 2008

A Quick Note to Resellers of J.Crew

Dear J.Crew Resellers:

I am thrilled that you enjoy reading this blog and sharing your opinions on J.Crew. :) However, please refrain from adding links to your websites or email without checking with me first. I am aware that there is no clear policy on this blog about that (so I completely understand why you posted what you did). However, there now is a semi-policy which is: please check with me first. :) You can reach me at (To be honest, I am still deciding if I want to list those sites on this blog or not.) If you do not check with me first, I will delete your comment. ;)

As for individual customers who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves (and is independent of this blog), this notice does NOT pertain to you. :)

Thank you in advance!
-Alexis :)


  1. Alexis: I'm glad you posted seems as if "business" people adding links without permission is alot like SPAM...

    Thanks for allowing the regular posters to mention and offer items we have. :)

  2. Thanks FabulousFloridaMommy! :) Some re-sellers did come across like SPAM. I must confess, I was also a bit "turned off" when I saw those, and was afraid others would be too, (and decide to leave.)

    I felt like some (not all, but definitely some) were just commercials about their site with nothing to add in the conversation of the post too.

    But hopefully having this statement makes it clear for re-sellers.

    Again, I have no issues with regular posters who just want to share. :)

  3. I did leave a comment yesterday to the poster that not once, but TWICE left messages to "hook us ladies up with a Finona jacket" just by emailing her. FIRST if she is an Ebay seller then she is NOT permitted to offer her items that are listed on Ebay via her email address (thus circumventing Ebay fees). SECOND after all of our talk about shipping, this particular reseller had shipping fees that were beyond inflated. I appreciate that you are monitoring this as I did feel very uncomfortable with someone clearly coming to this site, not to contribute, but to solicit. We have become a community of close friends and that is what I LOVE about this blog. This is in no way a slap in the face to people who sell J Crew on Ebay (I myself have done so with clothing from the Final Sale that ends up not fitting me...LOL). And I DO check FFM's Ebay site daily waiting for her to list new clothing!!! :) I just didn't like the tone of the reseller that posted yesterday. Thank you, Alexis, for addressing this. MUCH MUCH APPRECIATED. Happy 4th everyone!!!

  4. Thanks anonymous at 11:05 AM! I too feel that we have become "friends" through this blog as we have bonded over our love of J.Crew. :)

    I wouldn't want resellers to take advantage of that either. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I will also put in a vote for loving the sense of community this blog has. :)

  7. Alexis - Thanks for pointing out about resellers advertising on this blog. For some reason, I felt uneasy that anonymous 10:25p had so many items in his/her stock and commented that she/he has the Fiona jacket, in every size and color. The markup was way beyond what J Crew is currently selling for.

    I believe we have become a close community, sharing a love for fashion and respecting each other's passion for a company that produces beautiful clothing.

  8. ug, i LOVE this blog, but the eBay resellers... not so much! i'm glad this nonsense is being nipped in the bud. these eBay resellers scoop up all the good items and resell them at exorbitant prices with super-inflated shipping. scam!!! i can't even stand the idea that they can get away with selling the j.crew stock on ebay. it's just so wrong that they take away the stock from jcrew lovers during the sales and resell them to line their own pockets. so WRONG.

  9. Sorry ladies...didn't mean to offend anyone (apparently I did though). I tried to delete the comment as soon as I put it up. Apologies if a few feathers were ruffled... :( Happy 4th!

  10. Thanks Melanie! I agree that this community is AWESOME! :)

    Webbysuzy & Anonymous at 2:07 PM: I have to confess, I was actually really annoyed at first to see that re-seller had so many Fiona jackets (and at those high prices) when J.Crew was selling it for the $49.99 price. But I completely recognize that they have every right to resell items at whatever price they want. :)

    But one of the things I noticed and really like about those who do share/sell/swap in our little community is that they have not been gouging their fellow J.Crew Aficionadas on the price. (In fact, I notice several times that they sell the items for the price they paid- so no profit is being made). :)

    But I will say again, I have no issues about the individuals trying to swap/sell/share among yourselves (and is independent of this blog) the items you have in your closet. :)

  11. I was once complaining to a J.Crew store associate that eBay resellers grab all the good things from the final sale. The associate told me that many stores have terrible theft problems, and the company knows that many of the items that end up on eBay are not from the final sale, but are stolen goods. According to this associate, people often walk into J.Crew stores, grab an entire stack of whatever clothing item is on display near the doors, and make a run for it. Often times when you see an ad on eBay for a J.Crew item in every size or color, the items did not come from final sale, according to this store associate. I was very shocked and disappointed to hear this; these people keep prices higher for the rest of us. The store associate encouraged me not to buy from eBay J.Crew resellers, especially from those who seem to have excessive stock of one J.Crew clothing item.

  12. i just came across this funny article in the new york times:

    it's all about how we are so dependend on our websites.

    I am! JCrew has slowly fixed their website, which I appreciate. But I still really don't like the sale section

  13. linden: I understand how J.Crew would advise you not to purchase on Ebay from resellers with multiple items, especially if they believe them to be selling stolen merchandise. I do know from personal experience talking to a CS rep, that there actually are resellers who purchase multiples from the Final Sale, and J.Crew knows exactly who they are, too. The rep sounded as if J.Crew is not too happy with them, but they really cannot do anything, as the seller has already purchased the item, so J.Crew has made their money on it.

    On another note...there are several, if not many of us on this blog who sell J.Crew on Ebay, and we are not listing stolen merchandise. Due to J.Crew making items "Final Sale" many are forced to list on Ebay because merchandise they purchased did not fit, and sometimes a seller no longer has need for an item, and therefore lists it on Ebay, as well. We have had many discussions about selling J.Crew items on another site other than Ebay, but have yet to find one, so Ebay has continued to be useful for some...I would not discourage purchase of J.Crew from Ebay if the seller appears to be a normal J.Crew customer and NOT a reseller.

  14. ana: Great article...I hope someone from J.Crew reads it! ;)

  15. Ana: I agree with FabulousFloridaMommy in that the article you posted was great! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  16. I guess to be on the safe side, we should always ask for the original receipt before we purchase, along with the drivers license, dob, ss# and mothers maiden name. That way, we can be 100% certain it isn't stolen merchandise. Also, to soothe our inner guilt, we should send thank you cards to the kids in Bangladash working hard to sew our hard to find j.crew clothing...

  17. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog. It's great...I'm overwhelmed that there are so many people who feel so strongly about J. Crew. Who would have thought? At any rate, I do want to put out a disclaimer regarding EBay "resellers" of J. Crew. I have a lot of experience reselling my kids clothes on EBay. They have so many clothes and they just don't wear them for very long so it makes sense. It's an honest way to earn a little extra cash for more new clothes.
    I also happen to be lucky enough to live within relatively close proximity to the J. Crew Clearance Center in Lynchburg, VA. It's a great little store that's attached to the distribution center. Most of the things they have are returns, slightly flawed, overstocks, etc. I try to go about once a month or so. It's completely hit or miss. Sometimes I find great stuff, other times not so much. In order to justify my purchases, I often buy several extra items in my or my husband's sizes and sell them on EBay. If they don't sell, atleast they're in our size and we can wear them regardless! They often have dresses that are sold out on the website, or shoes that are brand new but someone sent back because they just didn't fit. I'm not really sure if J. Crew is "okay" with the stuff being sold on EBay, but as FFM said...they've already made their money off of us so I don't see how it really makes a difference. I don't mark the stuff up a lot, and sometimes I lose money because things just don't sell.
    There are other sellers on EBay who actually make a decent living by shopping and reselling from the Clearance Center.
    I just wanted to point out that while some EBay sellers are extremely suspect, there are others who are completely legitimate. Plus, I kind of get a kick out of being able to offer things to buyers that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get from the J. Crew store or website.
    I still shop at the regular J. Crew store quite often and actually (gasp) tend to pay full price for items I really covet. It is nice, however, to have the option of the Clearance Center and to get great deals for myself and for others.
    I'll be sure to add you to my blogroll...I know a lot of my readers are big J. Crew fans.

    Best of luck with the blogging,

  18. Sippycup, we need more people like you who are level-headed. What a blessing to have you on this site!

  19. On a note about stealing stuff. I had a horrible experience one time at a Jcrew (nothing bad happened to me, but it was upsetting). I tried on a pair of chinos and placed my hand in the pocket to straighten it out and when I pulled my hand out there were tons of tags and magnetic strips. Someone had just cut it out of the clothes and stashed it in the chinos! I told the associate immediately and she said that it happens all the time. I was horrified that people actually go to such lengths to do that. What a horrible thing! And then to sell that on ebay... thats just gross!

  20. how awful! i agree. let's make a pact to never buy from j.crew resellers, NO matter how badly we want an item- it doesn't matter what the circumstance is (Final Sale, didn't fit, etc)...ladies, even if someone is selling 1 item, it could be stolen!

  21. Well now I think that is a little harsh. If its just one item or they are selling a few items in the same size area... they probably ordered it final sale and it didnt fit.

    I dont agree with stealing but I do have a few j crew items that never really fit and I shouldn't have bought that I thought about selling, of course the tags arent on them any more and they have just been sitting in my closet but... I think people like me (even though I have never sold before and I normally donate my clothes) and FFM should be able to sell those types of items.

  22. I guess we will never know if FFM or blumre are legitimately buying their own clothes...? Even if you have all things in one size, how do we know that's all you could have found in the store to resell? This would make for a fun witchhunt.

  23. It would seem like it's easier to steal 1 item, rather than 15 of them same thing...looks like you ladies are incriminating yourselves with this icky logic.

  24. The only thing I've ever stolen are looks from the boys when I'm wearing j.crew! :P

  25. Well I just wrote about how I didnt think it was right to steal and I was upset when I found out what people are doing. So I thought about not even dignifying your comment with a response. Then I thought about what you said and it was pretty uncalled for.

    If I have something I dont wear or only wore once and can sell it...I might want to and I have every right to. There is a suiting dress in my closet that I have thought about selling actually (never worn but tags removed). I haven't sold anything on ebay before, but why not start?

    Frankly I am a little offended by your comment. In FFM's defense I know she buys clothes from the final sale. The final sale is tough because you can't return items. If she wants to sell and item that she paid for and isnt making much if any money on it (or even if she wants to make money on it) she has every right to do so.

    I don't particularly like that you comment basically accuses FFM and me of theft. And frankly if you read our comments you would clearly see that you are way off base.

    But then again you are probably just angry at Alexis because you are a JC reseller and she wont let you post here.

    I think you could and should really rethink you comments.

  26. I think blumre has a valid point. we should not be quick to criticize each other. I sell once in a while to people and on ebay, but feel that it's important that people are happy with what they buy. If they're not, they shouldn't even start by looking on a site like ebay. Anyone with me on this?

  27. I agree with anonymous, 3:30 pm. Time to move on, we get it already.

  28. blumre: I remembered in 2006, my mom came out to visit me and I took her to Off 5th at Jersey Gardens. We were just outside to store's doors when a guy ran out with an armful of suits and a girl ran out with two armfuls of purses. They hopped in a white Cadillac and speed off. I remembered the license number and informed the store's security personnel what had happened. The security guy appeared to be relaxed about the whole situation, and I have a hunch it was an inside job..

    On a different note, earlier last month, a eBay seller had the Metallic Zoey Tank dress for sale at half the retail price. I asked the seller if it was a second hand item and she said no. I purchased it and it came brand new, but the sensor tag was cut off. I knew that it was probably stolen. I didn't feel too good about that. I gave the dress away to my girlfriend.

  29. Wow webbysuzy you are a serious crime stopper! I am impressed. I cant even remember my own plate numbers half the time!

    Ewww thats crappy that the censor tags were cut off. I'm sorry

  30. I have frequently bought J Crew merchandise from Ebay and I had never thought too much about if things had been stolen although I did think it was weird when some of the items were New With Tags but the sensor was cut off - DUH! - I don't get get out very much :). I just figured that they got a good deal on something or maybe worked at J Crew and bought a bunch of stuff with their employee discount. I am bummed out and obviously very naive to they ways of the world! I do sell on Ebay on occasion when I buy something in Final Sale and it just doesn't fit or I don't like how it looks on me, but I've never actually made money off of it - maybe have barely broken even. If I do offer a Buy It Now, it is always for either a little less or exactly what I paid. I just figure that someone else should enjoy a nice piece of clothing or pair of shoes that I won't -especially if it is brand new.

    Thanks to this blog though, I will be on the lookout for the mass resellers. It is really sad that that is going on.

    blumre: that is outrageous that you found those cut off tags!

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