Saturday, July 26, 2008

J.Crew's JGift Commercial

I have to say that I don't remember this commercial. I also don't know when it aired. But it is pretty funny and clever. ;)

What do you think of this commercial? Should J.Crew have more commercials (besides the videos on their website)? Should they use direct ads in magazines more often (besides placing their products in regular features of magazines)?


  1. it aired back in 2005

  2. The commercial was very cute. I remember getting Starbuck's "giftwrap" embedded in a magazine--it was their logo on red wrap--kind of similar concept. So it must be an easy way to stretch the advertising dollar.

    I would think that JCrew would get more mileage out of print ads in magazines, and doing spot commercials for holidays to gain the additional revenue at best. I like JCrew for style/"it" items, but if everyone started walking down the street with them, it looses its cache, IMHO.

  3. Thanks Anonymous 10:21AM! I actually had not seen the commercial before. Do you remember if it was shown on certain cabel channels?

    Amethyst: The starbucks giftwrap sounds great! I really like that idea.

    I also agree about J.Crew using print ads instead of commercials. Print ads seems to be more in line with their image- which is trendy/quality items.

  4. I've enjoyed quite a few of the Gap holiday commercials over the years (and the one where SJP sang while parading in Gap clothes), even though I don't really ever shop at the Gap.

    I think J.Crew just doesn't do much advertising to save on $$. On the other hand they put out a great catalogue, which BR stopped doing years ago; on the other hand, BR does print advertising.

    I do enjoy some of the videos J.Crew posts on its site. Have saved the Paris one from last fall ...:-)

  5. I'm not so sure I want J.Crew to do alot of advertising...I want them to be successful, but I don't want the brand to become so "everyday and mainstream" that I see other women in the same thing I have on all the I making any sense? They seem to be doing well without alot of advertising anyways.

  6. love this commercial! I wonder if it's back from when they launched the website.

  7. Cute commercial!

    This is off topic, but I just wanted to mention that it seems like some new items are being added to the online sale. I was very disappointed yesterday to see that the Lisa dress was sold out, given that I live in Atlanta and we still have two months of hot weather left! Today I checked back and it had reappeared...all colors and all sizes! I got it for $23.99 (with the EXTRA20 code)--regular price was $88! Woo hoo! Hopefully it wasn't a website glitch!

  8. P.S. Apparently the EXTRA20 promotion didn't end yesterday!

  9. FFM: my thoughts exactly...i was trying to think of a way to say just what you stated that very well :)

    i love just getting the catalog and checking out their website (when it's working)!

  10. I don't remember this commercial, but I do remember J. Crew had their own cologne / perfume. It was called "So J. Crew" and was a unisex fragrance. Obviously, it didn't make it.

  11. La Belle Helene: I love the Gap commercials! I liked the one with Claire Danes dancing with the "Anything you can do I can do better" song. I also loved SJP with the Gap- I bought the pants she was wearing in one of her ads in all the colors they offered. :)

    FabulousFloridaMommy: I know exactly what you mean! I don't necessarily want them to have commercials too much- because it might cheapen the image (depending on the style they go with).

    Annette: Thanks for the update on the EXTRA20 code. I hope it does work until Monday (like J.Crew originally promoted). :)

    Anonymous at 2:28PM: I have to say that I don't remember a cologne either. But now I am curious about it. ;)

  12. Off topic...does J.Crew have a Women's ONLY store? I was just wondering since the Men are supposed to be getting their own store, do the women get one, as well? Maybe if my store didn't have the back half full of men's clothing, then they could get in all of the items I always want to see, but have to order from the website since my store doesn't carry them...just a thought...

    btw...speaking of the's down again...

  13. That commercial was cute!

    I think J.Crew might operate on the same principle as Williams-Sonoma. Up until last year, Williams-Sonoma did no advertising whatsoever, relying solely on word of mouth about the quality of product. It was a huge deal to the company when they did a bridal registry ad because that was the first time they'd ever done that type of promotion.

    J.Crew may rely on the same concept. People buy on the reputation of the company. They tend to have life-long shoppers and try to keep people in that way (I guess except for recently with the whole Website fiasco).

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  15. FFM: the store out here in walnut creek, ca is a women's only store and it's nice...i don't go to that one often enough to know if they carry more items though. if you look at the store locator you can see which ones are women's only :) looks like there aren't any in florida :(

  16. ccbmum: ah...hence the "w" by the name and location of the store...duh...guess I should have looked at that while I was aimlessly wandering the website earlier. ;) Thanks for the head's up, and of course wouldn't you know that Florida has to be one of the states without one...go figure...

  17. This commercial reminds me of a scene from one of my unfinished, lost screenplays in which the goofy, Jack Black-ish friend/co-worker of the main character was making wrapping paper at the office by xeroxing his boxers. It's like they found my pages in the trash and made a commercial out of it.


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