Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You're Invited: Shop J.Crew's New Arrivals In Stores

"Thanks!" to many of you, who let us know about the following email.

J.Crew is offering customers an opportunity to check out new arrivals, in addition to some snacks, this Wednesday. This event is being held in stores across the country on June 17th from 6PM to 8PM.

Will you be stopping by this in store event? What item are you hoping to pick up? Please share!


  1. I never been to those events. For years I buy sale-on-sale only. JCrew is waaay overpriced for the quality they offer. And if I wasn't an investment piece, i shop boutique designer brands, not a mall mass retailer.

  2. I went by on Monday and picked up a few new items that were 30% off and then I had a $20.00 off $100.00 so not bad prices for brand new stuff. I bought one of the new button up shirts and a couple of tees. At this point, I would rather pay a little more and go ahead and enjoy than wait until the end of summer. Sometimes, I don't have an opportunity to wear things until the next year when I do that.I will not go to the event, J.Crew does not do a good job with these as far as food goes and with no additional promo then why bother.

    1. I agree, DD, the least they could do is offer exclusive discounts sold on items during those events. Because, like you said, why bother when you can buy cheaper days earlier. I do not mind buying items later in the season because i make sure that whatever i buy i will wear the next year - i avoid very "in/trendy" pieces and go with more "classics".


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