Friday, August 10, 2012

Something Special in the {Canadian?} Mail

"Thanks!" to DaniBP (in this post), who let us know that she found something extra in her mailbox...
This is OT but I received a card in the mail today from J Crew. This is what it says:

"Dear Cardmember,
Because your J. Crew Card is not yet available for use in our Canadian stores, we want to make it up to you...please enjoy FREE SHIPPING and 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE..."

It expires on September 30th. Very nice! I wonder if all Canadian J Crew Cardholders will get this treat? ...
This is another pretty awesome offer from J.Crew. Especially nice since it is for Cardmembers (who historically do not get a lot of perks from our favorite retailer).

Now I am not sure if it's just Canadian cardmembers who will be receiving this mailer/promotion, or all cardmembers.

Double-check your mailbox to see if you got a special offer too! :)


  1. I am in Toronto and received mine on Tuesday!

  2. not a cardholder because i wasn't sure if it was worth it - it may be now!

  3. I would still prefer it if I could use my JC card in the Canadian store, but I'll take this too. :)

  4. Interesting - didn't know the card wouldn't work in the canadian store, but then, haven't set foot in one yet - Maine and Mass are so much closer! Interesting - these different cards...

  5. I didn't get that card but in the order I received yesterday, there were two codes for 20% off a $150 purchase.

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  7. Anyone own this dress being sold on eBay?

  8. I am near Midland, Ontario and I received mine on Friday! I did find it to be interesting timing. When the store first opened in Yorkdale, the store manager told me since we weren't able to use our cards in store, they were going to automatically up your points to the next level and give you a points card. Well, that never came, so the last time I was in the store (just a couple of weeks ago), I asked about it. The girl had no idea what I was talking about. Two weeks later, I open the mailbox, and out comes this card. Interesting timing indeed..... though def not complaining!

  9. I would rather have 20% off than a stupid J.Crew card that has no benefits (5% that comes in a card that needs to be redeemed in a certain time and "free tailoring" that means hems only) are not benefits - they are insults. We save J Crew 3-5% by using their card instead of other credits cards so really they are just giving us the commission they pay on regular cards.

    Even though I have a J Crew card, I have stopped using it.

  10. I would like to buy a j.cre 20% off code, if anyone is interested in selling the code please e-mail cpitenko at gmail .com


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