Monday, August 6, 2012

J.Crew Factory Stack Deals {10% off $100+, 20% off $150+, 25% off $200+}

"Thanks!" to Maggie F (in this post), who shared the following promotion that J.Crew Factory Stores are offering:
...I went to the Jcrew Outlet last week and got a postcard says:

Our Newest Fall Collection Arrives Next Week and We have Something special for you.

Enjoy: 10% off $100+, 20% off $150+, 25% off $200+ So won't you come back soon?

Offer valid 8/9-26 ...
Check out Audreybella's "Live Near a Factory Store? Run don't walk..." post (from her amazing "Life is Short...Buy the Shoes" blog) about this very deal. (All the images in this post come from her post as well.)

This is a pretty great back-to-school offer for all those living near a Factory B&M store. Especially considering the B&M locations run additional promotions on their merchandise.

Did you get one of these postcards from your J.Crew Factory Store? Are you planning to check them out? If so, please share! :)


  1. hmmmm.....I did not receive this postcard. :(
    Do we need to bring it in to the B&M, or can we just mention it when checking out?

  2. I might get it in a couple of weeks or so, given where I live. :)

  3. I stopped in the Factory store yesterday. I didn't see one thing I wanted. It seems I have it all already. Or something very similiar from JC.

  4. Not sure if these will be mailed. I received mine when I went in to the Factory store.

  5. Received the post card when making a purchase last week.

  6. In case some people are not aware, for outlets located at Premium Outlet brand shopping centers, there is ALWAYS a coupon for 10% off $125 in the outlet center's VIP Coupon book. There is also sometimes a coupon for a greater discount in the online coupons section of the Premium Outlets website if you join (for free) the VIP shopper club.

  7. Yes, got the postcard on Sat. at the Carolina Premium Outlet. I did not see a single thing the store that I wanted/needed. My husband found a sole super sale tee and my daughter did very well in the crewcuts section though.

  8. There will be new factory arrivals tomorrow at B&Ms. Lately, I haven't found much of anything to buy there... it's all repeats of past seasons, usually in lesser fabrics/skimpier cuts. No thanks.

  9. Yes it is repeats but sometimes that's OK
    I like the cords the fit is the same whereas the "regular store" seems to have moved the waistband lower. I got a Jackie type cardi in the animal print and orangy red cords for fall. 20-30% off wouldn't pay the ticket prices for anything there


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